Best Project Portfolio Management Software30Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) optimize enterprise product lifecycle management through improvement of strategy execution and monitoring financial performance across projects, for environments that are asset and production focused, and resource constrained.Intergraph Smart Cloud1 Project Portfolio Management (PPM)4 Enteprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)5

Project Portfolio Management Software

Best Project Portfolio Management Software

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Project Portfolio Management Software Overview

What is Project Portfolio Management Software?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software maintains a centralized, top-down view of the projects and initiatives undertaken by an organization. The goal of Project Portfolio Management is usually to optimize the use of resource and selection of projects to best achieve the organization’s operational, financial and strategic objectives.

PPM Features & Capabilities

In addition to project management features, PPM software often includes the following capabilities:

  • Resource allocation and management

  • Risk management

  • Budgeting

  • Scope management

  • Change management

  • Quality management

  • Cost and benefits measurement and tracking

  • Predictive capabilities

Project Portfolio Management vs. Project Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is related to Project Management. Project management tools focus on enabling the planning and execution around individual, discrete projects. PPM software is more about enabling the right selection of projects and allocation of resources. Many PPM products also include project management features and/or integrate with project management tools.

A central component of PPM software is the ability to group various projects into portfolios, allowing for top-down analysis. The software helps users analyze how well each project and portfolio is performing based on objectives. This knowledge can then be leveraged in future planning. Some PPM software uses predictive technology to help with project prioritization.

PPM software might be used by the Project Management Office, the CIO, and other executives.

Pricing Information

PPM providers usually do not list pricing on their websites, and there is variation in pricing schemas, making direct comparison difficult. But as a rule of thumb, pricing begins at about $30 per user per month.

Project Portfolio Management Products

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The Intergraph Smart Cloud from Hexagon PPM is a suite of project portfolio management applications and 3D modeling aids built around the infrastructural engineering needs of oil and gas companies.

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Scientrix is a project portfolio management solution that aims to provide a holistic overview from the big picture down to the operational level.

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GalaxE.Solutions headquartered in Somerset offers GxPrime, a project portfolio management providing automation of repetitive tasks and increase speed to market.

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cammsproject is a project, portfolio management (PPM) solution for enterprises from CAMMS (CA Technology) headquartered in Melbourne.

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Digité provides Artificial Intelligence driven project delivery management solutions based on Agile, Kanban & SAFe® - Scaled Agile Framework. Over 900,000 users use Digité products worldwide. These users come from a wide range of industries including Consulting, Professional Services and ...