TrustRadius a perfect tool!It is currently being used within a couple departments, but we are looking to expand to other ones. It helps us with initiating projects. We get more details on the PRFs for new projects. Its transparency allows a better view of the project and its status. It also allows to see any comments, or approvals where teams can communicate with one another. HQ proof is also useful as all comments are incorporated in one document, so they can be analyzed by the reviewer.,Manage digital work processes Review and approve digital work Govern compliance workflows,Transparency: approve/ reject buttons with comments visible to everyone on the project. Proof HQ. Status updates visible to everyone. Notifications. Flexibility. Allows to adjust settings, views and how projects are run Easy on the eye! User friendly Fast. Hardly any freezing. Implements project management ideas. This allows for better project tracking and managing,Date adjustments. When one task is completed earlier, the dates could adjust from when it was approved taking in the amount of days per task. Notifying the project owner when documents are uploaded Overall cons are small but would make the work easier and initiate a faster response.,10,Increased productivity Made the work Transparent: easier to identify issues Allowed to better manage workflows Allowed to have all approvals Allowed to set form dates,,I havent used,50,4,managing projects transparency approvals,resource management Proof HQ,9,Yes,Product Features Product UsabilityWorkfront really worksWorkFront is slowing taking over all of the teams within the company. It started with just the marketing teams and slowly migrating to many other facets. As we add more people into the same system, we are able to get more visibility to what's coming as well as a better understanding of the company as a whole. Many teams are silo'd and this program breaks those barriers.,Centralize projects in one solution Review and approve digital work Deliver client-facing services Govern compliance workflows,WorkFront has a great support staff that is always there to be a sounding board or provide best practices. Workfront is great with managing projects and creating robust reports. We are able to track 4k+ projects a year with the system and not spend hours a week making reports. You set it and forget it. They can even be scheduled to email out to those who need them. Workfront manages all of the tasks necessary to complete a project and can house the approvals and back and forth conversations. With one link you can see the entire life of the project.,The calendar feature is very difficult to create and understand. It may work better for some but I haven't been able to figure that out WorkFront is so robust that you can dive too deep to fast and end up "breaking" the system for others. Be sure to limit access levels BEFORE you add people to the system. Document approvals (without the ProofHQ add-on) are sometimes difficult to mange,10,Workfront allowed us to report metrics to increase my team from 6 to 17. My team's request to proof turnaround went from 12 days to 1 day by fixing our practices within workfront,Workamajig,1000,6,Receiving Requests Managing Projects and Knowing the Statuses Logging Hours and calculating Metrics,We used Workfront to come up with a more strategic process improvement where we adopted the restaurant style approach to work/projects,We are planning to integrate with other systems so that we can have people who are Clients of Workfront remain in their programs of expertise. IE sales people staying in Salesforce,10,Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Acrobat DCWorkfront: a tool to save the R&D manager in the daily workCentralize projects in one solution,Parallel project planning Resource planning in parallel project Resource time sheet can help a lot to manage project cost, project statistics, and future scenarios,Support service in Italian,9,Positive impact on workload management and resource availability outside my dept.,Microsoft Project,Using workfront the entire team has clear visibility about single tasks and overall project scheduling,Better to have customer mother tongue support. Regarding my recent support experience, the support isn't so smart to catch immediately the customer's issue and suggesting a quick and correct solution.,33,task scheduling project scheduling overall team workload tracking,to adopt as official tool at global level,5,Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, MATLABWorkfront - Nice task and project collaboration.We use it primarily for project management but I believe it's used across the company. It primarily provides a place for employees to log time to various tasks allowing managers to quickly review what each person is working on. It also allows management to produce reports on employee utilization. In addition, employees are able to assign necessary tasks to each other as we work through a workflow.,Centralize projects in one solution Manage digital work processes Review and approve digital work,Great place for people to comment on tasks they are assigned to. Multiple people can be assigned to the same task so it makes it a good place for us to collaborate. Easy to log time to tasks and track the amount of time on various tasks in one or more projects. Updates/alerts are sent to email addresses so you know when status has changed on tasks to which you are assigned or own.,Priority of tasks can be difficult to ascertain from my assigned work list. It'd be nice to know at a glance the tasks that were the highest priority. They can be sorted by priority and a priority can be given - could just be the way we use it but it's a feature that I haven't seen utilized effectively. Seems like a small thing but I don't know how many times I've updated a task and thought to include another co-worker on the update. Unfortunately, I can't add someone to the update after the fact. So, I have to delete the comment and add it back with the other contact included. I haven't created a lot of projects