ActivTrak assisted us in the transition to work from home.
November 23, 2021

ActivTrak assisted us in the transition to work from home.

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Overall Satisfaction with ActivTrak

The managers use this tool to access the work habits of those under their employ in a work from home role. It assists them in understanding time management, and how they can best manage their employees to generate a more efficient workflow. For legal purposes, Human Resources uses this tool. When there is a complication, or for various reasons I'm not privy to it as I'm in another department. Some managers use this tool to micro-manage their employees as well.
  • Detailed listings of actions at times. done by the second in many cases, very useful.
  • the productive/unproductive listings allow managers at a glance to see their employees use of time
  • Snapshots ( when properly utilized) are very helpful in troubleshooting, strange, occurrences, as well as they're used by Human resources.
  • The IT help desk is very efficient. log in to your portal, bottom right, and in minutes your talking to someone.
  • data/licenses cant be removed/deleted if there is already a deletion in progress.
  • I'd like the productive/unproductive lists to have group settings, 6 million + websites to manually set, which takes a lot of time.
  • in the list of activities, there should be a listing for - screensaver. so when sifting through someone's activities, no action for 5 minutes, enables screensaver ( may be different for your set up) then the time can jump 1-2-3 hours, and it is possible to miss.
  • Managers are able to see who isn't working, and, do what they do, to increase that (work from home roles)
  • Many employees, during the rollout, were not impressed/satisfied ( without even seeing the console) that their actions were being tracked
  • production has increased.
  • snapshots. They make it easier to follow the activities logs, when there are questions.
  • Groups. Make it easier for managers etc, to only see what they need to. So it's faster for them to get the information they need
  • dashboard. Shows the most used SW, employees with the highest production hours, most visited websites, etc etc, all at a glance. in a moment, you'll know what is going on in what department
Because of covid, 95% of our employees are working from home. This means monitoring became trickier, and in many cases impossible. With ActivTrak, managers can easily monitor their employees, seeing in real-time, what they're doing, what they've done, the websites visited, software used, etc. Not just for today, but for the entire length of time the agent has been on the laptop. Most users know this software is on their computers, causing many to work harder knowing they're being tracked. The others, with bad habits, had their habits trimmed by their managers to have them produce more. Trends are more easily visible, start and finish times for every employee at a glance, compare last week to this week for specific websites and software in the call centers is very useful.
I don't know how this is being used by the managers, for this purpose. For one of my teams, the 7 that manage the help desk, I can see easily when one user is doing more work than the others. responding faster to user requests. Who spends more time in the ticketing systems etc. I use this information to encourage those deficient in some areas to get more involved as we are all part of the same team, and we can't have 2 people doing all the work.
This would be a good question for the Project management team, of the call center managers. I presume, that by viewing the time spent on specific tasks, these managers are using the information to 'tighten' up the workflows. Creating new procedures that allow less wasted time. People are the primary resource so ensuring their time isn't wasted on fruitless efforts, is a significant benefit. ActivTrak helps us with this by collecting data on multiple facets of our day-to-day routines at work.

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Monitoring users from home is great. There's no VPN etc. required the online portal is easily accessible and easily reviewed. if you have not practiced, or experienced in using/flowing through the AT menus/information, it's possible to miss important details. I recommend, if you have/are planning to get this software, that you have your users (after the tutorial), invest 10 minutes a day in investigations. This will aid in their familiarization of the software, and increase their accurate navigation through it.

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