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Tech Marketers

How your team can tap into reviews to sell more software

by Alan Cooke

This guide seeks to provide iPaaS buyers with information to help them make better purchasing decisions. Get advice from iPaaS software users who have been through the buying process before and see at-a-glance summaries of 9 popular iPaaS products.

by Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson

70% of marketers say marketing automation software is critical to their goals. The guide seeks to help buyers make better-informed purchasing decisions. It covers 7 popular Marketing Automation products that software buyers should consider.

by Emily Sue Tomac

Millennials now dominate the workforce. So how are they approaching software purchases?

by Emily Sue Tomac

In the latest version of our annual report, we surveyed 941 buyers and vendors to learn how they bought and sold tech. If you want a quick pulse on the state of B2B buying, to learn how the buyer’s journey has changed, or how to find an edge over the competition in a crowded space, this report is for you! Download your copy today.

by Megan Headley

We surveyed women in the tech industry to shed light on the power imbalance and ask about their experiences, inspirations, and challenges. These stories are individual ones, but they are not unique. This report will change the way you see the women you work with every day. Download the report. Devour it. Share it.

by Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson

Buying new HR software can be a stress-inducing process. This guide seeks to provide HR software buyers with a free resource to help them make better-informed purchasing decisions and let them know what fellow HR professionals think of 10 popular HR Management products.