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9 out of 10
December 24, 2020
Visier guides you to organize staff according to the needs of our organization or distribute them according to the requirements you want …
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Visier People Review

8 out of 10
July 11, 2020
As part of our consultancy work for Smart projects, when the projects are large enough, we carry out a Joint Venture formed by larger …
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What is Visier?

An aspirant leader in Workforce Planning and Analytics, Visier offers technology built to deliver fast, clear people insight, starting with the right questions. With best-practice expertise built-in, users can take action and understand gaps in the data. By connecting all the right people and…

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What is Visier?

An aspirant leader in Workforce Planning and Analytics, Visier offers technology built to deliver fast, clear people insight, starting with the right questions. With best-practice expertise built-in, users can take action and understand gaps in the data. By connecting all the right people and business data to reveal correlations, connections, and root causes, Visier aims to bring clarity to business leaders. Visier invites users to gain insight between employee experience and organizational effectiveness, and use their technology to to drive customer experience, innovation, engagement, and better business outcomes.

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  • Supported: Automated data collection
  • Supported: Data analysis
  • Supported: Data integration
  • Supported: Predictive analytics
  • Supported: Benchmarking
  • Supported: Report designer
  • Supported: Pre-built content
  • Supported: Data management
  • Supported: Self-service insights

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Visier People: Talent helps you predict which critical employees are most at risk of leaving—and see what workforce factors affect resignations—so you can design targeted retention programs, driving engagement and reducing costs. Plan for workforce changes with accurate projections of resignations and retirements.Visier People: Learning helps you make sense of the complex learning landscape. Learning is happening everywhere, tracked and managed in multiple solutions. Bring it all together so that you can understand the impact. Spot trends in the sea of records from micro-learning and self-sourced learning activities being pursued by your workforce, and give shape to the thousands of xAPI statements from your LRS. Centralize all learning records and identify which sources are producing the most compelling training to understand the full impact of all your learning activity.Visier People: Planning allows you to do collaborative headcount planning that is aligned with business and finance goals in a cost effective manner. Securely set growth targets, prepare for a merger or acquisition, or simply free up budget by collaboratively creating an accurate forecast. Create true alignment between Finance and HR in your organization to track where you are and where you need to go with analytics that support your plan.Visier People: Organization provides foundational insights for your organization around employee demographics, diversity, organizational structure, starts, and exits - as well as benchmarking against other Visier organizations with Visier Benchmark’s 10 million+ employee records.Visier People: Talent Acquisition helps you identify the attributes that produce long-term, high performing employees. Take action with insights on quality of hire, the recruiting pipeline and capacity, hiring sources, and more so that you can optimize your hiring process, hire a diverse and high-performing workforce and improve the candidate experience.Visier People: Workforce helps you find the optimal balance when your organization is powered by the hourly worker. Unifying your labor data - time, pay, safety, productivity - discover how hours worked, productivity, and your employees’ well-being connect together. Take action on insights into absenteeism, case management, overtime, worker safety and more so you can fine tune your management for big impact.

Visier Videos

Watch With Visier People: Talent, you get a better understanding of the state of compensation within your organization. Part of Visier People, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, Talent delivers insights on your compensation practices through a series of pre-built guided analyses.

Watch Visier People: Talent Acquisition gives you unprecedented insight into your hiring pipeline so you can get a more accurate picture of when your hiring goals will be reached. Part of Visier People, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, Talent Acquisition even enables you to forecast future hires for multiple positions.

Watch Visier People: Learning is the only big data analytics solution designed specifically to answer the questions of Learning and Development leaders. Visier People: Learning starts with the questions that leaders need to answer, with prebuilt, best practice analyses and visualizations, so that you can get the insight you need to create a learning culture with impact.

Watch Research shows that diverse organizations outperform. Visier People: Talent provides you with actionable insight into state of diversity at your organization through a series of pre-built guided analyses.

Watch Visier People: Talent provides you with actionable insights into why employees choose to stay or leave your organization. Part of Visier People, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, Talent predicts risk of exit and shows you the state of employee turnover through a series of pre-built guided analyses.

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Deployment TypesSaaS
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Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Mobile Web


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Reviewers rate Data analysis highest, with a score of 8.3.

Who uses Visier?

