Wordpress is an open-source publishing platform popular with bloggers, and a content management system, known for its simplicity and modifiability. Websites may host their own blogging communities, controlling and moderating content from a single dashboard. Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Web Development Costs And Put You In The Driver's Seat Of Your Online Vehicle!I have used WordPress for years to build websites for business clients, and also ran government and local council-sponsored training seminars and workshops teaching businesses how to grow their presence online using WordPress. After building hundreds of WordPress sites over the years and authoring a series of detailed WordPress training guides for beginners. I have recently turned all of my WordPress knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive Free WordPress training site at and developed WPTrainMe - a WordPress tutorials plugin that allows users to get instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials from their own WordPress dashboards.,WordPress allows users with no technical knowledge or coding skills to be in complete control of their web presence. WordPress can save business owners thousands of dollars in web development and web design costs. WordPress is a powerful, secure and highly scalable online content publishing platform and business marketing tool that costs almost nothing to run. WordPress can be configured to automate many areas of website management and online marketing, including automatic updates and automatically driving visitors from search engines and social networks to your site whenever new content is published. WordPress is open source software and benefits from the contribution of thousands of community users, including web developers and web designers. WordPress is regularly updated (on average every 3 months) to provide users with new features, bug fixes, and to address security vulnerabilities found in previous versions. WordPress is the most popular and fastest growing content management system in the world I have written a detailed article listing 50 reasons why WordPress is the ideal choice for most website owners here:,The biggest challenge I have found with WordPress is training - helping clients and business owners understand just how much they can achieve with WordPress. Even though there is so much great information online about WordPress, most of it is not organized into a logical system, or aimed at technical users. This is why I have years developing a comprehensive WordPress 'A-Z' training system that takes users step-by-step through every aspect of using WordPress.,10,A WordPress site can be professionally set up and fully configured in hours at no cost, other than the cost of purchasing a domain and web hosting. A WordPress can be run and managed by users with little to no technical skills. I have built WordPress sites for previous clients that quickly outperformed their existing static websites and continue to deliver new visitors from search engines and social media networks with very little work required other than adding new content on a regular basis.,xsitepro,frontpage,dreamweaver,joomla,blogger,2,1,Sales and marketing Integration with 3rd party merchants and applications (e.g. e-Commerce, Affiliate program, analytics, etc.) Membership site with custom-developed WordPress plugin,WordPress is open source and highly configurable, so a lot of customization is possible. We developed a unique custom plugin that allows us to deliver hundreds of detailed training tutorials directly into users' own dashboards. This plugin is the core of our business and connects information built with and stored on our WordPress site, to the sites of other WordPress users. For almost anything you can imagine or want to do with your WordPress website, there is already a WordPress plugin available that can instantly give you that functionality, or you can create a custom plugin to do this. Most existing solutions that add new functionality or a new design to WordPress are either free or very inexpensive and extremely simple to install, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on web development / web design costs.,As our business is centered around providing non-technical WordPress users with access to a comprehensive WordPress training solution via our unique WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin (visit for more info), our goal is to continue developing our plugin to the point where it will hopefully become an integral part of WordPress itself, providing users with instant access to a fully integrated, context-sensitive help resource. We believe that anything is possible with WordPress once users understand just how powerful WordPress really is, and that anyone can be in complete control of their own web presence without depending on people with advanced technical expertize, if they just learn what to do.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Third-party Reviews,To put it quite simply, if we had to do it over, we would have switched over to WordPress sooner. We were aware of the existence of WordPress for several months before we switched over, and during this time we invested hundreds of dollars in web development applications to help grow our web services business. We could have saved this money if we had used WordPress.instead.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Learning how to install WordPress (very easy once you know how). Learning how configure WordPress settings (very easy once you know how). Learning how to automate WordPress for search engines and social media integration (for driving visitors automatically to your site whenever you publish new content).,10,Self-taught,Some aspects of learning WordPress without training are easy, but figuring out how to put everything together after the initial steps can be very time consuming. Unless you have plenty of time to scour the net looking for information on what to do next when learning how to use WordPress, I would strongly recommend downloading the WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin at The FREE edition of the plugin contains all of the essential "how tos" of using WordPress and the detsailed step-by-step tutorials will help you learn how to get started quickly and easily.,10,Yes. We have spent years documenting best practises and processes for expertly configuring WordPress and turning these into detailed step-by-step tutorials which guide users through the entire WordPress configuration process. These tutorials can be instantly accessed through your WordPress dashboard by downloading our WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin (,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,Some - we have added small pieces of custom code,As mentioned several times in my review, we have developed a WordPress training plugin that allows users to instantly access hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials directly from within their own dashboards. We have spent many years creating these tutorials as part of a well-organized WordPress training system and believe this plugin could have a major impact in the area of WordPress training, especially for business owners and non-technical WordPress users.,Yes,8,No,I get exceptional support from WordPress by: Browsing their support forumsReading the documentation on their siteStaying informed about educational events and initiatives for the user community (e.g. WordCamp, WordPress TV, etc.) Receiving regular software upgrades automaticallyVisiting sites of other WordPress experts for tips and inspiration,Expanding