but dates can be funny when building a project. Often seems like it's trying to help but ends up doing some weird stuff. Could very well be user error but in any case, it's not intuitive.,7,I don't have a lot of visibility to this but it seems as though our clients have appreciated our ability to report on employees' activities. We've been better able to at a glance see what tasks our resources are going to.,,Didn't use that I'm aware of.,30,3,Project management Time/Schedule tracking Task assignments,Reporting time to provide accountability,I don't know of any additional ways but we do hope to expand and improve what we currently do in Workfront.,7,MicroStrategy Analytics, Informatica Enterprise Data Integration, Microsoft SQL Server,No,Implemented in-house,No,I think getting people to use it was the hardest part,9,Assigning Tasks Building a report Updating Tasks,Scheduling can be tricky - getting the dates to line up the way you would expect,7WorkfrontWorkfront is being used by all departments at Citation. Our project management team uses it to monitor jobs as they come in. Our production department uses it as a queue, and our quality department uses Workfront to monitor what is taking place within the queue. It's a great tool to get an at a glance view of everything that is taking place.,Great reporting. Any data that is put into the system can be pulled into a report. Easy to use and understand. Although it is simple to use, very complex reports can be generated from the system.,E-mail notifications need improvement. I like the online help desk but sometimes I would like to call and talk to someone. The timing / Template set up is not as easy to use as the rest of the system.,9,Recall of lot material. Ability to easily track how many labels we have made on each press. Customer reporting.,5,1,Queue Management for production Shipping and Receiving reporting. Customer reports,10AtTask Provides Excellent Views across ProjectsAtTask works hard to provide a usable, customizable, largely intuitive interface for both project managers and team members. AtTask seems committed to paying attention to customer feedback and requests for improvement and incorporates changes. Team members can update their own tasks, and executives, team members, anyone--can see status in a real time basis--IF your organization has the will to require this of team members. Reporting and the ability to view key data across projects is outstanding--reports are easy to create, as are custom forms. Built in resource grids are key to managing in a matrix organization--we rely on this for use weekly as timelines across projects change.,With the on-demand version of AtTask, if you delete tasks or other items--you are out of luck. The newest interface makes it a little too easy to delete items that you may not realize have been selected --as you scroll down a long list of tasks, for example. The data IS recoverable, but this comes with a fee. That being said, a recent phone call to support indicated that a solution to that--a trash can feature--is in the works for roll out soon. Team members--people who are not project managers--often neglect to update their tasks. Some get confused by the Working On/Work Requested tabs, and seem confused by tasks out of context. Some of this is probably due to training and executive will to require timely updates rather than request it. Still, more work on the psychology or interface that would make it dead simple to update would be great. The inline editing feature of AtTask, rolled out with the last major update, is very handy. However, sometimes it is slow and picking dates from the popup calendar can be slow and frustrating.,9,From my point of view, since our introduction of AtTask about 5 years ago, we have tripled our ability to juggle projects, without tripling our work staff. It allows us a previously invisible view on workload coming into department that were bottlenecks and allows us to reallocate and replan resources in a way we never could before. The number of "fires" we have to put out, and therefore overtime hours spent, have significantly decreased. Through reports over the past several years, management now has metrics on how we conduct a project and where we can improve our processes--places where perhaps we spend more time than planned each time we run a project.,2,9,9,8,4Happy Drunk on the AtTask Kool-aideAtTask is the project management software of choice for our eMarketing activities with the eCommerce group. Previously we had been committed to using SharePoint as our 'band-aide' software for managing projects, which was already the fix over Excel. With AtTask implemented we have had zero need to look for an alternative solution.,AtTask has an easy-to-use interface for allowing rapid review of project plans AtTask is a superior tool for managing the workload of resources (e.g. the people writing / designing / coding, etc.) Exporting project plans to allow rapid updates to higher level executives is easy; as is generating reports on items like workload and more.,You can post documents / assets and share them, but comments attached to the "share" are not saved... I view this as a miss. The navigation from a Request to an Active Project can confuse Business Owners; with training this is resolved, but I'm not convinced the user experience here is optimal When items are "working on" for a Resource (writer / designer, etc.) ..if the date is updated in the project plan, it will not dynamically be updated there. I'd like that fixed one day.,9,Increased employee efficiency Increased project workload without adding numerous additional resources Increased business owner satisfaction to understand job dependencies / timelines and more,,10,9,9Workfront for Marketing TeamsWe use Workfront to manage all work activity in our in-house ad agency. (We process approximately 1500 requests per year from over 125 internal customers). Workfront allows us to effectively manage the deadlines required and the workload and resources necessary to complete those requests on time and on