Zoom is an online meeting and video conferencing platform known for its webinar capabilities for live virtual events and broadcasting. It features HD video and audio, collaboration tools, chat functionality, and an enterprise cloud phone system. Connected with ZoomWe communicate by Zoom every morning between our Baltimore office and our Manila office and review the projects for the day. We use it for training (share the screen), for joint editing, for reviewing issues and making joint decisions about next steps, and for assuring understanding by watching each other set up projects.,We can choose to share specific windows/applications, or the desktop to that we can quickly switch to whichever application is relevant to solve a problem. It is easy to switch from my desktop to the Manila desktop, so I can watch my trainee actually using the software for new tasks. She is more likely to remember how to do a task if she is the one running the program. We have a very large board (30 people) and each person lives in a different part of the world. We can use the software with up to 100 people, so we believe we can have our whole board on the same call for meetings.,We have not yet found any.,10,It costs less than the product we have been using.,No,GoToMeetingZoom into the future.Zoom is our current audio and video conference tool. This has allowed us to unify our company's conference tool across all 53 countries we operate in.,Outlook integration via a plugin. Very easy to create meetings. Very simple layout that is easy to use. Small install that does not require many resources.,Issues with direct interface into China.,8,This tool has made meeting conferencing faster and more effective than other tools. This tool has been configured to communicate using our Cisco UCS system.,We use Cisco hardware in our conference room. This hardware is integrated on the server to use the Zoom software.,Skype for Business and WebEx Meetings,Jabber, Microsoft Office 365, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, NagiosZoom's Great. Intuitive and Easy to Launch and Meet.Zoom is being used across the organization both internal facing and external facing conversations to conduct collaborative meetings. It solves problems of sharing presentations and recorded meetings, collaborative ideation, company updates and allows our sales teams to conduct demonstrations with high definition Audio/Video. We reduce the reliance upon projectors and it allows for multiple tools and processes to be consolidated under Zoom.,Zoom can activate at the click of a button or upon entering a conference room. This relives some of the frustrations of calling through conference phones and simulaneously use of multiple screens and projectors. It is all in one upon launch. You can create internal meetings on the fly using the room selector or join meetings in progress that are scheduled. Again eliminates issues with calendaring and allows for more participation as you do not have to search your inbox and open up multiple screens. From a client or customer or prospect facing perspective you can share screens, demo, and record presentations all with a few clicks. Very intuitive. It enforces participation and attention to detail as you can see who is not paying attention or body language when you have the video/webcam/conf room camera open.,Launch with Video On Default. When you are presenting to external clients or customers and if they are not aware of Zoom, default settings launch Video. Creates some confusion at the onset of calls/meetings. A Message within the Meeting Invite - Join Conf Call. Join Conf Call and Video Links could solve some of this and still allow for attendees to join screen shares or presentations through a redundant step. Echo and Microphone Feedback and Reverberation. Plain and simple. Pushing down updates through the admin with how to's for distributed teams and remote offices. When you have an admin 3000 miles away off hours and the equipment needs an update and the hardware needs to be reset, a further level of communication needs to happen by both Zoom to Account Admin to remote or field and redundant from Zoom to remote or field users. Keeps everything working and reduces resources and helpdesk calls and improves customer satisfaction. Expecting something to just work downstream . and putting it on an Admin to re-communicate updates, could jeopardize a half day of conference calls. Launching computer audio vs dial in or web based teleconferencing equipment. Computer Audio aka Laptop Mics and Speakers have terrible audio profiles. When you want high def audio in a home theater, you do not rely on the TVs speakers. You buy Bose, Sonos, etc. It needs to be communicated that some defaults use the computer audio which is sub-par for the others participating in a conference or meeting. Helping users of Zoom to use preferred or dedicated conference equipment lessens the impact of poor audio due to a laptops speakers or microphone. If you have to use a computer speaker and audio, it is what it is.,8,I believe we have improved collaboration. I believe we have been more focused at the onset of product demos. I believe we have reduced the use, cost, and maintenance of portable projectors and conference phone national and international wide call costs.,We use Zoom Rooms. It would have been nice to have laminated How to Guides on Use, Training, Step by Step, and Troubleshooting.,WebEx Meetings, GoToMeeting and,WebEx Meetings, Microsoft Office 365, Centrify Infrastructure ServicesZoom your videoUsed Zoom for video web conferencing with some of our customers, it provides great video experience and good sound quality, so