The most common users of Visier are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use it currently to build Guidebooks for combatting turnover and reducing turnover costs. We are rolling out information on engagement as well as Talent Acquisition soon.
  • Very Responsive and Quick
  • Adaptable
  • Easy to Learn
  • Customizable
  • Transferring an Analysis to Studio from Production
  • Key Groups in Studio
  • Security can be confusing
Visier is perfect for quickly analyzing data from multiple fields rapidly and making Visualizations to share with your team. It is also amazing for getting information into a table rapidly and downloading it. I try to use it instead of our HRIS system to pull information or run reports as much as possible.
Very Quickly. We used it for several projects and much faster decision-making. Getting the information to our managers with no digging was a huge help.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Visier for a variety of Human Resources tasks in our organization. We have noticed that our employees are more engaged than they were previously and have seen a marked improvement in retention numbers in 24 months.
  • Intuitive to use
  • Attractive reports
  • Valuable, in depth information
  • The mobile app is a bit clunky
  • Disconnected sales and support
Visier is well suited to organizations that value staff retention and where recruitment of the required talent is particularly difficult ie: for web developers.

It may not be so well suited if your company relies on contractors or does not have a concern with resource turnover rates.
We were able to gain useful insights after six months, as the implementation and staff onboarding took a little time. Once up and running, we were able to take actions based on the data to improve our business within 12 months. A year later, we are seeing concrete proof of the value of this work based on the data provided.
Sachi Subaran | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
With the Covid 19 pandemic hit in 2019 the company I work in had to majorly decrease its employee count and change the human capital strategies. These actions were abrupt and unexpected as we did not have a proper people analytics solution that brought people data and business data together. But after the pandemic we realized the need for it and got in touch with the Visier People team who helped us to create a people powered enterprise and enabled us to see the full view of our company's future growth and health.
  • Offering predictive analytics
  • Offering data exploration capabilities
  • Offering well guided insights
  • The people analytic solution strategy can be much more simplified to the user
  • Prices can be decreased
  • Pre-built analytics can be improved
Visier People is one of the most effective tools we have come across which provides end-to-end people analytics solutions. It offered us a breadth of features and services which included guided insights, data exploration capabilities, root cause analysis, personalized automated AI and predictive analysis that helps us with implementing comparative benchmarks and add, extend and scale our business. All these features suited my profession of being the company content writer because when it came to writing project proposals and contributing the proposals with my ideas, the dashboard predictive analytics and insights came very handy. Also this software helped team leaders like us to asses the growth of our team/department and rescale it if necessary.
It took us almost 4-6 months to start noticing results that helped us with executive level decisions. We implemented Visier People with onboarding a pool of our existing data into the platform with the use of Visier pre built solutions, and since then we started inputting current business data and people data into the system and within 4 months we were provided with useful people insights that our HR managers and department team leaders like me could directly make strategical decisions with.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Visier People for data analytics and performance metrics analytics. I help the teams I support manage their progress toward performance goals and various organizational initiatives. The information gathered indicates our incremental success or areas for improvement not only across business units, but also across the organization as a whole, both domestically and internationally.
  • Gathers data from individuals
  • Gathers data from groups
  • Visier People could be a little quicker to gather data from other platforms
  • Visier People could integrate with Greenhouse better
  • Visier People could become easier to manipulate data with fewer clicks
Visier People is well suited for companies with more than 15,000 employees who need various components of data across multitudinous divisions and business units. It is also advantageous when used by smaller business groups that might need specific details for individual associates' performance or business units which need specific reporting analysis to gauge client data. Visier's value prop is its ability to be versatile.
When our client team initially began to analyze data and gather insights using Visier People, we were startled by the vast amount of data points we could evaluate. We used the analysis design to gather and present data for a critical client presentation. After one quarter, we were able to assist our clients with improving their overall profitability.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Visier People as our primary People Analytics tool, available to the HR organization across the globe. Our business problems were ones many have - we had no insight into our people including headcount, resignation rates, promotion rates, performance, etc. Now, our HR users can immediately find answers to their questions on their workforce without having to submit a ticket for a report and wait several days.
  • Visualizations
  • Quick analysis