budget. It allows us to instantly see the status of all work in progress and its Update feature allows all stakeholders on any particular project to know exactly what is going on and why. We would be lost without it.,Workfront has a terrific request queue - that is fully customizable. Workfront has an incredibly powerful and customizable engine. We mimicked our processes exactly in Workfront when we installed it. Workfront allows all stakeholders to see exactly what is going on in their particular project. It allows all communications to be stored within that project - no more email trails. Workfront keeps all relevant documents within the specific project for easy access. Workfront has a powerful proofing tool. Workftront has a powerful and easy to use reporting tool.,Its nomenclature is suited to people with a programming background. Non-technical people need to learn a new lexicon if they are administrating this product or if they are utilizing the help feature. Its resource allocation process is clunky. It needs to be improved. Workfront does not allow you to directly transport data from custom forms into the main forms.,10,We generate 100% ROI each year in our Traffic department. Specifically, the money we save on FTE's in this department more than pays the entire annual costs for Workfront each year. All other returns are just gravy... We are able to maintain SLAs for request conversion and we can now track our performance (project duration, actual vs expected costs) on all projects. Getting better at what we do by improving what we do. Workfront provides us with the information to do that. Our designers save a LOT of time looking for creative assets because they are now stored in one place, with a uniform project number assigned.,none,150,1,Request Queue Timesheet tracking Task Management P:roject Management Cost tracking,Specialized reports,10,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Not enough support from stakeholders, therefore slower adoption. Too much technical information for a non-technical person to assimilate.,7,No,9,Yes,I had some difficult reports to write...spent 30 minutes on the phone with a consultant, 2 days later they were done. Blew me away.,Create new projects or tasks. Assign team members to those tasks. Monitor performance in those tasks.,Resource allocation is clunky.,Yes, but I don't use it,9AtTask is out project one-stop-shopAtTask is currently used across our business, we use it to log project and tasks, small work requests and log time against those tasks and requests. This tracks project progress and billable hours. We use it for both development and infrastructure projects and have custom forms set up for each to ensure it covers all areas.,Timesheets tailored for a particular groups or users. Project progress and updates shared with the wider project team and collated into summary reports for Senior Management Links with Outlook to streamline process to save time picking information from an email and inputting again into a request form. The plug in takes everything you need.,I would like to be able to convert "issues" into tasks and projects and the time logged against the issue should be sent across too. We bill from tasks and time against the issue should be included.,8,Better project communication and collaboration. Project reporting without having to maintain many logs Time-sheeting attached the project and not in another system,,8,8,9AtTask - Like It, Love it, Can't Live without It!We are using ATask enterprise wide, now several months into the implementation and it's starting to catch no fire. Adoption is increasing and users via our train the trainer model are "getting it" and starting to self organize. The process has been very exciting to watch as is the potential to innovate a 30-year old company.,IT has integrated AtTask into all level of project management. Marketing is using AtTask for all management of content and media creation, and will soon be using it to manage all approvals and speed delivery of marketing products. Accounting - will be managing A/P vendor issues, and trouble accounts in A/R. Tracking all issues and using AtTask's collaboration tools to share updates with Sales and Customer Service teams.,More specific support to integrating and optimizing the use of the products.,8,Positive - Engagement is relatively easy and natural, just takes times. Positive - ROS - Excellent, time savings is significant.,microsoft project,10,8,10The Complete Project Management PackageWe use AtTask company wide for project management, resource management, and time tracking. It has allowed our company to consolidate our project communication and management into one system. As a company AtTask has been great to work with, they listen to their customers and have a strong admin and user community. Both my sales and customer service reps are very accessible and knowledgeable. Support is very quick to respond if issues arise and are polite and helpful even when an issue turns out to be operator error.,Clean easy to use interface Very customizable Great support and user community Robust and flexible reporting options Constant service and feature updates keeps it running smooth,The agile management features aren't expansive enough yet but I'm told they are working on it. Would be great if they had the ability to add checklists to tasks easily.,10,More insight on where non billable hours are being spent. Better management of impromptu tasks. Tracking budgeted vs. actual hours allow you to view your project's health and see what aspects of the project are over or under budget and make adjustments in real-time.,workamajig,basecamp,zoho,150,10,8AtTask is a great PM tool!!!App Access- you do not need your computer to update a project with information or task completion , you can do everything you need in the field with your cell phone or tablet/ipad As the project manager, the tasks and project templates are very easy to work with and manipulate for project changes Document storage in AtTask is great as it will store any type of document any