communication was pleasant and smooth. IU is simple and very intuitive, so even when I saw Zoom for the first time it took several seconds to understand how to work with it.,The best video conferencing I ever saw, even with several video streams your conference remains smooth Sound is good enough to feel yourself comfortable Simple and intuitive UI,While having outstanding video quality, sound is still good, but could be better. More advanced noise cancellation will be a good idea,8,Collaboration with customers was improved, it is much easier to communicate with people when you see them,I don't use Zoom Rooms.,GoToMeeting and WebEx Meetings,Slack, WebEx MeetingsZoom Right ByI have dozens of clients, each with their own preferences for conference tools. Zoom is just one more nameless entrant in this very full space. When clients send me Zoom invites I use it. Otherwise it is not even on my radar.,Zoom meets minimum expectations for video conferencing. Zoom isn't annoying, so it's much better than Skype!,There is nothing notable or interesting about Zoom. There is no obvious value of using Zoom over Hangouts, Webex, Skype, or just a phone call.,3,Zoom has had no impact on our ROI. It's just one more tool we need to be aware of.,I have not used Zoom Rooms.,Google Hangouts, Skype and WebEx Meetings,Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx MeetingsWhy Zoom is the future of business connectingZoom was being used for several reasons. Mainly as our inter-office communication tool, team communication tool and also as our mass "one-to-many" training we gave customers. We would have anywhere from 1 - 5 presenters presenting to as many as 300+ persons in a training session at one time. It was used throughout our organizations and many of our partners and vendors wanted to utilize it, so much so that we brought most training in house and would host them on our Zoom platform.,The immediate chat to video call was used heavily in times when a chat needed to be something more. I think during budgeting where a routine question becomes a cross departmental discussion is a perfect example of how quickly and seamlessly that could be spun-up. The Zoom Webinar platform is so robust that we started to use it to replace our regional training, saved time and effort and saved customer their travel budget by hosting day-long training with multiple break-out sessions intermingled with general sessions, all on one platform. As an administrator it was easy to manage users, see realtime data on usage, capture issues, and ensure policies were being followed.,We had a technical glitch during a meeting where we were booted out of the conference room. IT was a fairly important meeting to have that happen in. We got technical support but it took weeks to find the issue, and required our telecom tech support as well. It was never fully resolved and while it never happened again, it did lesson some leaders belief in Zooms reliability. The glitch never happened again though. Account rep kept pushing the Zoom Room and we made it clear we did not want to go in that direction, that became annoying.,10,Zoom made it possible to increase collaboration among teams and cross functions. It was hard to get technology laggards to hop on as they could not get past the "where is my webex login information". It absolutely added a great pofessional feel to our webinar training's. They become dramatically more professional and well run. Less "everyday" and pedestrian feeling like when you use webex or goto.,DId not use zoom rooms, we only had one conference room and did not feel that it was an advantageous to sign up for it.,WebEx Meetings and GoToMeeting,Trello, SlackZoom for the win!I use it for my business to interact with my clients during our one on one sessions. They love being able to go back and watch the recording.,Group interaction Recordings of calls Ease of use,A free version of hosting webinars that easily integrate with your platforms,9,Free option to record client meetings—cost savings Cancellation rate has decreased Improved booking rate,No,SkypeWhy Zoom was the right video conferencing platform for our organizationZoom has made it easier for our organization to interact with the outside world. It works across all major platforms and is very user-friendly. The latter is particularly important to us. Many of our challenges were related to people outside of the organization using our video conferencing platform and having technical difficulties.,Audio control is great. We can quickly and easily ensure that participants are not talking over one another. We can also take care of rogue microphones much more quickly. The user interface is very clean and intuitive. Someone using it for the first time can easily navigate it with little or no assistance. Zoom runs on all major platforms (including Android, iOS, and Linux). Having a solution that does not exclude users based on their OS or device type is a requirement.,I have occasionally had an issue with the Zoom plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. It's a great feature; very useful for scheduling video chats. However, it has occasionally needed to be disabled. This was a while ago, so they may have already fixed this issue.,9,Definitely cost savings compared to other solutions we have tried in the past. It is all based in the cloud, so no infrastructure to support locally. Bringing groups of busy people together can be extremely difficult. This tool helps get those people "in a room" much more easily by removing many of the logistical challenges, as well as the technical ones.,I do not believe that is a solution we are currently using.,Skype for