Convert Any Thought to Pictures With Adobe Photoshop...
July 12, 2021

Convert Any Thought to Pictures With Adobe Photoshop...

Aniket Kumar Chaudhary | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe PhotoShop

With the changing times, the authority of Adobe Photoshop is challenged by other software that provides features that are powerful and rich in utilities.
Increased competition has not affected Photoshop's popularity as most businesses and professionals still rely on it to fulfill their IMAGE EDITING needs. I am one of them who uses this software to make memes and high-quality compelling designs.
  • Photoshop is useful to recover old or damaged photos.
  • Surplus of state-of-the-art tools at your disposal.
  • Trivial editing can be done with ease.
  • Creativity can be fully unlocked with the built-in library of values.
  • It is easy to use, although its high professional level is quite complex and requires a lot of knowledge to be used correctly.
  • It is a relatively expensive tool compared to other photo editing software.
  • It is not easy to use, it requires prior learning.
  • It needs a cloud subscription for some features.
  • It is heavy and may be difficult to work with on some computers.
  • This software enables single indoor editing of all available and popular image file FORMATS without requiring any expensive plugins. You don't need to invoke other editing software to do partial editing on them before importing the image into Photoshop for final editing. A single Photoshop is enough.
  • Only an amateur knowledge of Photoshop will help you create promotional materials for social platforms that would attract viewers and seduce them to your brand page. Your brand's social media identity would be reinforced with compelling graphics that would promote better engagement from relevant audiences and help you earn big dividends.
  • You can literally create anything in the latest version of Photoshop. For special occasions, you can develop greeting cards, invitations, or wishes. All the physical objects you see around you can be created in a 2D mode in Photoshop. Whether it's color adjustments, cropping, retouching, restoring, image stitching, enhancement, manipulation, masking, or product image editing, the software helps with everything.
  • I created hundreds of memes that helped me in personal branding on social media.
  • I made many of the graphics for my blog post.
  • Even it is expensive I want to buy it again because of its continuous up-gradation.
GIMP has been the leading alternative to Adobe Photoshop for years. Not only is it a free and competent alternative, but for those who opt for free operating systems like Linux, it has historically been the priority option.

In my opinion, it has always been weighed down by a somewhat amateurish image, from which that somewhat Cobi- scale pet does not escape. Come on, it's ugly and its UI is not very there (although pay attention to this fork/variant called Glimpse, which promises), but you have to know how to look through and recognize the enormous work of the community. With a little patience, you will see that GIMP is very similar to Photoshop and will allow you to perform the vast majority of tasks.

When I discovered Photopea the truth is that I was quite amazed that something running on the web was so powerful. It is a very successful Photoshop clone, which runs in the browser with HTML5. Its compatibility is incredible, even opening. PSD files (editable from Photoshop) and.CXF (those from GIMP), apart from other formats such as Sketch and RAW photographs. It also supports the same Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, which makes it more than an alternative, a lifesaver program that you can use from anywhere or on a connected device.

On the other hand, Canva is like a boon. It can be used by a newbie easily.

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Despite suffering some downsides, Photoshop continues to dominate the graphics editing market with its powerful and contemporary tools. If you have great imagination skills, Photoshop will be an excellent assistant in the embodiment of the most daring ideas. You should try it.
But I think Photoshop has a lot of tools and it can confuse newbies. Consequently, it takes a lot of time to learn the whole features of Photoshop