size,Document identification - there is no way to "folder" related documents in a "folder",8,Its very helpful for productivity because everyone involved in the project can see what their responsibilities are Communication is key and having all communications in one place has been an essential element is speed and accuracy of project updates/issues etc.,8,Implemented in-houseGood solution for project and work management.We began our experience with AtTask in the first quarter of 2012, implementing on two regional offices across Brazil, mainly to manage product development in real estate. Since then we expanded the use across the company, bringing back-office and including product delivery projects and some sales and marketing activities, specially regarding managing help desk in point of sales and sales centers. In our experience, AtTask offered a cheap, simple, very reliable and user friendly interface. We handed out support of the tool after 2 years to IT and when we got over 250 users, there was no need to have specialized support. During those 2 years we noted that they moved a little bit from project management to work management and that fitted us very well. Support has been fast and efficient. We certainly miss having support in Portuguese.,User friendly Reliable Easy to set up,Support in other languages than English Some reports look nice on the screen but aren't available to be printed or exported,10,Lowered our development time It gave us better visibility of our gaps and helped is to better organize our resources Increase productivity in marketing services,9,Implemented in-house,10,9AtTask - My JourneyCurrently being used to track project progress and the creation of dashboards/reports. The IT/Technology area is the main end user for this tool. The intention is for the whole organization globally to eventually adopt. This tool will help us standardize our approach to project management and help keep things unified, located in one space and easy for PM's to report upwards to senior management,Basic Task reporting works very well and is quite easy to set up. Same for dashboards Risks and Issues are easier to manage from within this tool The ability to leave updates on Tasks/Projects/Issues and Risks is extremely useful,Ability to create an all in one weekly status report would be great. Currently have to print individual reports Gannt charts are seriously broken when you try to print them. Might work, but only after a long time spent fiddling with the settings. Not easy to use and very frustrating.,7,Too soon to say - still piloting the tool,,6,2AtTask: Excellent PM tool, Finance Teams will want more.AtTask was brought on to perform a few functions for us primarily around project management. As a Mac shop, the use of Microsoft project was done through a virtual machine and we needed a more user friendly way of creating timelines while being fully compatible with MS Project. We were using MS Excel and Word to serve as our daily status sheets, and wanted to have a tool that could allow us to maintain the same information online along with all of our project information. Lastly, we were looking for a task management tool where our internal support and technology teams could have a way to maintain a digital paper trail of work placed in their queues. We did not use the system for timesheet management, which did not lead us to use many of the financial reporting tools that were available.,Creating Job timelines: At the time, it was by far the best web-based solution for building MS Project Compatible timelines. And all the steps contained within could be converted into tasks that were delegated to individuals. The ability to create different views for different users. The level of flexibility in generating custom lists is spectacular. Advanced users also had the ability to use custom code/logic to create reports that included calculations and conditions. The general interface was very clean. Again the level of customizability allowed you to limit the amount of functionality that was available making the interface must easier to digest for newer and less technical team members.,It was not a general ledger tool. So the tie in's between timesheets and invoicing was not an option. This was the main reason why we discontinued using the product because the financial teams needed that additional functionality to bring it all together. Although the speed was quite good, you were often numerous clicks away from updating a series of items. This happens to be a common issue with most online sotware. Open, make your changes, save, close. Then move onto the next thing to update. Interfaces that allow updating multiple items at once would be very useful.,7,This was the company's first entry into managing project information online. The learning curve was long, however subsequent cloud based job management, tasking has been easier to implement. It was a educational benefit to the organization. As a task management tool, Attask had a very positive impact on accountability of work and helped associate work with our project ID's much easier. Very beneficial at PM daily information consolidation.,,3AtTask is the Best Project Management ToolTask Management - it's very user friendly and straight to the point. Task can be project based or ad hoc. They appear in top calendar when the user logs in so day-to-day tasks cannot be missed. Project Management - I like the management of timelines and creating timeline templates. This tool really helps create timelines efficiently and effectively. Reporting / Dashboards - it's really easy to see the project status by quick and easy reporting and dashboards. Creating a report is really easy too.,Resource Allocation - I think this tends to get confusing since there are so many different areas in AtTask to see resource allocation. Personal / Private Tasks - Leadership wants to use this tool but they want to keep the items private as it's hard to do that. You need to create many different portfolios to do this which I don't think is the best option. Licensing - I think