Business and WebEx Meetings,Nutanix, Nutanix Prism, Microsoft Exchange, Nasuni Cloud Storage, Barracuda Load Balancer, Barracuda Email Security Service, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager), Cisco Unified Contact CenterZoom Offers Simplus Enhanced Team CollaborationZoom is the single conferencing platform used by Simplus. All team use it to communicate. This includes company meetings, team meetings, as well as client facing communication.,Easy to use interface. Allows you to see the people you are speaking to. Easy screensharing and chat features.,Requires good bandwidth.,9,Collaboration has improved by being able to see team members. It is quicker to download and use than GoToMeeting.,Yes. We use the Zoom Rooms for company and team meetings. They are a great way to collaborate as a group, use chat, screenshare.,GoToMeeting and Join.meEasy to useZoom is being used across the organization. It allows us to easily set up conference calls with our clients. We can share our screen and the client can share their screen. We can also do a video conference call if we need.,It's intuitive and pretty easy to use. I have a Google Chrome extension that I use that makes it really easy to set up a call on Google calendar. It's really slick.,The only thing that's a little confusing to me is they give me several different numbers I can call to access the conference line. I don't get why there are so many. It would be less confusing if there were only one number to call.,9,We have to have some kind of tool like this. Our job would be extremely difficult without it. It's absolutely necessary to close big deals or even medium sized deals.,It was a little confusing to me at first but now that I've gotten used to it then I love it. Really easy to use.,,ToutApp, ZoomInfo, SeismicZoom roomI use Zoom for group and individual consultation of clinicians. I appreciate the clarity of the video and audio. It is as if I am conducting an in person group in my office. Although I have not opted to use it, knowing I can record a meeting is helpful. It’s quite user friendly for myself and group participants. The annual cost is quite low. The only negative comment I would make is that I can’t seem to find out how I can speak to a customer service representative with specific questions I have about uploading videos during a meeting. I’ve even upgraded to Zoom business even though I don’t need services offered, basic Zoom is adequate for my needs. I have only been able to find “frequently asked questions”. Apparently, my question is not among them.,Clarity of audio Clarity of visual Ease of joining the online meeting rooms,Difficulty in speaking to a customer service representative,9,Ability to meet with clinicians in various locations,I ONLY use Zoom meeting rooms. I don’t have a clue about what else they offer.,,Skype, WebEx MeetingsZoom is great for livestreamers!I am an independent livestreamer on and I utilize Zoom as my video conferencing software of choice for capturing video/audio for my livestreams with business partners and clients. My broadcasting requires capturing the video of teams of coworkers being able to communicate with each other with video for around 4 hours of broadcasting.,Reliability: Zoom doesn't crash unexpectedly. Clarity: Zoom's quality for audio and video is perfect. Adaptability: Zoom's lightweight client lets phone, PC, and Mac users connect perfectly across platforms.,Menu Interface: It's difficult to navigate through the options (especially the path to modify your audio inputs and outputs. Missing Functionality: Separate windows per caller. In my work, I have to crop each camera individually so having a function that helps me do this process instead of manually adjusting each camera window would be nice.,10,Zoom has improved my businesses ability to communicate over video.,I do not use Zoom rooms.,Skypeonline, at home businessWe have a Zoom training meeting once a week where we share documents. Everyone uses it. We record it and save it for future reference. We also use it anytime to meet with potential consultants or clients.,Share screen,I don't think I use it to it's full potential. I haven't really taken the time to see how I could use it differently or more efficiently,9,It has been great to grow our consultant/client base in locations we otherwise wouldn't have access to. ie. different countries,No I don't. I should learn what that is.,SkypeSpirit Ed reviewMy entire organization is online. We use it for meetings, services, retreats, meditations and teaching classes.,It allows me to share documents and presentations We use the breakout rooms for intra-group discussions. It's a great to for collaborations and making recordings of collaborations.,It could offer the ability to share a presentation as a virtual background. Have a quick access admin bar for most used tools, like mute/unmute and a few other commands, so a single presenter can more easily silence noisy mics.,10,It is a considerable cost savings from many of the other video conferencing solutions Much better for collaborating than audio services,Do not use., and Skype,Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat DC, EvernoteA dependable and easy to use video meeting platformWe use Zoom for international meetings; education across multiple platforms and countries; breakout groups within those educational forms; and general communication. We find the user interface straight forward and the fidelity more consistent than other platforms.,Good and simple user interface Stable platform Elegant design,Direct dial-in or connectivity - like Skype.,9,Yes, much better collaboration due to ease of use and fidelity