AWS Lambda: Best in Class for Serverless
Stephen Groat | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 12, 2019

AWS Lambda: Best in Class for Serverless

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Overall Satisfaction with AWS Lambda

Serverless platforms are the future, and AWS is leading the way with AWS Lambda. Lambda completely integrates into the AWS ecosystem, with IAM, the AWS SDK, and all other features, allowing for infinitely scalable applications to be rapidly developed that require little to no maintenance. Limiting maintenance through the use of serverless application allows organizations to grow more effectively.
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) configuration options
  • AWS integrations
  • Can be more expensive once scale gets higher
  • LImited language support
  • Can be more difficult to debug
  • Decreased cost for system maintenance staff
  • Increased performance and scalability of applications
  • Decreased time for interactions/versions and deployments
Due to the strong community around Lambdas, AWS Lambda is extremely useable. There are thousands of tutorials online to help build lambdas in any language people are interested in using. Also, the ability to deploy from version control repositories and use AWS alerting and logging infrastructure helps to get going quickly.
AWS support, including around Lambda, seems to be hit and miss. The first level tech support usually cannot handle complicated technical questions. Without a support contract, there little hope of getting a question answered. With a contract, the answers can come days late, significantly after they are useful or even needed.
AWS Lambda compares strongly against its primary competitors, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Function Apps. Both of those products have a significantly smaller community support them and not as a strong or complete feature set. Even though, using serverless technologies in the cloud of choice usually makes sense, especially for identity and access management concerns.
AWS Lambda is best for new, small applications. With frameworks like, the deployment issue is completely negated. Managing large serverless applications becomes easy. With the technology, a significant amount of the scaling and other performance related issues are handled. Programmers are left to deal with RAM and processor issues on a per execution basis.

AWS Lambda Feature Ratings

Platform management overhead
Workflow engine capability
Platform access control
Services-enabled integration
Development environment creation
Development environment replication
Issue monitoring and notification
Issue recovery
Upgrades and platform fixes