Connecting to the World with Avaya
March 23, 2018

Connecting to the World with Avaya

Alfred Brock | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

At this time, Avaya is being used across the offices in North and South America. It interfaces well with other systems in Asia and Europe. The business problems it addresses, of course, are our corporate telephony needs. The system is complex yet easy to work with. The more powerful features we can offer our associates are easy to operate so the complexity of the system is transparent to the users.
  • Interfacing with other PABX systems is something that Avaya does particularly well. I believe this is a strength for Avaya because when I am working with other systems getting them to do the same thing is much more difficult and only partly addresses the problem. Avaya provides a complete solution.
  • Handling large numbers of calls and an enormous amount of data is something that Avaya does very well. We have very heavy communications loads at times and having a professionally designed and maintained system like Avaya allows us to manage these loads in an efficient manner. I think this is a strength for Avaya because the breadth of coverage it provides is scalable for extremely large systems that their competitors struggle to achieve.
  • Redundancy in systems is sometimes a bad thing but Avaya's system allows us to build redundancy into the system so that we never lose connections. This is a strength for Avaya because with other systems I have noticed it is necessary to build physical redundancy into the system rather than through software. That is one way that Avaya helps us save money.
  • Avaya could use some improvement in moving calls off the system when they have arrived at a far destination. This is a technical point and will not be often encountered by users or most technicians and really is no fault of Avaya but crossing over into local telephone systems around the world would be a great advantage.
  • The methods for interacting with some of the menus are rather involved. The system is highly complex but at this time it is mature enough to start bringing all the control features under one roof rather than through three separate interfaces.
  • Positive Return on Investment from Avaya happens every day. Errors are minimal and can be addressed in a simple manner. The system is robust and has not experienced a failure or interruption over the course of many years.
  • The positive ROI, in this case, is that maintenance costs are low, development costs are low and results are at a high level of quality. Avaya provides us with uninterrupted telephony services on a global basis.
Avaya stacks up against Vonage, Genesys, and others in that the price is right and quality is top-notch. Avaya's system is robust and based on historical trends in telephony. They have also been able to incorporate new features will very little fuss and no disruption. They offer a full line of software and hardware to operate their systems, and, if necessary, offer a measured way to incorporate other technologies, even that of their competitors', into their system to provide a seamless and expert set of solutions.
I don't know of any in the communications system environments where secure, efficient and robust telecommunications are needed where Avaya would not be well suited. Where Avaya towers above their rivals are in a volume of calls and data processed and interconnectivity between points across the globe. It is very well suited for large educational institutions, hospitals, businesses and international organizations of all types. These systems would also be very useful in government operations.

Using Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

5 - IT Network, IT Communications, and IT Telephony. They provide services for manufacturing, sales, executive functions, design and all aspects of the business. They work in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other offices across Central and South America. They are engaged using various models of PABX but Avaya controls them all.
5 - The skills necessary to support Avaya are technical in nature. They range from simple text entry to medium level and advanced programming capability. Knowledge of telecommunications operations, as well as laws governing them (national and internationally), is also important. The people who undertake this work should be solidly versed in telecommunications process and be detail oriented.
  • Setting up and maintaining telephony and data contacts at individual offices
  • Setting up and maintaining telephony and data contacts between distant offices
  • Providing international telecommunications services to the company
  • We have been able to bridge the gap between nations and establish a secure and flexible system.
  • We are looking forward to moving to the cloud and incorporating the best of all worlds. Avaya will be able to provide us the ability to offer high-quality telecommunications services and videos to remote locations around the world.
I have always found Avaya's technology and support to be the best in the industry. Even as they worked out financial difficulties and continue to fend off competitors they have adopted and incorporated new technologies. They have done so in a logical and supportive manner and offered all these benefits as they went along. I haven't seen any of their competitors do any of this.