Of course there are cost savings if one can avoid traveling,Our office does. I have not yet used them. Appears to work well based on reports.,,GoToMeeting, WebEx MeetingsZoom is great.We use it for tutoring students online.,Switch between screens Record the session Block people entering the room,Explanation of all features,10,Easier to contact students,Only individual room - not for multiple people,Skype,SkypeZoom-TimeI use Zoom in many contexts within my consulting firm. I use it for Committee Meetings from within the Professional Organizations of which I'm a member. I also use it to collaborate with colleagues from across the country and more directly, I use it with high school students who cannot get to the office for our meetings! It's a fantastic tool!,I love the feature of sharing your screen to collaborate on documents or projects. I love the messaging feature from within a conference call. It's great to have it feature all participants on the screen at once!,Limited time for non-subscribers. Sometimes unstable. Freezes on occasion,9,Makes me more accessible.,I do not use this feature.,Smooth Meetings, Zoom is best.Zoom is being used at our organization for business meetings and training purposes. We schedule meetings through Zoom and communicate over Zoom. We are a travel hospitality company and we interact with our clients and vendors on a regular basis. Zoom is helping us to broadcast our training sessions to several stakeholders at a time.,Zoom is Best for the single user as well as multiple users to broadcast. Zoom is cost-efficient and reliable in terms of quality. As an industry leader, Zoom has moved our organization into the confidence of service delivery at its best.,For payments, multi-currency must be required. There are possibilities for improvement in UI and UX. More flexible plans would be nice,6,Zoom has provided us Cost efficiency Business Communication is best on Zoom Clients get better audio and video quality,We use Zoom Rooms and we are quite satisfied with the experience and quality of the product. We had used other software and Zoom Rooms is the best among them. I would love to use more of it and will be using for our business needs. Zoom Rooms provides a unique experience in terms of Quality and Experience.,Cisco,Skype for Business, Cisco Communications Outsourcing, Google HangoutsZoom is the way to go!I use Zoom to connect with consulting and coaching clients who I am not able to meet with in person due to distance or timing. Zoom helps with efficiency (reduced travel) and also allows my business to have a farther reach.,Great connectivity Very reliable - never any issues with video or audio Easy to use!,Nothing to report - everything always works well including the mobile application,10,Allows my business to have a further reach - beyond my local area Improved collaboration with clients as we are able to see each other and speak in real time Increase revenue as we have access to more prospects and clients,Have not used Zoom Rooms recently - it worked well when I used them over a year ago,,Skype, Skype for BusinessHands down the best conference app out thereWe have a small church but we outreach to people from the west coast and east coast who follows our discipleship and Sunday’s worship services and everything it’s done throughout Zoom Video conference. Our services are different because of the interaction that we have. We have members from Washington State, North Carolina, ORLANDO FL, Puerto Rico, Porto Alegre, Brazil. This application it’s been a blessing on every aspect. Thanks for providing such a great tools that connects us no matter the distance.,Discipleship, interaction Follow up on people even if they are o\in another state or country Outreach over the video conference,Screen sharing is not intuitive Attendees on room email, should also have an option to send text message to an stores cellphone for the notifications. Screen where shows a circle with the inside text says “Done Speaking” it should be like keeping press for several seconds before stopping by touch, sometimes I use a cellphone connection as a mic and put my smartphone on my pocket and it keep stopping my connection.,10,Keep in contact with member from other states and countries Collaboration with resources from Seattle on last year's event in North Carolina,I always use the room, it’s the way that I have people that logs in before we initiate our meetings,High Praise for Zoom Video Conferencing PlatformWe have been seeking ways to become more effective and efficient in internal communications and have tried out a number of video communications platforms. While infants in the use of the Zoom platform, we very quickly see the potential for this software to solve many of our current communications problems. Most recently, we held a number of training sessions spanning a radius of 1200 KM. Normally we would have brought the 40 participants to a central location. Zoom has saved us untold hours and the costs of travel, meals, accommodations. In return, we received solid video connections and excellent audio communications. The record feature is an essential element for us. Following our meetings we can distribute the record of meeting to include those who were unable to attend. Even more exciting is seeing the potential for even more creative was in which this platform will benefit us.,The invitation to participants in an on-line meeting couldn't be simpler. Schedule a meeting and the Zoom platform creates the contact message and copies it to the clipboard ready for you to send out to your contacts via e-mail or from your Zoom contact list. Seamless is an apt description. For participants