Wufoo is a web application for creating online forms. The tool automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed making it easy to collect and understand data. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011. Need to Chase Results with WufooWufoo is utilized mainly by our marketing team for sales development. When leads come in through our website they are directed to our communication channel in Slack through Wufoo. If there are times when our communication board integration is down we don't miss out on these valuable leads because Wufoo holds them all in its servers as well.,Allow Customized Lead generation with Demo Sign Up qualifications Integrate to Slack for ease of access to the individual reps Integrate into Sales Force for easier managing and tracking of these leads while not allowing duplicates through that clog the CRM.,There have been moments when the integrations falter for one reason or another, so accessing the information is disrupted for a few minutes or so but apart from that the information is still there and we have had no real issues with the platform. It's simple and straightforward.,9,It has managed to organize hundreds of hot leads so that they are easy to contact When our parameters changed for who qualified, it was easy to change the information provided in requests. Creating surveys for our current clients was easy and straightforward.,Salesforce Lightning Platform, Slack and Zapier,Zapier, Salesforce Lightning Platform, RingCentral,Customer Surveys Research StudiesWufoo is an easy to use form builder that empowers marketing and improve speed to market and overall efficiency!We use Wufoo as a DIY form builder for our marketing department so that we can incorporate forms in our websites without a huge technology lift. We use this tool to build simple contact forms for our website all the way to more complex 'applications' for our business where users can submit more detailed information and even attach documents.,Wufoo has a super simple drag and drop form building interface which doesn't require any technical knowledge to create and publish a form. Wufoo also provides easy to use options for creating dynamic questions and allows for customizable field, page, and form logic/rules. We really like how easy it is to create and manage email notifications. These notifications are easy to change if internal staff shifts and notifications can also be tied to specific fields and user responses to help get the form submissions to right people as efficiently as possible.,Wufoo has had a cap on the total number of fields you can use per form which has been a limiting factor for us when trying to build more complex forms. Wufoo does not support tabular fields or repeating fields which is a drawback since it limits the types of questions you can ask. Form organization in the admin interface is a little clunky and disorganized. It would be better if there were more customized options for organizing your library of forms.,10,Wufoo has had a positive impact on our marketing department by allowing us to create and deploy forms on our websites and landing pages with significantly increased efficiency and speed. Wufoo has also had a huge impact in reducing our reliance on IT support to build and deploy forms to our websites. Wufoo has also empowered our marketing team to be able to try and solve our business problems through tons of integrations between Wufoo and other 3rd party systems (such as Salesforce and Zapier).,Google Tag Manager, Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark), Skype for Business (formerly Lync),Customer SurveysWufoo is a great and simple form/survey toolOur use of Wufoo is really quite simple. We use it to create a form and embed it in our website where it serves the purpose of being our contact form. The person who wants to contact us fill this contact form and Wufoo automatically send us an e-mail with all the information that the said person filled out.,Great integration with websites via code Simple and clean interface for creating forms The design of the final form in the website is not fancy but is minimalistic, so it can be used across a great variety of webdesigns,As I said before, the design of the final form is not so fancy, so it could provide better form design options. I'm using the free version, but if the starter version was cheaper, maybe we could pay for its features.,8,It has a positive impact because it was used as the contact form by contacts that ended up doing business with us. We use the free version, so in terms of investment it cannot have a negative impact.,Typeform, Google Forms and SurveyMonkey,Facebook for Business, Slack, Google Ad Manager,Customer SurveysWufoo - Easy to Use Form BuilderWe use Wufoo to collect survey information from users of our SaaS platform. At the end of each hour of their assigned online coursework, we ask if they had any technical difficulties, and if so, what they were. We also formerly used Wufoo to collect user feedback regarding the content we displayed during the course of the hour. Wufoo allows us to create and embed forms that include