  • Data Definitions
  • Better customization when exporting
  • Easier for client to change data
Visier is well-suited for beginner analysts or HR users who are not comfortable or familiar with data. Visier makes it extremely easy to understand the data. Visier is less appropriate for data scientists or visualization experts who can do the work themselves - this is a customizable tool for those who are new to their data.
After about a 3-month implementation process, we were immediately able to analyze data and derive insights. We started noticing results soon after rolling it out to our HR group, which took about 5 weeks.
John L Sandler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is one of those tools that greatly facilitate the processes of administration of all the areas, that improve the RRHH efforts in a complete way, it is safe and also its implementation, it is quite accessible, it has quite advanced analytics for better business processes.
  • Analysis
  • Integration
  • Report problems
  • Price
It is a good tool if you work in expense control areas or even personnel information, this tool fits well with administration professionals or financial races.
They committed to implement at the end of 2019 and since then it has worked well.
Grace Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier People is a cloud based human resources analytic platform that we use in our organization to manage and improve the welfare of our human resources teams. Its reliable and helps us understand our staff, know their challenges and concerns, assess their strengths and performance enabling us improve them and equip them with vital resources to execute their assigned tasks. helps us eliminate the business problem of lacking the connection between our staff and our organization(employee), a factor that leads to poor performance and lead to workforce demoralization.
  • Fits reliably for use in all organizations from medium sized to large enterprises.
  • Its affordable and this assures our organization stable usage without encountering any financial constraints at all.
  • Equips us with vital analytics that shape our workforce management policy and grow our workflow and improve employee morale.
  • Its web-based and when the internet connection is poor some of its features are delayed a bit.
Visier People is for use across board in all organizations where its best suited in scenarios where a company aims to have insights on overall performance of their workforce and enhance the way they manage them. It will offer a fine outlook and grow the management of employees doubling their morale and output.
Results were instant as we obtained insights after deployment of the platform, we realized a turnaround in our HR management after steady application of the platform starting from a period of two months.
Bobby Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is a formidable option for analysis and reporting of positive or negative incidents within an organization. It offers detailed report visualizations that will serve as guides in each work area and is graphically friendly in its presentations through metrics. It has some shortcomings in certain aspects but it is compensated with its other tools.
  • Visier People has very practical tools for analysis and display of results in organizations.
  • It allows you to create complete and special guides to offer to supervisors and answer any questions their subordinates may have.
  • You can set goals based on metrics, provide real-time progress reports, and more.
  • The application lacks storage features; there is no storage of important documents or secure backup of internal data.
  • In HR tools it does not offer job flow management functions and no payroll analysis and management to automate and facilitate that procedure.
We were able to plan the corresponding project deliveries by enabling a catalog and a personalized marketing calendar thanks to Visier People. From the beginning, we were able to automate the delivery of reports and the completion of projects.
The results have been seen immediately because it can be analyzed in near real time unless we have connection lag but that almost never happens.
Jason Kerley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Visier People, which has provided us with an incredible tool for human resources management from any department. We have solved many flaws in the personal assignment of each employee, as we did not have assigned entries in the human resources section and the options were few because the registration and review were manual; we lost a lot of time in that search.
  • The integration with existing and legacy tools is incredible when configured, allowing us to manage all activities in the HR area.
  • Recruitment of resources is excellent, as it allows us to allocate each resource for better organization.
  • It has incredible HR metrics--we have been able to monitor every report effectively through a very interactive and easy-to-use interface.
  • It is necessary to update the plug-and-plays, otherwise the lack of updated plugins slows down the server and does not allow us to make any real-time reports.
  • They should improve the learning and training module, as it is insipid and users need external help to be able to progress with the software.
  • Very few updates at a general level--we always see the same design and the same features. Everything has to be changed because sometimes it is boring to work with Visier People.
We were able to implement Visier People on our server almost immediately. It is an excellent performing HR tool despite not being very up to date in features. It meets almost all our needs when planning billing information and learning. It is a unified tool for improving the resources we report to each employee.