user based license can get very costly, AtTask should have some sort of team license or something.,8,Managing day-to-day tasks are much easier and more efficient Managing projects and staying on top of my projects in AtTask is very efficient and effective. Keeping my leadership informed of project status is very easy with use of reporting and dashboards.,6,9AtTask improves communication for successful projectsOur company uses AtTask worldwide in several departments and it has improved communication on projects, helps to maximize the IT development expertise of each employee across projects, and helps to increase the quality of our projects and processes. The collaboration aspect is really key. Love it!,Improved worldwide communication. Reinforced the project process.,It would be great if they would automate the linking of projects such that when the end of project A pushes out, the beginning of project B accommodates that change and pushes it out too.,10,AtTask has definitely improved our ROI by improving employee efficiency and ensuring all employees are following the same process.,2,10Ensure you have identified your needs and evaluated your users' skills before choosing a tool.AtTask is used at Suncor in four different departments. For the Learning and Capability department of 70 people, we use it to manage projects and operational work related to building learning solutions. An extensive business case was developed to identify AtTask as the solution that met over 40 different needs relating to access, issue and risk tracking, work planning, portfolio management, workflow and approvals and prioritization and reporting.,AtTask provides a platform for many of our advisors to capture notes (the Updates feature) that help tell the story behind a delayed timeline or a newly identified issue. AtTask reporting has provided opportunities to showcase our work to our clients and sponsors in one click. AtTask is only one part of a work management system at Suncor that is supported and complimented by an established process, tools and templates.,AtTask implementation has still posed some challenges due to the fact that a company of this size is not able to easily upgrade to the most recent browser. We also still struggle with exporting reports and Gantt charts so clients receive the view that they want to see.,9,AtTask has provided increased visibility into the work we are doing - eliminating duplicate work. AtTask has helped clients prioritize their learning projects. AtTask has helped with succession planning - reducing the time it takes to transition work and all the details that are associated with a particular piece of work.,,10,400,1,We use AtTask to manage operational work We use AtTask to manage learning solutions and the various tasks assigned to external as well as internal vendors We use AtTask to manage comments, risks and issues on projects,We use AtTask to provide a snapshop of work happening for our internal clients (and the associated costs). We use AtTask templates to create a treasure hunt game to help familiarize new users with AtTask features. AtTask has been used to assist with succession planning in groups with a high turnover.,We have yet to use the resourcing feature. Teams are already showing interest in using the "Like" feature as a quick way to let someone know that they read an update. We have had requests from a dozen users to pilot the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook in the past month.,No,9,Yes,Exceptional support was provided to Suncor by the consultation team when the product was launched with a consutation package of 25 hours - to ensure the best fit of features.,Input of updates or comments Building new reports or custom reports Input of risks and issues,Inputting time against a project for more that a week in arrears. Exporting a Gantt or Milestone view for a client report Sharing filters and views,Yes,9AtTask shines a light on your projects.Our agency uses AtTask to manage our software projects through the software development life cycle (Wwaterfall method). The agency consists of approximately 500 users including other state agencies and contractors. About 50 users within the agency use AtTask. AtTask is a tool that helps ensure on-time project delivery.,Transparency: AtTask revealed several details about our projects that our previous project management product did not easily reveal. Convenient Integration: AtTask integrated easily with most of our business processes. Ubiquity: Our users can access AtTask 24/7 on supporting web browsers. Our previous project management product did not have this capability.,Too much information: AtTask elucidated certain details of projects without discretion. Particular Interface Issues: There are certain user interface aspects I dislike about the project-task list compared to the Legacy Gantt view. The project-task list allows the user to drag/drop the tasks around in a different order. If the user accidentally drags and drops a task into another (especially if one of the tasks has a predecessor) the project schedule is affected. Furthermore, the user cannot undo changes made in this manner after At-Task saves each change. The user must manually fix any changes made in this manner. User-access issues on older projects: AtTask continually updates its product with key features. In one of those updates, we had problems changing the team membership on our older projects.,8,Transparency: Everyone has the capability to see the salient aspects of active projects Performance: The performance from all teams increased. Most work is completed on-time and close to estimated hours/cost Ease-of-use: AtTask provides project details that conveniently assisted user adoption.,9,10Attask for HIgh Tech B2BGreat project management Intuitive interface Constantly pushing the envelope and improving the product.,Resource Management 3rd Party ecosystem Integration with third parties.,5,Positive adoption of the system. Much better ability to manage multiple projects in a holistic way. Employees have a streamlined project