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September 26, 2018

Don't hesitate - Go with ADP SmartCompliance!

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Employment Tax, Wage Garnishments, Wage Payments

Overall Satisfaction with ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SMartCompliance is used by the Payroll Department to distribute and report our Tax filings, Tax payments, Wage Payments (both FSDD and Checks) and to distribute our garnishment payments. We are a small payroll department and process payroll in house using Workday, but prefer to outsource the tax filings, wage payments and garnishments. We previously used another partner for these tasks and were very dissatisfied with their services.
  • SmartCompliance captures all the payroll data in one location and makes it easy to access.
  • SmartCompliance allows us to run reports when we need them. We can upload our periodic, quarterly and annual data and quickly extract reports to review for accuracy before the filing deadlines, which allows us to correct any issues without tax penalties, etc.
  • SmartCompliance makes it so easy to generate tax amendments when needed. The system stores all the employee data and has a process that is very easy to update wages and/or taxes as needed for correction. The system quickly generates the amendment files and provides reports to review for processing with tax agencies. It used to take months to get an amendment processed with our previous partners.
  • We can update tax rate changes, such as SUI rates, ourselves, as we received them without having to use a ticketing system that require monitoring for processing. We can quickly and easily update tax agency notices, which allows for very quick response time by ADP to any issues.
  • In the area of quarterly filings, it takes a bit of experience to understand all the reports generated and in which order we should review or use the reports. Laying them out in a organized way that we could quickly go down the list of priority would be very helpful.
  • Occasionally, I need to add a comment to a tax notice that has been submitted and it seems to be locked for commenting. It would be helpful to be able to add information after a tax notice has been submitted.
  • We are able to keep our staff at a minimal level while still providing top notch payroll services.
  • We can utilize an in-house payroll system while partnering with ADP for the tax payments/filings, wage and garnishment payments, and trust that ADP is on top of tax and other regulatory changes.
  • We can get those occasional amendments processed very quickly to avoid further penalties and interest. The process is so simple with SmartCompliance as compared to years ago when you had to send file information and wait for it to be assigned, and then wait some more for it to be created.
I believe ADP SmartCompliance is well suited for any organization that has implemented an HRIS system, such as Workday, but do not want to fully be responsible for the tax filings. I also feel it is very well suited to organizations such as ours that have employees in almost all 50 states. This helps to keep our payroll department staff at a minimum knowing we can rely on the cooperation between the Workday and the ADP SmartCompliance system. I think the only way I would not think SmartCompliance would be helpful would be with a very small company that would prefer to fully outsource their payroll process.