functionality (e.g. adding a membership site, customer poll, contact form, advertising banner management system, e-commerce, etc. - can be done in a couple of mouse-clicks with no technical skills required) Changing the entire look and feel of your site's web design (can be done in a couple of mouse-clicks with no technical skills required) Adding, editing and publishing media rich content to the web instantly (can be done in a couple of mouse-clicks with no technical skills required) Installing WordPress on a domain name (can be done in less than a minute with a couple of mouse clicks) Updating software and software components (can be done in a couple of mouse-clicks with no technical skills required),If you want to customize the application you will need to know how to code or edit PHP. It's best to hire a WordPress developer for this area. In terms of WordPress site management, performing a complete maintenance routine (upgrading and backing up WordPress files and database, troubleshooting, etc). There are ways to automate some aspects of the process (e.g. backups), but to perform a complete and thorough maintenance routine requires a step-by-step system. Once you know the process, however, then it's quite easy to do and takes only about 15-20 minutes to do. Learning how to manage WordPress is covered in detail in our WPTrainMe WordPress training tutorials plugin (, so anyone can learn how to easily do it. In terms of WordPress site security, hardening your WordPress installation security. Internet security is a complex issue, and there are ways to protect your WordPress installation from hackers and malicious users using various plugins, but this requires knowing what to do and following a step-by-step process. Once you know the process, however, then it's quite easy to do and most of it only has to be done once. Learning how to secure and protect a WordPress site is covered in detail in our WPTrainMe WordPress training tutorials plugin (, so anyone can learn how to easily do it.,Yes,10,10,10,9,Aweber - autoresponder integration. Visitors can sign up for newsletters and opt-in forms on the WordPress site and all the email marketing is then run from the Aweber application. HotelsCombined database application - integrated the travel and hotel booking application with an affiliate site. Visitors can search for travel destinations and book hotels using the third-party software from HotelsCombined on the front-end, and the backed of the site is all WordPress. e-Commerce. Customers can purchase and download products from various sites we have built and pay using their credit card or Paypal through the secure merchant facilities we use on the site.,As WordPress continues to grow, more and more systems and applications are developing plugins or add-ons every day that allow their technologies to integrate easily and seamlessly with WordPress.,File import/export Javascript widgets,8,Search for WordPress plugins that can do what you want first before looking for other applications or services that require custom integration work to be done. There are thousands of excellent plugins for WordPress already available that can do almost anything you can imagine or need done, and these can be inexpensively purchased and easily and quickly integrated with your WordPress site.,10,10,In the case of WordPress, there is nothing to negotiate with the vendor. WordPress makes the self-hosting version of the software available completely free of charge to anyone, with no licensing costs and the rights to modify the source code however they see fit. Anyone can download the software at no cost and perform unlimited site installations.,Read the software licensing terms and the site's documentation, and get educated about all that WordPress can do to help you create a successful online presence. If you are considering starting your own website, or if you are unhappy with your existing website, ask web developers to build you a WordPress site, then consider installing the WPTrainMe WordPress plugin on your site to learn everything you need to know about using, managing and growing your web presence using WordPress.,Yes,Improved features Bug fixes Security vulnerabilities from previous versions addressed.,More improved and new features More bug fixes More security vulnerability issues addressed.,Yes,NoWordPress is just about right for usWP is used by sales and marketing and to some degree, admin. As we populate it with more content, its value to the company will increase. One of the challenges is training new users on how to work in WordPress.,Drag and drop functionality for adding new widgets is very productive. Downloading or adding new widgets is easy. Enabling, disabling them is also fast and easy. Newer theme instances do this much better and more simply than older ones. We just updated our theme and this makes changes in widgets and menus much faster, easier. Edits to content are fast, immediate. The preview function is especially helpful for page layout changes. Absence of coding requirements makes adding new pages/posts very fast, simple. We are changing site content every week. This is especially helpful for edits to widgets that can be previewed before launching. Library/media functionality makes uploads new images, art, doc files much faster and easier than other solutions. The viewer enables you to clearly see what you are uploading before you do. Pretty self explanatory. Limitations in file size that existed in older themes have been resolved, but you must upgrade to newer versions of your theme(s) to take advantage of this, otherwise you have to manually code the file size limitation in your WP theme. Creating new pages is exceptionally easy, fast and does not requires coding skills. This means we can stand up landing pages, download pages and others on almost a moment's notice for new product launches, marketing campaigns and other uses. Very useful for creating new landing pages for programs, launches and other marketing and sales tasks. We can password protect these pages, or requires registration (through the built in Pardot widget).,A WYSIWYG type page/post editor would be highly desirable but possibly outside the limits of WP. Ability to save page/posts as templates (not in the WP sense but as in the MAP sense) would be better. Newer instances of WP themes have largely resolved this, however, if you really want/need to see what's going you must use the text editor. Simple HTML skills are required Could be limitations of our unique apps/widgets but understanding how the various apps interact is difficult at time. This is a limitation of our site design and the theme that was chosen and ultimately adapted for our site. Prefer a better list management function than what is presently available for things like partner listings, channel, office locations etc. Again, this was/is a custom adaptation of WP for our site. Not recommended for everyone. A native WP app should be used for things like partner lists, office locations and the like.,8,Major one is improved employee efficiency. We are able to effect quick changes immediately such as phone no changes, employee changes, job postings, HR changes. Do not yet use the Pardot plug-in which will be very helpful for standing up landing pages much faster even than Pardot can do this. We have eliminated the need for dedicated fractional FTE. We are able to effect most changes ourselves with minimal effort.,Sharepoint LMS,9,No,Price Product Usability Vendor Reputation,More hands on participation in the process. I was new to the Company, my predecessor was gone and a third party more or less did the