conditional logic, without writing any code ourselves.,Conditional logic is probably the number one reason we use Wufoo at all. It's very handy to be able to set up a form that adds fields if certain responses are given. Wufoo emails responses to forms to you, but it also can be used to create reports to analyse the responses you get for each form The user interface for building forms is pretty easy to use. It's very handy for non-technical people, and we have some of those in our office.,Emails sent from Wufoo are not encrypted, so data sent via the email notifications should not be considered secure. When you delete entries from the Wufoo Entry Manager, they're permanently deleted. All entry data, files, and comments that are deleted can't be restored. You can't use the File Upload field as the subject field for conditional logic rules.,8,We use Wufoo to determine if users have technical issues with our platform. This doesn't really produce ROI in our case, but it's necessary to understand our user experience and maintain the platform. We formerly used Wufoo to garner user feedback as we were building the platform. This helped us in understanding what kinds of content users liked in general vs what they didn't.,Formstack,Moodle,Customer SurveysWufoo ReviewWe are a digital marketing organization that uses Wufoo for form fill-outs for a portion of our clients. We have currently 6 active forms. Wufoo forms only account for a small portion of the forms that we use, as we have other form providers. The Wufoo form allows us to collect leads for a certain type of customer whose information up-front is very delicate (health care) and allows us to cater responses to them based on their answers.,Has many different form field options. Rules for answers Integrates well with other platforms.,Look and feel. It has a very "ballot" feel and less of a custom website feel.,7,We use Wufoo a lot for our healthcare clients that are looking to collect more information about their potential customer. This has allowed us to have great success with our healthcare clients, and has become one of our major areas of revenue for our company.,,Customer Surveys Research StudiesWoo Hoo for WufooWe use the forms to easily collect data both internally and externally. Internally, we used the Wufoo forms to collect information to order all employees new business cards. Externally, we use it for people to express an interest in donating their car or donating their stuff. It's used within the development and communications departments. It allows us to be more modern and streamline processes.,Easy to use Affordable Easy to export data Somewhat customizable,Somewhat of a learning curve Not fully customizable, definitely holds your hand a lot Some features are hidden or hard to find Sometimes tricky to export data Doesn't communciate to other softwares,8,Helped us grow our businesses Helped us reach people who didn't want to call, preferred to fill out a form online Provided us with more data to use for future marketing Allowed us to collect customer data to better influence our marketing strategy,SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, WordPress, SurveyGizmo and SurveyLegend,AgoraPulse, Bitly, Evernote,Employee Surveys Customer Surveys Research StudiesWufoo is Easy to Use and Gets the Job DoneWe use Wufoo in many ways on our eCommerce site. It is mostly used by our front end and back end development teams for our website, but our customer service team uses it as well. We use Wufoo to host surveys on our site to gather customer feedback. We also use Wufoo to let customers contact us for custom quotes.,Wufoo lets you add mailing lists so anyone that needs to can see a copy of the filled out form. We forward all customer complaints and questions directly to our customer service team which allows them to reply immediately. Wufoo was very easy to integrate with Magento. Our implementation process was virtually pain free. Wufoo makes it very easy to set up a simple survey/form with multiple fields. We are able to create and launch a new Wufoo form in a matter of minutes on our site if necessary.,Wufoo forms are very basic looking. Some more visual customization would be nice. We use Wufoo for very basic forms on our site and really don't run into a lot of issues with the functionality that Wufoo provides.,8,Wufoo has given us the ability to gather countless amounts of feedback from our customers. This has lead to many improvements to our products and our site. We spend far less time asking our customer service team to reply to a customer question since the entire customer service team is copied on any specified Wufoo form.,SurveyMonkey, Magento Open Source, Bazaarvoice Conversations,Employee Surveys Customer SurveysWufoo - ease of use makes it easy to recommendOur university utilizes Wufoo across several departments. The program allows us to segment each form by department so that each department has its own separate login, making the information available to each department very specific to said department. We use a TON of different forms for many departments that hold a wide variety of