Abila Accounting for Non-Profits-Awesome!
Cindy Chapple | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated January 10, 2018

Abila Accounting for Non-Profits-Awesome!

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Overall Satisfaction with Abila MIP Fund Accounting

I along with our CFO use Abila for non-profits for accounting and fundraising needs. I have been doing bookkeeping for 20+ years and have used other accounting software in the past but feel that Abila is much more user friendly and far superior to them. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking at accounting software for no-profit or business purposes.
  • Reports are flexible in the choices of information you want to get. They can be easily customized to your specific needs.
  • Corrections to unposted and posted entries are easily made.
  • I like that the accounting and payroll are now together on the same application instead of two separate ones. Before they were combined I had to open two separate apps, one for accounting and one for payroll and keep switching back and forth between them. Now it is just the one and it is so much easier and convenient for them to be combined.
  • We have employees that work different shifts and get a pay differential depending on what shift they are working. I need to do two separate paychecks for the different pay rates for those employees. It would be easier if there was a way to do a single check with the split rates on it.
  • Although the reports are easy to customize there are some instances when you want certain information on a report and the choice for that information is not available for you to choose.
  • You can easily reverse and copy a posted accounts payable entry, but that option is not available for checks issued in a write checks session. You would either have to do a journal entry or void the check and re-write it with the same check no. and print it on plain paper. Kind of a pain.
  • Abila has been a great tool for tracking donors and their donations as well as grants, both private and government and putting them in the proper general ledger accounts, departments and divisions.
  • It has also been a great way to distribute employees salaries to restricted funds from grants and unrestricted funds from other sources.
We are able to track and manage donors and their donations and grants form private and government sources, whether it is to our organization or our Endowment Foundation.
I have worked here for 10 years and Abila was already being used. It was Sage at that time and eventually changed to Abila. It has been used here at the YWCA since 2000.
Non-profits who are looking for accounting software will be very pleased with Abila for non-profits. Not sure about business accounting as I have not used it in that capacity. We also use reports from Abila to build spreadsheets. Sometimes information from multiple reports are used in a single spreadsheet that require specific information from more that one report.

MIP Fund Accounting Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Cash management
Bank reconciliation
Expense management
Time tracking
Not Rated
Fixed asset management
Not Rated
Multi-currency support
Not Rated
Multi-division support
Not Rated
Regulations compliance
Not Rated
Electronic tax filing
Not Rated
Self-service portal
Not Rated
Standardized Processes
Not Rated
Not Rated
Order entry
Not Rated
Pay calculation
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
Not Rated
Salary revision and increment management
Reimbursement management
Not Rated
Not Rated
Standard reports
Not Rated
Custom reports
API for custom integration
Not Rated
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability
Not Rated

Using Abila MIP Fund Accounting

2 - Accounting experience and background are very important in using any accounting software. Our in house accountant and myself (I am the accounting assistant) are the two people who use and support the Abila accounting software on a regular daily basis.
  • Payroll
  • Financial reports
  • Grant tracking
  • Accounts payable
  • Cash donation entries and tracking
  • employee hours
  • various wage earning codes
  • number of employees that were employed at specific date ranges.
  • I don't have anything specific at this time
Abila is a superior accounting software as compared with others I have used.
2 - Day to day data entering. Monthly quarterly and yearly financial reporting. Grant tracking and reporting. Employee benefit eligibility. PTO accruals. Donor lists and amounts of donations made.

Evaluating Abila MIP and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I wasn't involved in the selection process as I wasn't here at that time.

Abila MIP Implementation

I cannot answer this question as I wasn't employed here when it was implemented.
  • I don't know as I wasn't employed here when the implementation was made.

Abila MIP Training

  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
I was trained on the job by the person who implemented and had used it for 6 years prior to my employment. She was very knowledgeable, but didn't know all of the ins and outs, which is where I self taught.
Yes. If you have an accounting background and experience with other accounting software it is pretty easy to learn and use the help features.

Abila MIP Support

Problems are sometimes not resolved and we have to get support from IT company.
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

Using Abila MIP

It is a very user friendly accounting software program.
  • Payroll Processing
  • Cash Receipt Entering
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Reverse & Copy
  • It is sometimes difficult to get the information I need in some of the reports.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using

Abila MIP Reliability

It is mostly available when it is needed, however there have been power and internet outages that have limited the availability of programs.
It usually loads very quickly and I am able to get to work right away.

Upgrading Abila MIP

  • We still don't have the current payroll tax rates, which is what we needed, but we did get updated W-4 abilities.