From the outset, data can be extracted with Visier People. It allows for quick customization through any user and can handle all the basic and advanced requirements of the department in use. The APIs are fully configurable and accessible to each administrator and no great understanding is needed to generate data analysis or reports with any previous changes to the selected configuration.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier People is perfect for knowing the status of any company's staff. I find it very helpful to have all the staff on the same system and get one piece of information about a specific person, one word at a time, that can be entered from anywhere and at any time. It's very easy to organize visitors and staff or distribute them according to your needs, which I like because the system is very intuitive and guides the size of your organization. And best of all, information can be compiled collaboratively with other departments.
  • Access to staff information whenever you want in real time
  • Easy to organize staff or distribute them according to the requirements (according to customized categorization)
  • Software interface is very intuitive and makes your work much faster
  • Does not have functions like notifications or follow-up for activities
  • Improvement on the software interface on mobile phones
  • Management of data from personnel who are no longer part of the team should be different
With Visier People you can have access to staff information wherever and whenever you want. Because of its organized appearance, the input configuration is easy. You can find several guides for new users. It is easy to organize staff or distribute them according to the customized categories. One of the best things is that information can be used in collaboration with other departments.
You can enhance the analysis of each person deeply since it has a very complete and detailed database. Developers should improve the way in which employee data is entered because it is sometimes a long process to update the database. The visualization of data analysis helps users to easily understand data insights.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier guides you to organize staff according to the needs of our organization or distribute them according to the requirements you want to categorize.
  • It is very functional to be able to have all the staff in the same system.
  • With Visier it is very easy to organize staff or distribute them according to the requirements.
  • It has a storage system in the cloud.
  • I think the only thing I'm dissatisfied with Visier is the time it takes to make improvements to the Software.
Visier has assured us to collect certain data in an analysis software, anyone who has worked for a long time with the data being exported to Excel and is there to filter only what you need will know how to understand that you have such a program. Visier for intelligent analysis is a relief to your organization.
Visier has been of great help in solving administrative problems, especially those related to performance, Visier has certain standards which can be modified, but when comparing them with the data you enter, what it does is give full analysis.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier People is used across our entire organization that is split up into different teams of our organization. When we started using Visier People, we could see the positive advantage it had on our business by solving problems for us, which included managing our recruitment pipeline. We were also able to take a look at the insights related to leadership development programs, which generated great reports for our business to peek into. Using Visier People was certainly a great choice with its Leading People analytic platform.
  • Reports Generated give thorough information.
  • The software is very intuitive and offers information when it's needed.
  • The ability to measure the training's productivity impact.
  • The mobile version could be made more user friendly.
  • Not all models fit the data structure.
  • Not many follow-up activities nor notifications being integrated.
Visier People is well-suited for organizations that require the ability to record thorough information on analytics of the company, and to have the change of measuring training's productivity impact. The software isn't well-suited for those who tend to feature a lot of models into the software as the platform doesn't record/support most models, so some data isn't able to be recorded.
Once we started implementing Visier People into our software, we soon enough started to notice the valuable data that started to be recorded, which left us with great results. We were able to analyze the data very quickly and in a suitable clean format, which then allowed us the handle unnecessary models overtime.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier is being used by our Finance and HR Teams, addressing business problems such as employee data organization, job openings and job applications. Both HR planning and certain administrative processes are noiw enhanced thanks to this solution. Our Teams can now analyze better data, relevant KPIs and info that can be found in one place.
  • Data organization
  • Centralization of information
  • Interactive reports generation
  • Reporting alternatives. E.g. charts
  • Information sharing
  • Need for external analysis, sources
This solution, prepared mail for the HR departments, is definitely well suited for decision making. This means that Visier enhances data analysis and drives planning, metrics, and business results to the next level. The ability to transform databases of employees' data (for example) into interactive, clear, and detailed reports supports and upgrades the current decision-making process.
As soon as you start working with Visier, being capable of pulling and analyzing databases from different sources, you understand that those isolated nodes are going to converge in meaningful reports. Depending on the frequency of data presentation to respective stakeholders, the results of Visier's features are noticed since day 1.
August 10, 2020

