Great UI but Organizational Structure Could Use Some Work.
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January 18, 2014

Great UI but Organizational Structure Could Use Some Work.

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Asana was used across the entire company, granted the entire company only consisted of about 30 employees. The problem Asana addressed, was how well it provided overall project communication and work flow transparency for all team members. All project participants could use Asana to see what, when, and how the next steps were going to be implemented in order to complete the project on time!
  • Adding and removing task is as simple as drag-and-drop! As a user, I want to be able to move and prioritize the my daily agenda as easily as possible. If you're working in a fast-paced, and very indecisive small business environment, moving a task up or down is always a necessity! Asana has a very easy to use UI with a quick drag-and-drop functionality for many areas in the application, including tasks.
  • Notification emails - I always had a daily report in my inbox of tasks that required my attention for that day. These were very helpful in completing or at the very least, updating my project participants tasks statuses. The notification emails can be easily configured as well.
  • Great app integrations. Asana was always at the fore-front when it came to keeping up with well-respected and useful project applications that it integrated with. We used the Google Drive API every day! The use of both Asana and Google Drive helped us efficiently move a project along which allowed us to make quick changes in Google documents that updated over to Asana in real-time, real fast!
  • Sometimes when the structure of a project was not setup correctly it was hard to navigate to just view ONLY your daily tasks.
  • If you made changes or noted a task, you had to be sure the person you wanted to see the notes was added prior to you placing your note, then you would have to remove them if they were no longer involved.
  • Asana was not (in my opinion) designed for very small projects or companies. Asana was more for bigger, longer, or on-going projects that required multiple user feedback and actions.
  • Great project transparency tool.
  • Increased efficiency of all employees.
  • Great reporting abilities in order to track and report status of tasks for management.
Bascamp's UI was not as intuitive as Asana's. Also, task management and reporting were also very Inadequate with Basecamp.
I would recommend Asana because it does give you great tools and abilities to start and finish a project on time! Adding a title, due date, and description to a task is as easy as 1,2,3 because then you can just "tab" to the next item, and keep moving with easy task creation. Overall the interface is very easy to use, I just think just the organization and ease of viewing tasks could use some minor changes.
When I started a child project with more child tasks under a much larger project, I'd have make sure I am correctly clicked in the hierarchy of the Asana project in order to setup your child project correctly. You could end up creating a whole new project and not know it, then end up working off that project that no one has access to, or can annotate in.