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How your team can tap into reviews to sell more software

by Russ Somers

Though stakeholders from multiple departments benefit from reviews, ultimately someone has to step up and be the Customer Review Superhero. Download this eBook to learn how different teams benefit from reviews and how to pick your own review superhero.

by Emily Sue Tomac

The new buyer’s journey is all about the experience of the buyer and, spoiler alert, it doesn’t match up with the classic funnel you’re picturing. Download this eBook to lean which obstacles your buyers face and five actionable ways you can help them navigate the hazards of the software purchasing process.

by Megan Headley

Every technology vendor should have a formal review program, so we created this guide to help branch launch and scale a 5-star review program. Download this guide and learn how to unleash your customer’s voice with unbiased user reviews.

by Megan Headley

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what B2B buyers really want, how they are using unbiased sources to make purchasing decisions, and what vendors need to improve to win over prospects. Watch the on-demand webinar today.

by Emily Sue Tomac

In our 2018 research report, we found there is still a significant trust gap between technology buyers and vendors. Buyers want the brutal truth, but vendors aren’t keeping up. Download this report to learn what your buyers really want and embrace brutal honesty.

by TrustRadius Team

Reviews are a unique, and critical form of advocacy. In this on-demand webinar, our three advocacy experts share how they scaled customer reviews and leveraged them to build truly cross-functional advocacy programs. Watch the webinar for actionable advice.

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