Visier People Review

Archna Sethi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Visier People to have a database of workers of our company that includes a lot of their information so that we can effectively optimize and streamline our workforce. Visier People has all we need to store a detailed and large database of our employees from various departments within our company. While carrying out any project, Visier plays an important role to measure work efficiency and productivity because of the vast scope of how we can get work data, new recruits, work attendance (check-in, check-outs, delays), and performance reports, etc. The HR Department of our organization, with the help of Visier People, has the power of doing accurate and effective People Analytics. Visier allows them to get real-time data, analytics, and statistics like market data, turnover statistics, and minimum wage analysis without worrying about getting them from other resources. The streamlining of the work process, which was earlier being done manually, is now being done more easily, effectively, and without many errors through Visier People. Visier allows us to get highly analytical employee data in just a few seconds in an organized space.
  • It does an excellent job of giving detailed analysis, graphs, and summary charts of employee data.
  • It is capable of storing a large database that includes employee data, job info, turnover statistics, etc. in a perfectly organized system.
  • It gets linked to the HCM system which removes the necessity of getting data from other sources because we can get data from our HCM in real-time that includes employee demographics, work roles, and a lot of other information.
  • The reports from Visier are easy to be understood by anyone and hence can easily get conclusions about live projects.
  • The availability of webinars, documentation, and live online support is the best way of getting anything worked for you if you ever get stuck somewhere.
  • The mobile version of Visier should definitely be improved to become more user friendly and fit for all mobile screen sizes.
  • While the competitors of Visier People are providing frequent updates to add new features, fix existing bugs, etc., Visier lacks because it provides updates quarterly.
I would recommend Visier People to be used in an organization that is either big or medium in size. In small organizations, Visier is not a good fit since the value it offers requires a high cost, and using it in a small organization is meaningless because the work it does could be done more efficiently by manual operations.
A great difference is noticeable between the time when we were manually managing the employee data and when we are using Visier People to manage and monitor the reports more effectively. The first-time implementation of Visier was definitely not easy but the results we've got are worth the efforts we put in. We integrated our HCM system with Visier and pulled many reports to effectively monitor and manage them on the Visier dashboard which helped us in getting insights like low-performing areas and bottlenecking of the organization's system. Within a short time, we started using these analytics and insights to improve, so that we can ensure a great future for the organization.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As part of our consultancy work for Smart projects, when the projects are large enough, we carry out a Joint Venture formed by larger companies. In these cases, we need to use appropriate management software for people and business decisions. They are mainly used by the HR departments of both companies, and my job as a Consultant is to report on the most IT-related parts within this powerful tool. This tool solves workforce problems, allows you to manage contracting processes, or measure the impact of each action, among other features.
  • It is very powerful to measure productivity impacts, thanks to its BI analysis
  • It allows you to perform detailed monitoring of the contracting processes globally and in detail
  • Measure workforce costs in detail and analyze them using filters
  • It is a complex tool in use for non-HR personnel
  • There is no documentation in Spanish
  • There is no public demo
Visier People is a very large and complex tool, with many possibilities, but we only use it in large projects, since for our day-to-day, we can use simpler and less expensive tools. If you have a large company, we recommend its use in all your projects to keep all the information stored in a single tool.
At the beginning, it is a complex task, since it has many possibilities, and therefore both HR personnel are required for its management, and IT personnel (as in my case) to manage the collection of appropriate data sources, fix your data model and analyze the results appropriately. Once the previous milestones have been set, the results begin to be visualized in tools specific to a BI with great reliability.
Rachel Pawlak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am currently using Visier in the Human Resources department as it makes it easier for me to analyze the workforce of employees, giving me detailed information on staff such as check-ins, check-outs, delays, performance, etc. This analytical software offers the possibility of being able to manage personnel easier and see the gap in the company when an employee is not being effective. With the Visier platform we are able to keep everything organized and communicated, and also streamline the work process that was carried out manually.
  • I can maintain effective communication with other departments and instantly that facilitates the analysis process with the data provided.
  • I can monitor the staff of the entire press without losing any kind of detail.
  • It adapts perfectly with the needs of the Human Resources department facilitating its use.
  • The reports are visually understandable to read and to draw conclusions from the analyzes made of the staff.
  • It takes time at first to be able to configure it to adapt to the characteristics of the company, I would like this process to be faster.