who have difficulty connection through their computer or those who do not have a computer, the Zoom platform has phone numbers as part of the message to connect to the meeting using phone audio. Participants are active within the meeting. The tools - Whiteboard, make host, share screen, remote control, mute/unmute microphones, raise hands, polling, chat and record session are essential elements easy to learn and manipulate to make your on-line meeting flow smoothly.,We have only just begun to explore the possibilities of using Zoom. Suggesting improvements at this stage would be disingenuous. Our comments are based on our early experience with this technology. No doubt there will be features that we would like to see improved or modified in some way. But, to do so at this stage would be misleading.,10,Immense savings particularly costs related to bringing people together from considerable distance. More than the costs is the lost people hours of non-productive time consumed by travel. I am in a leadership role in our organization and live 3.5 hours from the nearest commercial airport. Zoom has improved my productivity significantly.,We have not yet experienced the use of Zoom rooms. It is on our list of things to explore.,,Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016Great for face-to-face collaboration!Zoom is being used across the organization of around 20 people. Our team and clients are often distributed across the country/world and we run a lot of meetings on the phone. If possible we like to do meetings face-to-face so Zoom allows us to do that when we can't physically be there.,I like the way that Zoom allows you to see the faces of all the people in tiles during the call and you have the flexibility to minimize them and change the view. As well as video you can also share the screen which is particularly helpful to remote meetings where you are presenting with a slide deck. Setting up a meeting in Zoom is self-explanatory, so it makes it easy for new team members to get started in the tool,You have to download a program to start using Zoom which is a little annoying if I am using a different computer and I don't factor this in before trying to start a meeting. It's hard to use on a phone if you haven't downloaded the app and got everything set up properly. I wish they offered an option where you didn't have a conference meeting ID the way uber conference does, it would make dial in much faster.,8,Zoom allows our team to feel face-to-face with clients during meetings even if we can't be there. Zoom has improved our ability to be more active and present in the meetings as your face is always on the screen. Zoom has helped make team and client meetings more collaborative.,No, we do not use Zoom Rooms,UberConference and GoToMeeting,HubSpot, Slack, UberConferenceThe best video conferencing tool out there!We use it for all our internal and client meetings. Since we're a remote team, we need reliable tools to keep everyone connected and up to speed. It's also imperative that our client meetings go smoothly - no interruptions, no lagging video or sound etc. It's also great for presentations, screen sharing and taking over someone's screen.,Quality of video and sound is excellent. A gallery view is a perfect option for teams. Zoom allows users to be all shown during the call on their videos, making the call personal and engaging. Screensharing and presentation mode are a great way to avoid any obstacle caused by distance or remote working.,Zoom webinars could be better. The system is a bit hard to use and not very easy to set up. Sometimes it glitches and doesn't want to connect to your Google calendar.,10,Increased our productivity. Increased and enhanced our teamwork. Helps us overcome any remote working imposed obstacles. Improved collaboration. Easier communication with clients.,I don't think I'm currently using Zoom Rooms.,Google Hangouts and Skype,PandaDoc, Google Drive, ActiveCampaignGlobal Teams thanks to ZoomWe worked with a team in New York, Boston, Paris and Santiago. Zoom is an essential tool that allows to work everyday as if we were all in the same office space. The speed and versatility is unique and also the data usage, so there is no real competitor right now.,Screen share Multiple participants Data usage,Video memory usage Iphone application doesn’t allow to talk like in a “phone” Sending files through the software is complicated,10,Reduce costs in international calls Reduce costs in data usage Allow to have business presentations with good quality from different countries,Is good to have a room that ia always available,,Skype, Google Hangouts,12,1,Presentations Team meetings Webinars Colaboration Meetings,Have Board Meetings with each Member in different countries Have workshops for new team Members in Chile from New York,Clients Meetings Coursea Mentoring,10Zoom is efficient to use!I absolutely love the ease & efficiency of Zoom. I currently use Zoom for meetings of up to 10 people.,The strengths of Zoom is that it is efficient & easy to use. Being able to record is very beneficial! I love the share screen feature.,If I go over by a few minutes, it would be nice to be able to end my own meeting, rather than the meeting ended for me because i went over the designated time. When internet is unstable, the screen freezes. It would be nice if the recording could be a smaller size to upload on Facebook immediately, rather than having to compress it with a different program.,9,Cost savings. Improved collaboration. Ease of interacting.,Very satisfied.,,Microsoft Access
Windows, Linux, Mac
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November 03, 2017