task flow now that is intuitive.,9AtTask in sales and customization workI like the way I was able to collaborate with other users, share documents, see comments during the workflow of the project, where team members had done something and added update notes I really liked the resource planning tool. It was not overly complex, but allowed me to see and assign work and see who was available for work. The end user interface is a real genius. It is so easy for new employees to use. They can easily see their assignments and also go and find new work if they finish and are ready to contribute more.,The end user interface is easy to use but some of finer points of it can be difficult to customize. The resource planner could be confusing but I probably needed more training and experience on it.,9,We used AtTask in a basic functionality to let development know about projects we were going to be booking. This better prepared them for what was coming down the pipeline and what resources we had available. This allowed us a faster turn around time as well as know if we would need to hire contractors to assist in the project.,9A great tool with user friendly capabilitiesAtTask provides a streamlined approach to capturing dialogue between team members and project teams. AtTask has given a project management tool a social media look and feel which makes it super user friendly and easily implemented into any area AtTask gives an opportunity to discuss projects in an open space that is captured for historical data, as well as add attachments and utilize version control so all documents associated to a project are not lost but instead archived. AtTask provides very educational courses on how to use and get optimal results while managing your projects. AtTask provides the tools to build the bare bones to any project, with user friendly worksheets, graphs, resource calendars, etc. you can capture all your projects information in one place.,The worksheets that AtTask utilizes are user friendly, however the printable version is not intuitive for non-project managers, specifically the project team members.,8,Better customer service was an objective of my organization and it was achieved through the utilization of AtTask. Efficient workflow has improved for team members and project leaders,9Struggling with Project and Portfolio Management? AtTask can help!We use AtTask to manage requests, individual tasks, projects and portfolios enterprise-wide. AtTask allows the executive and management teams to understand the current state of the project portfolios. AtTask also allows groups such as our IT Help Desk to manage and prioritize incoming requests for assistance. AtTask provides much more robust functionality than email, which was the previous method for such things.,Helping individuals understand and prioritize the work being requested of them. Helping project managers and executives understand the status of individual projects and the overall project portfolio. Consolidates communication and documents around specific tasks and projects to keep everyone on the same page.,Some users have difficulty keeping track of information in AtTask. I think this is just a natural consequence of having so much information stored in the application and am not sure what could be done differently to assist with this. Users need to fine tune their email settings to avoid being deluged by notifications from AtTask. Striking the right balance between too many and not missing something vital is tricky. Relying less on email and more on managing work directly out of AtTask has helped with this. The security model was not well structured for enterprise use. We had to implement a number of inconvenient workarounds to get AtTask to shield certain information (like the CEO's ToDo list) from other users. AtTask is in the process of implementing a new security model that should address nearly all of our concerns.,9,Better visibility into project status allows us to intercede earlier to correct problems, saving time and money. We are still working on this, but once ALL employee work (ad hoc, project, requests, etc.) is consolidated into AtTask, we expect that employee efficiency will increase. Also, manager visibility into what employees are actually doing ensures that we have effective resource utilization. Knowing what the company is doing (and not doing) focuses our efforts and keeps us on track in implementing initiatives that provide the most benefit to the company and our customers.,Planview Enterprise,Innotas,9AtTask Review by an AdminAtTask is being used at NetApp for project and work management in one of the groups. Some of the key problems it addressed are work management, project management, portfolio management, resource management, mobile application support, integration with internal tools like outlook, salesforce etc.,One of the best features of AtTask is the social collaboration. We were able to move a lot of conversations out of emails to AtTask. This provided the necessary transparency and visibility within the organization which was lacking before AtTask. Work management is another winning feature of AtTask. Users can obviously keep track of the overall projects that are in the organization but manage their own personal work within the tool. This used to be done using all kinds of different personal tools and applications and even post it notes or to-do lists. Again building on that visibility and transparency which is the corner stone of productivity in any organization. Reporting: Robust reporting platform that has intuitive, interactive and easy to use.,Flexibility with emails engine. We need rules based email notifications, at the moment they have global notifications and they are simply not enough. Ready to use plugins for popular enterprise applications. Integration options with older applications. most enterprises continue to use older version on softwares, we need AtTask to be able to integrate with those. Seems right now they just look at newer applications.,8,Larger lead time on new project submissions because