  • The outputs of the reports are not as customizable as they are thought, although the reports of the analyzes carried out are clear and readable, it is important to be able to customize that aspect.
  • The mobile version lacks features that the web version offers, I would hope that you could get the same features on my smartphone.
With Visier you can have a broad perspective on the monitoring of company personnel, thus being able to make the best decisions about it and also be able to observe their behavior of work performance. When it comes to a large company, it is necessary to monitor large numbers of employees and that requires a lot of effort and paperwork, but with Visier you can lighten that load and improve the workflow to be more efficient.
It has been possible to notice a great difference between the manual management of employees and the great monitoring that can be obtained with Visier, although it took awhile to fully configure the platform for the company, changes could be noticed in the first weeks of its use. This has allowed the company to maintain great growth and development since it has been possible to make better decisions about employees.
Gabriela Band | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier is used to monitor the workload of each individual and understand how we can be more effective while reducing employee burnout. It is used mainly by the upper management and it helps us to track results and performance in an easy way.
  • Good UI and UX
  • Real time data to make sure you have valuable info to make decisions
  • Easy to use
  • Lacking some functionalities that their competitors have
  • Not customziable enough
  • Needs to work on better integration with ERP and not as a standalone HR module
Visier is useful for medium businesses that do not work on multiple countries as integration with full stack ERPs needs improving.
For small business the program loses most of the value. It is important to put focus on data collection practices as skewed data will make the insights and analysis less valuable.
Small results were shown fairly quickly as we had a higher completion rate for daily tasks and less employee rotation. Long term results took a bit more time. After a few months as we saw a productivity uptick and were able to design better processes inside the organization to reduce friction and task duplication.
Prathamesh Muzumdar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier People is a great human resources tool mainly used by the HR department. The tool is highly efficient in streamlining the work process across departments which helps us to optimize each employee's skill sets. It helps us to create a large database of employees for each department and further break those departments down into multiple clusters within that department. It helps us to understand the workforce contributions to the projects on which they have been assigned. It is easy to understand which departments need improvisation of workforce and where the team work can be improved. Overall, Visier people is a good tool to track the profiles of the workforce.
  • The dashboard provides a detailed view the database which helps analyze the workforce profile.
  • Data can be easily shared between different departments.
  • It helps to track productivity of employees and helps to monitor risk and patterns.
  • It takes a longtime to update database when entered new information.
  • It requires training to train people on the use of Visier.
  • Updates are only released quarterly which sometimes slows the operational process.
Visier People is a great tool for big organizations, as it spans over large sets of data, this makes the process more efficient at the given price. For small companies spending a lot of money for an advanced tool is not a feasible option. It is highly customizable and comes with an interactive dashboard. This customization feature is great for big companies, but smaller companies end up paying more for it. Its analytics features are very good to help determine the risks and benefits from the workforce. Employees are required to be trained on these features to understand the trends among the workforce.
Visier People was put into application as soon as it was implemented on the server. All the data from the legacy mainframe was integrated on Visier. A customized dashboard was created to understand the insights from the data. This helped us to understand the low performing areas and employees. The results were very quick to display the underlying bottlenecks of the system. Within a week or so we started using this data for decision making process.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Visier is being used by our Human Resources department and by some of our higher-level management team to be able to track workload and work efficiency of team members in order to streamline our work process.
  • Work efficiency
  • Workload
  • HR
  • User interface
Visier is more suited for medium to large businesses. It is not as necessary for extremely small companies where you do not need so much data and expense.
We derived insights very quickly. The data is sufficient enough in about a month and can then be analyzed. It is relatively quick compared to other platforms. Also, it keeps track of tons of data so it can be extremely useful and data can be analyzed in a variety of different ways. The learning curve made it a bit difficult to get data right away after first obtaining the software. There are also set-up times that need to be taken into account.
Simone Persbrandt Ramsay | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Visier in the Human Resources department because we directly control the effectiveness of the workers, the entry and exit, responsibility, delays and everything related to company personnel. In addition, with Visier we have direct access to the information of each person who wishes to work in the company since this software helps us directly to make the best decision and know which person is the best for our company. It helps us constantly monitor the individual efficiency of colleagues working with us, and therefore knowing the flaws that need to be corrected, speeds up our processes, and increases work effectiveness in seconds.
