Brightpearl - Amazing! Provided it works!
April 08, 2016

Brightpearl - Amazing! Provided it works!

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

I wasn't here for the original implementation of Brightpearl in the company, it happened a year before I joined, however I have been involved with the structure of how we would use Brightpearl from order creation right through to dispatch, and helping others to understand how to use it to its full effectiveness.
The key is to keep practicing, as there are often shortcuts that can be used to do things quicker, and there are many many ways of using Brightpearl, so trial and error is key.
Brightpearl is used across the whole of the company. We use it to record orders, track inventory, accounting, dispatch, emailing customers and suppliers from their accounts. We are a UK based company, though our colleague based in the US also uses Brightpearl to take orders, dispatch, and track over in the USA. We also track sales charts, audit trails, locations - everything is done via Brightpearl.
About 5 years ago, our company used paper to record all of the above, the customer services manager would remember all the orders that were placed and could allocate inventory when it came in to the correct orders. However, as the business grew, we needed a more reliable system, so we chose to go with Brightpearl. We are now sending hundreds of orders a day, so it's a very helpful asset to have.

  • Very good at keeping you in the loop with orders, backorders, etc. When you have a large amount of orders, often orders can slip your mind, but with Brightpearl you can set reminders, which are flagged up when you need to remember something. Very helpful.
  • If you enter an ISBN or product code, then Brightpearl will immediately highlight if there is another product on the system with that same ISBN. It is very helpful, and has saved us a lot of time in the past.
  • Auto ordering is a delight. I used to spend around 3 hours a day having to manually create Purchase Orders, but with thanks to batch adding POs, it saves a whole of time.
  • We use Brightpearl to send emails out, and the quick note options are wonderful time savers. You can save notes and emails with just a click of a button, very useful for when you need to read up on a customer order or on their account.
  • Though you can set reminders, the flagging up of them is very small, and can be very easily missed.
  • Brightpearl does upgrade your account at very random times. You could have just finished something and when you click 'Save', it then tells you that it has upgraded your account, therefore you lose everything you had just done.
  • Sometimes when you have done a normal function, Brightpearl will bring up an error message 'Whoops!' No idea why, it just does it. When you ask another colleague to try it, it will work for them. It seems to have the occasion bug here and there.
  • It's not overly helpful when we come to sending out statements as the statements do not have any indication of what the order had on it, so the customer tends to always need to contact us to remind themselves of what they have ordered - it would be helpful if the customer knew then and there what they had ordered.
  • Increased employee efficiency - definitely. Following a set procedure means that employees can easily see where an order is at, or can check the stock audit trail to find stock. There is rarely ever confusion as to what has happened. Though because we use it so much, if someone does make a mistake, it can often cause the whole system to grind to a halt whilst we rectify the situation!
  • Using Brightpearl means we are able to know exactly how much stock we have, and in which warehouses. Therefore we can inform the customer then and there what is in stock, and what we need to order in, they find it so helpful knowing on the spot rather than finding out at a later date once we find out.
  • More clients, happier clients. Because we're able to track orders so well using Brightpearl, we're able to let them know how long their order will take, we can easily look and let them know. We send stock out usually same day, and the word has gotten around.
At the moment, Brightpearl is being used by our colleague in the US but it's not that helpful for the customers as Brightpearl is not currently multi-currency, so the customers are getting confused by the USD and the GBP difference.
Brightpearl is well suited to our company though on the whole, it has the capability to be used across all of our departments...but it means that if it goes down, none of us can really do anything!