information as well. The forms are kept on Wufoo's servers as well so we can always search through past submissions to analyze any trends we become interested in.,Easy to edit forms - especially for users with no coding experience Keeps information for long periods of time Easy to publish and share with clients/customers,More robust interface for increased functionality A better way to export information and sort before exporting Ability to include calendar interface for scheduling with forms,7,Gives clients quick and easy forms to fill out - increased satisfaction due to ease Our department often has to follow up with clients after submitting their forms We use Wufoo to schedule campus visits - this is where the form is found lacking most of us. We would love for a calendar feature to be able to block out certain dates or redirect before a form is completed.,Google Forms,Adobe Photoshop, GoldMine, Apple iCloud,Customer SurveysWufoo is easy, but not for complex formsWufoo is being used widely in Goliath over multiple departments. We use it in our on-boarding procedures for new colleagues, the manage our production process and to get customer feedback. It is used by our marketing departments worldwide, the IT department and the R&D department. Together we have created over 50 forms.,It's easy to create forms - with drag and drop you can compose a new form within minutes. It's easy to link Wufoo to other services like Google Drive. Almost all of our forms are connected to some other service to store our data.,The number of fields is limited to 150. Some of our forms have a complex build up with different factors that show or don't show fields. Every radio button option is a "field" so this counts up quickly. For new users, all the features of Wufoo are not directly clear. Some features are hidden, like making your own themes and linking the form to 3rd parties. Wufoo can do a better job in their UI to emphasize this.,9,We can gather some information more quickly, which allows us to operate more efficiently. It takes some time to set up complex forms, Wufoo can do a better job for advanced users and thus be a time saver.,Bynder Brand Portal, Dropbox Business, Trello, Slack,Employee Surveys Customer SurveysFormulating the perfect formWe use Wufoo primarily for dynamic event registrations (using PayPal integration) and follow up surveys. The software is using across departments and is used to collect data in a single source document for future use and integration into CRM and advocacy tracking systems.,Wufoo's layout is simple and intuitive. A single click will add a field to your form, and more advanced users can customize forms with minimal time invested to create complex and advanced systems. Integration into webpages is simple. The code is provided in several formats and its a matter of copy and paste. Payments are incredibly easy to integrate once you have the appropriate accounts set up with a third party approved vendor. Creating receipts, follow up emails, and establishing form logic is very simple - a few clicks and you're done!,Fields are set and cannot be modified (with few exceptions). An inexperienced user needs to invest significant time in order to understand how logic works, how hidden fields can alter a form, and what the full range of functionality is. The Wufoo blog begins to explain this, but there isn't a step-by-step guide to take you from 0 to 60 in a short period of time. While Wufoo has some pre-populated fields you can choose from (US states, for example), you can't save your own lists for use in future forms. Wufoo's biggest flaw is that forms cannot communicate with one another. Each form is an island, and data cannot move between forms or be uploaded to a new form. When you delete a field, all data previously collected and associated with that field is lost forever.,7,We've collected more revenue using less staff time than ever before. Wufoo allowed us to move online from paper-based systems. Our data is now standardized and more accurate since it is input by end users instead of staff (who had to decipher handwriting).,Google Forms and Salsa Labs,Customer SurveysWufoo may be a funny name, but is means serious businessWufoo has been a terrific solution for our website needs at Oklahoma Baptist University. We moved from hand-coded forms (that looked pretty stale) to a simple and easy to use software. Time investment for creating forms dropped drastically. We liked Wufoo so much, that we re-created all existing forms as Wufoo forms -- so they all now, look consistent and offer a user-friendly experience. Our department assists all other departments, university-wide, with creative services. Thanks to Wufoo, forms are an easier task, so we can focus more time on other tasks. Wufoo also eliminated the need to relay data to our clients (departments). They can log in to to Wufoo easily to view data and print off spreadsheets, removing us as middlemen.,Features like drag-and-drop and pre-defined fields make the form creation process very simple. Even when you need something more advanced, the design options and rules are very helpful. If you