  • Instant information and in a single database, which makes us faster to analyze the performance of company personnel.
  • The options are easy to use, it does not require as much protocol and the results are real.
  • Communication with the other departments is excellent, as it is instantaneous, the reports are clear and easy to analyze.
  • The mobile version is not the best of all, it is the only thing that needs to be improved, as the efficiency cannot be increased and the reports cannot be analyzed correctly.
Make the most of the ability to monitor the organization's employees in real-time, better organize it and increase their job performance without being physically present, as this software is intertwined with all company departments and reports go directly to Human Resources. Visier is special for maintaining strict control of personnel without interfering in their work.
We started to see results quickly in terms of data analysis, we knew Visier was good software because the setup was easy, employee information was obtained quickly (2 weeks) and the heads of each department adapted very well.
Stella Olsson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Visier has allowed us to be able to have a database of most of the company's workers and thus be able to optimize each person's workforce and streamline each work process within the company. This platform covers all the needs of storing a large database of employees from each department of the company, with these damages it has allowed us to correctly measure work productivity and obtain better efficiency in the projects that are carried out. The implementation of Visier has provided power to detect areas or departments across the company that require improvement or research to detect a problem, whether it is the case of poor performance of an employee or a group of employees.
  • The database is very complete and detailed, thus being able to enhance a deep analysis of each user.
  • The Visier dashboard is extremely attractive and friendly, helping staff understand every detail of the analyzes conducted on the company's workforce.
  • Despite not being a great and complete solution to work with HR within this platform, however, data can be shared to exchange information between the head of each department of the company and HR staff and to speed up the analysis process and determine what to do with a low-performing employee.
  • It excellently determines the productivity of each employee and also determines risk by monitoring patterns and behavior.
  • They should improve the way in which employee data is entered as it is sometimes a long process to update the database, this takes a little time out of the analysis.
  • The Visier platform can be very easy or simple, but the learning curve is a bit long for people who are not familiar with this field of work.
  • It takes even a short time to be able to customize Visier to the company, as there are features that are not really used, so it is a slow process.
Visier solves administrative problems by being able to correct the performance errors that a company may have, through the data entered and moderately compared to the standards that Visier has implemented by default. This platform can be implemented in an infrastructural way allowing to improve business development and automate the learning of employee behavior and performance. With Visier, you can notice an upward trend in the improvement and optimization of business work through its complete and fast analysis of this platform.
With Visier it has been possible to notice a change as it was implemented in the company, through the rapid analysis of the data entered on the employees of each department it has been possible to correct or modify certain aspects that allow for better performance. Visier has streamlined the process of being able to make decisions about a negative aspect that lowers job performance and reading the results has also helped facilitate the work of the decision-making process.
Alberto Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We have a large company, in which Visier is necessary for all our job performance. Currently, we use Visier for all our areas, we believe that having it fully implemented helps us to monitor the performance of each employee. Visier day after day provides us with an excellent stay to establish a collection of data in real time, capable of reflecting the progress that each area of ​​the company has. Visier is an excellent platform for the Human Resources of a company, since it monitors every movement of employees to measure their capacity. I am happy with the operation of this platform for each of the areas of the company.
  • The reports generated by Visier are fully detailed, each one has very complete information which helps leaders to make decisions regarding each employee report.
  • The application for mobile phones is one of the most surprising things that Visier has, since it adds a follow-up of the staff in real-time, and allows establishing contact with each employee without using a computer.
  • I love Visier benchmarking too much because it allows me to make really good comparisons in relation to any of the areas of the company. It also allows me to make comparisons with other companies that are in the same business branch. This benchmarking is fantastic and helps to measure the level of our company.
  • Transferring the reports obtained to a user from the same Visier platform is somewhat complicated, since the process of transferring the reports from the platform takes a long time, forcing the user to download the reports and find another way to send them.
  • Visier's design should be improved immediately. The organization of the sections is fine, but I think they should change the colors of some parts of the platform, this in order to provide greater comfort and allow the user to feel comfortable while using Visier.
Despite the few errors that this platform has regarding the design of the UI and the transaction of the reports, I consider that it has an excellent performance for the working environment. This platform allows creating an environment where everyone's work can be monitored equally and we can highlight who stands out the most. Visier works in real-time, allowing more agility for leaders to analyze collected data.