its just really easy to submit a project Higher utilization rate by users Increased operations efficiency of the organization,,8,200Can AtTask really be worth the time and money it requires? Short answer. Yes.Currently we are using AtTask within the Corporate office as a Land and Expand model. This will be used as a change management tool initially as it sets in as a project management and workflow management tool. The tool solves the problem of transparency as well as overall communication between team members and projects. The initial launch is focusing on each portion of the tool on a small scale for proof of concept and then increasing use going forward.,Since this is a project management tool, it does this portion exceedingly well. It allows all the basics, but also incorporates both Waterfall and Agile methodologies into the tool. Depending on the type of project being handled, this allows for an increased flexibility and if need be, a hybrid model combining the two. The ability to use custom fields within the system and the ability to report on anything within the system is very powerful. If there is specific data you need captured on something, you can create a custom form to capture that data and then report on it. This allows the ability to create custom data sets which can funnel up into a dashboard that can be shared with management at any time. No longer do you need to manually prepare these reports, they can automatically be triggered to go out on a specific day, time, and format. Once you get the hang of how it works, the queue and request system can be a very powerful process. As Teams are set up within the system, a queue can be created where work requests can be funneled into and then worked on by that Team. Depending on how you want workflows to be done, you can set up approvals, you can add that issue/task to a project (software release as an example), you can even reassign it to another Team or individual. It is a natural extension of the tool and how it can create intake processes for work. This isn't directly related to the tool itself, per se, but it's relating to the people behind the tool. The people that work with you to implement the tool and the ongoing support you have going forward. This was a huge USP for us as a company. An example in contrast would be SharePoint. You purchase the tool, get it loaded, and that's really about it in terms of support. You had the instructions on how to load the software on your onsite systems. You either learn by trial-by-error or you hire someone to come in and help you configure. There's also no support in making the tool successful within the company with a high adoption rate and user engagement. AtTask on the other hand, they have consultants come on-site and work with you to make sure that the tool is configured correctly and that you are creating workflows that work. You can bounce your ideas off of them as well as get their input on best practices. If they aren't sure or don't know the best way to solve your problem, they will find out. In addition to this, they also have packages that allow for additional consulting time beyond the initial configuration. You have that ongoing support to ensure high adoption rates and increasing successful change management. Lastly, AtTask's training has been monumental in teaching the core team of users. Although the training can be viewed as "long", the full time is utilized and you're constantly engaged in learning within the tool using a sandbox environment. The Fundamentals class gets users up to speed on using the tool and making sure that all questions are answered. They also offer an "office hours" training that can be attended in case you came up with a question afterwards and would like to get an answer. Their training, again, helps with an increased adoption rate as well as improving change management success.,AtTask is relatively hyper focused on what it does and doesn't stray too far from those core objectives. If you're looking for larger storage spaces (in terms of documents and attachable items), you're best using a cloud storage solution. You are able to purchase additional storage space within your instance of AtTask, but you'd need to touch base with them for additional details regarding that. This is one area that I have mixed feelings about. It does, however, create awareness of what you are uploading as opposed to uploading everything imaginable. Although the reporting is very robust the variety from which you're able to combine data is quite impressive. One feature that is missing in that is the ability to email dashboard contents outside of the system. For example, you have a dashboard that you'd like to share with a third party to give overall health on a particular project (and they are not on the system for whatever reason). You won't be able to share that dashboard with them, you won't be able to create a public link to view the dashboard, nor can you create a PDF of that dashboard. You can technically print the page and save as a PDF and then send it that way, however, most of the functionality that regular reports have are not found with dashboards. Lastly, although this feature is coming up in an upcoming iteration, the ability to have cascading selections when creating requests and custom forms. Cascading forms allow for dynamic content, depending on what selections are chosen. This would allow greater flexibility with in the request system, which currently requires setting up varying queues to capture the same content that could be done using cascading features. This would also decrease the amount of queues that are kept, depending on workflows that have been created.,9,This section is currently still being formulated so hard numbers currently don't exist. Time will tell on this one, but estimates based upon workflow improvements alone, the break-even point could be as soon as six (6) months.,Microsoft Project Online,,Daptiv,MS SharePoint,9
476 Ratings
Score 7.9 out of 101
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Workfront Reviews