Easy to use

Score 9 out of 10
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Zoom Rooms

It was a little confusing to me at first but now that I've gotten used to it then I love it. Really easy to use.
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January 19, 2018

Smooth Meetings, Zoom is best.

Score 6 out of 10
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Zoom Rooms

We use Zoom Rooms and we are quite satisfied with the experience and quality of the product. We had used other software and Zoom Rooms is the best among them. I would love to use more of it and will be using for our business needs. Zoom Rooms provides a unique experience in terms of Quality and Experience.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

High quality audio (349)
High quality video (348)
Low bandwidth requirements (297)
Desktop sharing (343)
Whiteboards (205)
Calendar integration (296)
Meeting initiation (337)
Integrates with social media (120)
Record meetings / events (319)
Slideshows (209)
Live chat (294)
Audience polling (155)
Q&A (184)
User authentication (218)
Participant roles & permissions (255)
Confidential attendee list (171)

About Zoom

Zoom is a popular online meeting and video conferencing platform known for its webinar capabilities for live virtual events and broadcasting. It features HD video and audio, collaboration tools, chat functionality, and an enterprise cloud phone system.

In addition to the above features, Zoom also offers:

Zoom Rooms
Zoom offers hardware and software bundles for businesses looking to streamline their web conferencing services.

Zoom Phone
With Zoom Phone, users can bundle their voice, video, voicemail, messaging, meetings, and conferencing through one application. It can carry out calls over cellular voice, cellular data, or WiFi connections and is supported on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Zoom offers a free, Basic version that supports online meetings up to 100 participants and offers the basic tools users need to run online audio and video conferences. Its next level of offerings are its Pro offering that is $14.99/mo/host and its Business offering that is $19.99/mo/host. Both of these offerings include the same features as the Basic option but add on more features such as increased meeting duration (24 hours), reporting tools, and admin dashboards.

Zoom also supports an Enterprise level offering at $19.99/mo/host, but requires businesses have a minimum of 50 hosts/users. Its key features are support for up to 1,000 participants, unlimited cloud storage, a dedicated customer success manager, and executive business reviews.

Zoom Features

Performance & Compatibility of Online Events Software Features
Has featureHigh quality audio
Has featureHigh quality video
Has featureLow bandwidth requirements
Has featureChrome compatible
Has featureFirefox compatible
Has featureSafari compatible
Has featureIE compatible
Has featureAvailable for Linux
Has featureAvailable for OS X
Has featureAvailable for Windows
Does not have featureMobile support
Screen Sharing Features
Has featureDesktop sharing
Has featureDocument/File sharing
Has featureApplication sharing
Has featureWhiteboards
Online Meetings / Events Features
Has featureScheduling
Has featureCalendar integration
Has featureMeeting initiation
Has featureEnd meetings
Has featureIntegrates with social media
Has featureRecord meetings / events
Has featureDial-in attendance
Has featureOnline attendance
Has featureMute
Has featureSlideshows
Has featureMedia
Has featureInternational calling
Has featureMultiple webcam streams
Online Events Collaboration Features
Has featureLive chat
Has featureAudience polling
Has featureQ&A
Has featureMeeting space storage
Has featureAnnotation
Has featureRemote support features
Online Events Security Features
Has featureUser authentication
Has featureParticipant roles & permissions
Has featureParticipant list
Has featureConfidential attendee list
Has featureSecure file sharing
Additional Features
Has featureMobile Screen Sharing
Has featureVideo Breakout Rooms
Has featureScreen share video with audio

Zoom Video

Zoom Product Overview Video -- Zoom is revolutionizing the ways teams collaborate. Whether you're connecting multiple conference rooms or adding remote attendees. Meeting face-to-face is as simple as a single touch.

Zoom Integrations

Slack,, Marketo, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Pardot, Zapier, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, LTI Canvas, LTI Blackboard, LTI Moodle, LTI Desire2Learn, Kubi

Zoom Competitors


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No
On-premise EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Virtual H.323/SIP Room Connector49/month
SaaS EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Zoom Room Conference Room49/month

Zoom Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Zoom Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
Supported Languages: English