don't know how to do something, Wufoo has a lot of helpful information on their site.,No categorization for forms can make editing difficult (you have to search and remember the title of the form). Wufoo can only handle so many fields. There have been times, we've had to get creative to fit all of the needed content within field restrictions. There have been times when field rules can be clunky if you have a lot. Things start to break.,9,Increased employee efficiency Faster turnaround Easier access to form data Grants multiple user access,ninjaforms and WordPress,Employee SurveysEasy, fun, and very trainable, I can attest to all of this.Wufoo is used by marketing teams to conduct surveys, gather info, and generate their email lists. Often it was used for follow up questions on their trade show counterparts. It was used across the organization on the various teams.,Ease of use with a drag and drop interface. This was consistently a winning point when they reviewed whether to stay with Wufoo for forms services. Easy to train on and refer to documentation on the part of the user. We consistently had ready to go documents in the event a business team needed guidance. Sense of humor. In times when we needed customer support, we were always left grinning at the tongue in cheek nature of the feedback or instructions if something seemed wrong.,For what we used it for, I cannot speak to areas of where it could use improvement. It handled the use cases very well and seldom left us looking for more. One small thing I could recommend would be a configurable file uploader option so the user or developer could configure where the files were stored.,9,I was in a developer role so I had little visibility into the metrics from the marketing folk that I assisted.,,Customer Surveys Research StudiesDarn good stuffWe mostly use Wufoo to attain donations and payments for volunteer organizations within our school district. It works incredibly well for this purpose. The ONLY downside is the limited payment gateways that you are able to use in Wufoo to collect money. Other than that, it is very intuitive and easy to use and I wouldn't change anything about it.,Vast amount of fields to choose from Aesthetically pleasing interface Easy to use interface,Have more credit card gateways accepted,9,This software has allowed me to support our volunteer organizations in a way that I was not able to previously.,SurveyMonkey,Employee Surveys Customer Surveys Research StudiesCheck out Wufoo if you're looking for quick and easy Form Building for your website or landing pageWe use Wufoo to capture respondent information on various forms throughout our website and through email campaigns. The forms could relate to prospective student inquiries, work order requests, or event registration. Several areas of my organization use it. Wufoo allows us to securely capture data without paying a lot and with little to no need for knowledge of programming code or sophisticated web design experience without compromising on our website's branding and functionality.,Simplicity. Even brand new users with little to no form creation experience find the form builder to be intuitive and user-friendly. Versatility. The forms available can be customized for a variety of applications. Pre-built templates allow users to find a form that is similar to their vision and needs, and go from there. Security and functionality. Safe, secure, and with the ability to add a simple verification field to avoid spam, you won't have to worry about an inbox being flooded by bots.,Some of the style/branding elements can take some getting used to.,9,Wufoo has allowed my organization to quickly build forms in a pinch. You never know what is going to land on your desk on a given day, but the simplicity of building and placing forms on various digital platforms is a handy tool to have at your disposal.,Customer SurveysWufoo really does work for you.We use Wufoo to help with donation tracking, client forms, and other valuable, important information to make our organization flow and flourish. As the administrator, I keep all the records of such forms and Wufoo has made it easy for me to be very clean and organized! I recommend Wufoo and wish I knew more about this product in the past!,Organization. Clean, easy to read, and categorized well. Easy to use and access from anywhere. Reasonably priced. Great for non-profit use.,Better aesthetics. We all like pretty graphics :) Better customer service.,8,Definitely have experienced increased employee efficiency, and overall increased well-being of the organization. Being more organized = being more legitimate. We have our things together more so than before.,Employee Surveys Customer Surveys Research Studies
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98 Ratings
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Wufoo is a web application for creating online forms. The tool automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed making it easy to collect and understand data. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011.

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