evaluation and implementation.,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was minimal,No clearly defined or communicated roadmap was ever created. Phases of implementation were likewise not clearly organized or discussed in advance. I inherited control after change in leadership in our company Developer notes were not available. Understanding functionality of things like widgets was a conversation with a developer.,6,The menu feature is really great - allows rebuilding and adding of menus on the fly. Web page changes are simple, effective unless the pages call a PHP file from the server. For that I have to get an IT resource involved. Built in CSS informs page layout, coloration, font structure etc. This is a plus, it's also a minus if you want to change any of the style sheet elements.,Finding the referenced PHP files that the menu item is calling for. Even our IT guys have to dig around and scratch their heads on this one. Perhaps if we had built it ourselves the process would be easier Limitations of CSS constrain things like font, coloration etc. I can hard code changes into the page but that means these have to be done one at a time. SEO is not fully optimized...guess I need to spend a few $$ to get the full SEO story from WordPress.,Yes,9WordPress Is The Easiest Way To Run Your Business OnlineWordPress is used to run the organization web site, as well as to build sites for clients. It is used for everything from small business websites to custom web applications.,WordPress is easy for users to understand, even if they have limited technical experience. There are a large number of resources where people can get help and answers to their questions. WordPress is very versatile. A site can start off small and simple, and add complex features over time, such as eCommerce, surveys, mailing list integration, and more. WordPress is open source software that thousands of developers are building and using it every day. Security issues are found and fixed quickly. Users get the benefit of security and features updates with the ease of clicking a button.,The search feature needs to be improved, especially the ability to search by multiple criteria.,10,WordPress has had the positive impact of being the main source of income for my company. The software is free and flexible, and can be used to provide products and services without a lot of overhead. It is easy to teach clients how to use WordPress and to point them to outside resources where they can learn more. This makes training time shorter and clients happier. Since WordPress is so flexible, it is easy to add new services as they are needed without having to rebuild the entire project.,,10,1,1,Business website Building client websites Internal applications,WordPress has worked very well for eCommerce sites Community websites for non-profit organizations,May eventually rebuild external eCommerce and customer service portal to be part of our WordPress site. Build custom web applications for clients.,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,I would have skipped most of the other products and gone directly with WordPress.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,The initial transfer of data was a little complicated due to differences in the database structure between WordPress and the old system.,10,Online training Self-taught,10,WordPress is fairly easy to learn without training, especially for people who have experience with common computer software like word processors. I would not recommend using it without any training at all. While it is relatively easy to use, there is a lot that it does, so a little training can go a long way.,9,At every single WordCamp that I have attended since the foundation was in existence.,Managing content is very simple and easy to learn. Working with images, video, and other media has been greatly improved over the years, and is now quite usable. Administering sites is pretty straightforward and easy to learn and to train people on.,Due to the large amount of administration functions, it can be cumbersome to locate the one you are looking for. Media handling is much better than it used to be, and well integrated, but could use some better features to manage the media and display it in different ways.,Yes,10Wordpress - a great choice for your next websiteWe have been using Wordpress to deploy our website along with websites for clients. Wordpress allows us to easily build amazing websites. We are able to use all the functions and hooks it has built in to create a great end user experience. Along with making a site that is easy for the user to navigation and use, it allows us to manage the content easily. We regularly build sites that have a wide variety of functions such as automatic country detection and then load custom content for that country. Using the builtin functionalities we are able to create custom edit screens for our clients so that they can easily add a wide variety of content such as jobs, training events, events, news blogs and anything else that the client requires. The real beauty about Wordpress is that when we get a scope/brief from a client, we are not thinking about how can Wordpress do this, as we know it can do almost anything you throw at it. We therefore take time in planning what exactly the client requires from Wordpress, be it the actual content editor and the options available for each content type or the frontend theme that the end user sees.,Easily create and manage different types of content. Security is really well maintained Theming is really simple and you can on with what really matters without having to work out a difficult theming framework,Reordering pages out of the box. You can reorder pages using the order attribute of pages and posts, but having a drag and drop functionality would be a great bonus.,10,Increased employee engagement with our website as they are able to login and easily manage their content and also add new content,Magento,Joomla,10,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Getting all the content out from old the old content management system can be cumbersome,10,No,10,No,Editing is just so easy Adding content types is a breeze Customising your Wordpress site to do anything is possible with the right developer.,Reordering pages can be a pain without a plugin if you have a lot of pages/posts,Yes, but I don't use it,10WordPress UserOur organization uses WordPress on most every website we build. WordPress helps us put the control of a website into the hands of our customer. Our customers can upload images, create blogs, and much more. Our whole organization stands behind WordPress.,Creates Blogs Easily allows image uploads SEO is simple,More PHP instructions More Template Instructions More instructions in general,10,Increased employee efficiency Better customer service Helps to finish our work faster,,10,3,1,Web Design Web Development Plugin Support,Blogs for clients Easy Template Sells Custom Design,In house website Give Speeches,Yes,Price,I would have jumped straight to WordPress, rather than using Drupal to start off with.,Don't know,PHP learning curve Explaining to clients how to use,8,Yes,3,General CSS has been very helpful in the WordPress forums as well as general PHP issues. From the type of PHP issue in how to display something somewhere on a website to the way a PHP call will work. I've found a great many snippets of PHP to get me through my issues.,Color changes Header logo Content management Widgets,PHP Some color changes Loading large websites,Yes,8
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Martin Aranovitch profile photo
August 14, 2016

