CI/CD for the AWS Crowd
Stephen Groat | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 12, 2019

CI/CD for the AWS Crowd

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Overall Satisfaction with AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline was used as a CI/CD solution within AWS, specifically for instances where specific AWS IAM roles were needed. The DevOps department was the primary user, pushing out to development and other organizations. It was a comprehensive CI/CD solution that provided out-of-the-box performance and features, specifically around AWS deployments.
  • Tight AWS integrations for AWS organization.
  • Similar feature sets to other CI/CD solutions.
  • Infrastructure as code (IAC) integration.
  • Slightly inconsistent performance (has issues downloading public Docker Registry images).
  • Minimal support.
  • Complex initial setup.
  • Cheaper than many alternatives.
  • Decreased configuration time around build jobs that require complicated IAM permissions.
  • Easy to recruit for.
AWS CodePipeline is very useable because of its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities. Since changes to the pipelines can be version controlled, minor changes in the pipelines can be pin-pointed to causing specific issues and fix or rolled back easily as needed. More CI/CD solutions need to completely support IaC. However, Github support is weak within the product.
AWS CodePipeline support is very hit and miss. Even when paying for more expensive AWS support contracts, problems seem to get very different answers and inconsistent feedback. When asking for a root cause analysis (RCA) for a specific issue that almost leads to an internal outage, there was minimal communication from the AWS team.
AWS CodePipeline is competitive with others, particularly because of its strength in Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Many of the other competitors do not come close in that aspect, but the lack of proper Github integration can be a major detractor for organizations that are tightly integrated with Github. A basic Github App would make CodePipeline even more competitive.
AWS CodePipeline is great for organizations that are bought into AWS and infrastructure as code (IaC) practices. Sharing of IaC modules through tools like the Terraform Registry will hopefully bring more open source CI/CD pipelines into the mix and create a strong DevOps community around CodePipeline. Until then, it will probably remain an expert product with minimal support.