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July 11, 2019

NextGen Phone System Management!

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Overall Satisfaction with 8x8 Virtual Office

It is being used across the whole organization. It provides one central location for management of our telecom services, and makes it easy to make changes within the phone system, add/remove lines/extensions, change passwords, etc. It also provides easy access to voicemails and users can choose how they would like to receive voicemails (audio link, e-mail notification and attachment, etc.). The auto-attendant feature is awesome as well.
  • Voicemail management is great. Users don't have to sit and listen to all voicemails at once. They can target a particular voicemail and listen to just that one if they want.
  • Altering phone lines and extensions is as simple as the click of a mouse! Super convenient!
  • Auto attendant is a quick, easy way to direct incoming calls without having to have an actual person answer each call. Callers can quickly be routed exactly where they need to go with the wide variety of auto-attendant settings!
  • Voicemail passwords. 8x8 imposes certain limitations on voicemail passwords, like not letting you use any number combination that is also a year between 1900 and 2019 I think. We have used the number combination 1957 for a particular purpose, not related to the year, but 8x8 will not allow us to use this as a voicemail password. I think users should be able to choose whatever passcode they'd like for their voicemail, as long as it's 4-digits or more, or whatever the parameters are.
  • The service is expensive, but it's more than worth it when you compare it to the time you save! You might traditionally spend several hours setting up a new phone system with multiples lines, i.e. setting up extensions, names, call routing, etc. I've done it on a traditional system, and it can be a full-day project! Virtual Office has everything automated and practically set up for you. Set up is as simple as going to the dashboard online, and clicking the appropriate buttons to do what you need to do. So easy!
  • You also save time with voicemails. With a busy office and most callers calling into the main line (not into individual/direct lines), voicemails can pile up pretty quick. If you missed an important call, you can go directly to THAT particular voicemail and listen, and save the others for later. And you can get that voicemail however you'd like. You don't have to dial up your voicemail, press this or that to listen, bypass other voicemails, etc. You can listen right on your PC or laptop, you can receive an audio file sent to your e-mail, etc. So very convenient and saves a load of time!
8x8 Virtual Office is well-suited in environments where those who administrate logistics are technology-literate and able to quickly grasp the features to save time and make phone system management ultra convenient and hassle-free. I think Virtual Office would be confusing or hard to figure out for people who may be less technologically-inclined, and may actually end up slowing them down.

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