The implementation of this platform took us approximately a month. It was a bit of a simple process, the configurations that had to be done to establish an automated system were quite simple to carry out, which is why we managed to obtain quick results. I noticed that Visier began to work, just at the moment when I noticed that I began to obtain reports on the performance of my employees in a period of one month, right there I managed to carry out the data analysis to be able to make decisions regarding the work teams.
Devdan Anand | TrustRadius Reviewer
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In our company, we have Visier available and incorporated for all work areas, which has allowed us to establish a connection with each and every employee, for perfect monitoring and work management. The personnel of all our company is very important, therefore, using this platform that helps us to have a control of HR is spectacular. Without a doubt, we will keep this platform implemented in all our areas at all times, since it has solidified our work modality, remodeling the personnel of each area and monitoring the performance of each colleague in the company.
  • Very fast in data collection, capable of monitoring and storing all the collected data in a matter of seconds and adding it to the graphical report.
  • The interface is quite attractive, very organized and with all the sections in a correct place, giving the user an excellent stay and comfort.
  • The reports obtained from the collected information are quite organized, with all the information in a correct order and very easy to understand, to make improvements in the business areas without so many complications.
  • One of the main things that I found very negative in relation to Visier, is the limited capacity it has to offer a pleasant experience to users or business leaders through its mobile application. The App is very limited, it only allows automatic data collection, and the visualization of the data obtained, but it is not possible to visualize the co-relation of the data, nor can it be analyzed within the App.
  • When adding a person who has recently joined the company to the Visier platform, it is a bit complicated, many fields must be filled in relation to his personal information, and many configurations must be made to automate the collection data of that person. I would like a much simpler and faster setup.
It does not matter if the company is large or small, Visier will have the opportunity to stand out and provide a great work methodology for data collection and for the correct control of employees and their work. I would definitely recommend this platform to any company, its ability to achieve organizational stability is amazing, and it allows companies to grow and boost the performance of their staff quickly.
I started to notice the results from the third week of use. Visier was a bit tricky to implement 100%, however, with the support of the leaders, a successful implementation has been achieved. This platform allowed a really fluid analysis of data from the third week, and we were surprised, because it exceeded our expectation, we thought to obtain results from the second month.
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Visier is currently being used in one of the departments as the HRMS system in conjunction with one of the larger HRMS system. It is used for workforce management. That includes recruiting, talent management, and customizing the recruitment process for various positions we are hiring for.
  • Visier's talent management modules are well integrated and easy to use out of the box without much configuration.
  • It comes customized for HR management needs for the technology sector.
  • The reports and analytics visualization are simple and easy to read.
  • Visier is not a full HRMS solution yet. Some pieces are missing.
  • It can do a better job of integrating with a bigger ERP solution. For example, Oracle HRMS to make it easy to use both at the same time.
  • The number and types of reports that come out of the box today can certainly be improved.
Visier is easy to install and deploy compared to full feature talent management or ERP solution, so it is very well suited if you want to evaluate the solution or even figure out if a talent management/HRMS solution is a good idea. It is less appropriate if the organization is large and spans multiple geographies due to the lack of support and breadth of the Visier solution.
Using the prebuilt reports and analytics modules for talent managmenet, we were able to derive insights using Visier within a day. After one day, the metrics were updated in real-time, with insights being derived almost instantly.
Glen Kimmel Leblanc | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Visier to determine how efficient each department's staff is, whether they meet the requirements and all the analysis that is needed from them. The leader of each department is in charge of verifying the report obtained from Visier and works directly with the heads of Human Resources so that we are all informed. Visier is highly analytical and that allows us to get employee data in seconds; the Visier database is complete and we get all the information in one place.
  • Good visualization of teach employee's information in seconds.
  • It is easy to use for new people.
  • All data in one place.
  • Visier's supervision of staff is always constant, so nothing is lost sight of.
  • Although using Visier is easy, setting it up can take some time.
It is a complete software to analyze the effectiveness of the employees and it integrates very well with each department. Visier can be used perfectly in large companies since manual control would be very difficult to maintain due to the large number of employees. Having each employee's data in one place is perfect for speeding up processes, saving time, and improving efficiency.
Since Visier was implemented in the company, we have noticed that employees strive to improve every aspect of themselves, project delivery is faster, input and output are better, reporting is very detailed, and all departments work together.