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User Review: "Brackets- Happy FrontEnd Coding!"
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January 07, 2019

User Review: "Brackets- Happy FrontEnd Coding!"

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Overall Satisfaction with Brackets

We are a team of developers who use Brackets basically for our product development. The front end for the UI web development is handled quite easily using this source code editor tool. Now I see that it is majorly adopted across different department levels in our organization.
  • It is Cross-platform so it is available for Macros, Windows and Linux OS.
  • It provides real time editing of HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Its open source and it's obviously cost efficient.
  • It has its own intelligence so the time and effort of writing long codes is reduced.
  • It gives handy shortcuts like ctl/cmd+E( for colours selection).
  • It has built-in JSLINT that checks JS code.
  • It lacks split-screen support.
  • It doesn't provide full-screen mode support.
  • Unlike some other HTML5 text editors, Brackets requires installation which is a kind of overhead for users who can directly link from the website.
  • Since it's open source it gives us positive returns on investments.
  • Because of its ease of use along with its distinguishing features it makes coding simpler.
  • Because of the above advantages, it helps reduce time and thus also saves a lot of money.
We have selected Brackets as it stands out in the field of open source text editors. The Live Preview feature including inline editor gives a front end developer much ease to quickly edit a rule and handy shortcuts help in selecting a wide range of colour shades.
Brackets is hands down a great text editor tool for Front End Developers. Because it is free and open source it is useful in complex and large projects where budget allocation is huge. It contains a few features that make it stand out among text editors.