Review: "WordPress Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Web Development Costs And Put You In The Driver's Seat Of Your Online Vehicle!"

Score 10 out of 10
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Implementation Issues

  • Learning how to install WordPress (very easy once you know how).
  • Learning how configure WordPress settings (very easy once you know how).
  • Learning how to automate WordPress for search engines and social media integration (for driving visitors automatically to your site whenever you publish new content).
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Al Schoneman profile photo
September 02, 2014

User Review: "WordPress is just about right for us"

Score 8 out of 10
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Implementation Issues

  • No clearly defined or communicated roadmap was ever created.
  • Phases of implementation were likewise not clearly organized or discussed in advance. I inherited control after change in leadership in our company
  • Developer notes were not available. Understanding functionality of things like widgets was a conversation with a developer.
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Mobile optimization / responsive design (38)
Publishing workflow (39)
Form generator (35)
Content taxonomy (33)
SEO support (36)
Bulk management (28)
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About WordPress

Wordpress is an open-source publishing platform popular with bloggers and a content management system. The appearance of a Wordpress site and many of its functions are managed through themes, and further customizable through altering code, though altering code is not required; templates and plugins to expand its capabilities are plentiful. Wordpress features integrated link management, and a search-engine friendly permalink structure. WordPress now allows multiple blogs to exist within one installation. Websites may host their own blogging communities, controlling and moderating content from a single dashboard.


Wordpress is popular due to its simplicity and modifiability. Furthermore implementing Wordpress costs only time. Two paid versions exist. The $99 premium plan allows a user an ad free custom domain with 13GB of space and advanced customization. The $299 Business plan allows unlimited space and supports eCommerce as well.

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