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476 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101

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Joe Ruvolo profile photo
May 02, 2016


Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

workfront is utilized in each aspect of our company, and there is tons of valuable information that is being generated daily for us.
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Adam Messano profile photo
November 11, 2015

Happy Drunk on the AtTask Kool-aide

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

All that I've said already is why. I suppose the clearest way to say it is that at this point? I cannot imagine running the 300+ active projects in eMarketing without AtTask; it simply wouldn't be possible and even more; I wouldn't imagine why we'd try to find an alternative tool when we have one meeting our needs.
Read Adam Messano's full review
Mike Tompkins profile photo
February 04, 2015

The Complete Project Management Package

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

I'm in the process of renewing right now. I haven't come across another product that has the range of features with the service, support and community that surrounds AtTask. The only hesitation is in the cost, it's quite a bit more than other options but the stability of the system, ease of use, and the quality level of their service and support make it worth it.
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Toni Grimes profile photo
April 29, 2015

AtTask is a great PM tool!!!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

Overall the system is very easy to use for project managers and users. It brings together the project team and everyone has the same information at the same time and knows where to find their responsibilities.
Read Toni Grimes's full review
Preston Freitas profile photo
December 20, 2014

AtTask shines a light on your projects.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

We are pleased with At-Task's ability to ensure we meet our business goals and objectives. At-Task has provided us:
* A product superior to our previous project management product
* Excellent customer and community support
* Physical proximity to its headquarters (helpful for training and interaction purposes)

Because of the above reasons, we will be renewing our contract with AtTask.
Read Preston Freitas's full review
Chris Barkdull profile photo
December 05, 2014

AtTask in sales and customization work

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

It does everything we want it to do and it does it well. We were able to have visibility into upcoming projects and plan appropriately. This allowed us to finish projects as quickly as possible, which meant we had happy customers, we got paid faster and often resulted in recurring business.
Read Chris Barkdull's full review
Aman Singh profile photo
June 11, 2014

AtTask Review by an Admin

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

If AtTask was a little bit more flexible it would almost be a perfect solution but I think it holds AtTask back when users can't really use specific things like rule based emails.
Read Aman Singh's full review
Sam Montoya, CSM profile photo
June 04, 2014

Can AtTask really be worth the time and money it requires? Short answer. Yes.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

With the company's commitment to the tool and ensuring that it, ultimately, is used company-wide will ensure that the tool continues to be used. Which leads to the tool being renewed. With the amount of support behind it from both sides of the fence, the success of the tool will only increase. Committing to the tool was the first step in that process to ensure the change would be successful.
Read Sam Montoya, CSM's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

Task Management (275)
Resource Management (248)
Gantt Charts (220)
Scheduling (243)
Workflow Automation (246)
Team Collaboration (265)
Support for Agile Methodology (164)
Support for Waterfall Methodology (178)
Document Management (248)
Email integration (209)
Mobile Access (213)
Timesheet Tracking (200)
Change request and Case Management (187)
Budget and Expense Management (168)
Quotes/estimates (68)
Invoicing (58)
Project & financial reporting (150)
Integration with accounting software (48)

About Workfront

Workfront is a web-based project-management tool developed by Workfront, formerly AtTask, based in Utah. It was designed for both IT and marketing teams, but can be implemented for any kind of project. Workfront offers all the features standard to project management platforms. Editing and updating issues from the project view is styled to work somewhat similarly to a social networking site, bringing team members together in one central location. From the project view screen, issues, documents, and other elements of the project are placed along a tab bar so that they may be addressed with one click directly from the hub.

The platform's Capacity Planner allows a manager to move resources to where they are needed, and has some automation features (e.g. the Set Best Fit option, which attempts to allocate resources optimally within given constraints). Agile project management is supported with features like Gantt charts, an easily viewable and manipulable backlog, and storyboarding. Team members can be managed with the aid of quantitative metrics that show where work would be best allocated.

A free trial is available, after which Workfront comes in four pricing options. The lowest tier is Collaboration for small groups, followed by Work which adds mobile accessibility and time sheets, then Plan which adds additional analytic, planning, and reporting features. Finally, Enterprise Plus offers the highest configurability as well as support and data security.

Workfront Features

Project Management Features
Has featureTask Management
Has featureResource Management
Has featureGantt Charts
Has featureScheduling
Has featureWorkflow Automation
Has featureTeam Collaboration
Has featureSupport for Agile Methodology
Has featureSupport for Waterfall Methodology
Has featureDocument Management
Has featureEmail integration
Has featureMobile Access
Has featureTimesheet Tracking
Has featureChange request and Case Management
Has featureBudget and Expense Management
Professional Services Automation Features
Has featureQuotes/estimates
Has featureInvoicing
Has featureProject & financial reporting
Has featureIntegration with accounting software
Additional Features
Has featureReports & Dashboards - Build custom reports and dashboards to track, document, analyze, and share your progress
Has featureCalendars - Stay organized and on time with customizable, visual work calendars
Has featureNotifications - Keep everyone in the know of what's happening and what's still required
Has featureRecognition - Motivate team members with real-time feedback and endorsements
Has featureDigital Proofing - Keep work moving forward with proofing and reviews in one place
Has featureDigital Asset Management - Store, manage and distribute final files and completed digital assets in one central location
Has featureCustomization - Configure Workfront to suit your needs, processes, and environment

Workfront Screenshots

Workfront Integrations

Allocadia, Oracle Responsys, WebDAM, Widen Collective, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MS SharePoint, SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Mediaocian, Clients & Profits, ExactTarget, MS Outlook, Other Custom Integrations Possible with RESTful APIs

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Workfront Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Workfront Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:Several
Supported Languages: Several