Truly difficult to use!
Updated June 16, 2015

Truly difficult to use!

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Aprimo Marketing Studio (On-Premise)

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  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Operations

Overall Satisfaction with Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Initially it was purchased so that we could track every step of projects, and lay out stopping points as well as figure out how many rounds projects went, easily. One of our large projects had over 100 steps easily, and once we tried implementing it, it fell off so many steps eventually we could not use it to create and track the project fully. In some instances I personally used it as a go-between to review a campaign email, but asked users to login to Aprimo, review the email, and then supply their feedback in Aprimo. No one used it correctly, most people reviewed outside of Aprimo and just sent me an email with their feedback. It was supposed to be used across departments, but mainly we just use it mid-sized group under 20 of managers and directors now. Currently we just minimally track projects here, including project codes, description and status, effort levels. It was a major learning curve to just get familiar with any part of the terminology and how to move just within the program, such as "save": vs "close" - if you choose close, it ends the project timeline and one is now entering information such as closing costs, delivered on time etc. We could not get our graphics team to really easily use it either. One bug was that when you were reviewing pdfs, it was not easily magnified, so missed or double periods were hard to notice. We found it hard to learn and work with, which is why we use it minimally now.
  • If you want a program that lays out step by step processes this is the program for you. Of course you have to list all these before entering them, and hopefully the program lays things out exactly right.
  • It can allow you to see what projects you are working on, if you have the opportunity to get them into the system.
  • Very difficult to learn, confusing language and practically no help to speak of.
  • too easy to delete or close a project, and no way to reset or skip a step. (this happens all the time.)
  • n/a (at my level)

Using Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

20 - Marketing
should be trained by Aprimo
I understand that there are other aspects of the program that our organization was hoping to utilize, once we got past the initial usage, but we hav not moved in that direction yet.

Using Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

very hard to work with.
Relatively simple
Do not like to use
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • project steps
  • working through a project