My Experience with Apricot Software
Jennifer Strasenburgh | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 06, 2017

My Experience with Apricot Software

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Overall Satisfaction with Apricot by Social Solutions

My program is a one-woman show. I use Apricot exclusively for all of my case management needs. I am able to keep all of my client demographics up to date as well as all the details of my case management encounters. Apricot allows me to create outcome reports, demographic reports in monthly and yearly formats that are very helpful. The flexibility of the program allows me to create reports on just about any combination of elements that I desire.
  • The flexibility of creating report elements and form designs is extremely user-friendly. The design elements are very intuitive.
  • I love the search feature. I don't even have to create a report! I can simply do a quick search for the combination of information that I am looking for.
  • The customer service messaging feature is something that I have used quite often. The people from Social Solutions respond very quickly and they are very thorough. They seemed to really want to help me create exactly what I was looking for.
  • The communication in the form of email updates and information on what was going on with the system was always up to date and helpful.
  • Sometimes I found the step-by-step instructions hard to follow. Luckily Apricot has video tutorials and that usually helped me figure things out.
  • There were just a few times early on that I thought a couple minor pieces of info disappeared after I entered them.
  • The program has allowed me to generate detailed reports on the outcomes of my program which I have used to sustain funding for my program.
  • Apricot is easy to use which saves me time, and time is money!
  • I use the search feature to collect a quick snapshot on a specific issue before going to meetings. This allows me to present fresh information to my funders.
I have used Apricot to scale program delivery on a regular basis. I am able to quickly see which are the most common needs for my clients. One of the most interesting things that I am able to show is the trends in certain combinations of services. For example: the clients that are struggling to find stable housing are also the most likely to need advocacy in the school setting for their children. I have also been able to use Apricot to show a demographic map and visually identify the hot spots of need across the county.
The highly detailed reports that I am able to generate have been used to write my year end outcomes reports. My program has used these reports to show the number of clients served and all the various services provided to each client. I am able to provide my funders with graphs and statistics that are clear and accurate. This has demonstrated the effectiveness of my program in a easy to understand format. On occasion I have been asked for additional information or to look at the outcomes from a different perspective. Apricot reports are so easy to alter, that I was able to quickly make adjustments and provide the new information.
I think that Apricot is excellent for case management applications. The way the information can all be connected in an individual folder is very helpful. I have several reporting sheets that I complete for each client. These are all visible under in the clients folder and can reviewed, printed, or pulled from for outcome reporting. I love that you can make everything that you enter on a client searchable. This program meets all of my needs for notes and reports. I am not sure what scenarios this program would not be well suited for. The flexibility allows the user to basically create a program that does whatever the user needs.