Calendly makes scheduling simple and efficient

Overall Satisfaction with Calendly

I started using Calendly this past year as a means of creating a CTA with people I wanted to speak with or meet with. I use it within emails as well as in my email signature. I also use my Calendly link as a CTA in custom videos that I create in Dubb. It's incredibly useful that it can be easily synced with my Google calendar and automatically update my schedule. Once I started using it I recommended it to my partner who began using it as well. It has served us very so far in allowing us to set up meetings passively by giving our contacts the opportunity to schedule a time to speak at a time that is convenient for them.


  • Calendly syncs instantly with my Google calendar. So not only do I automatically know when I have new appointments scheduled, but if I input a different event onto my google calendar Calendly knows that I'm not available at that time.
  • The direct link that allows people to schedule a time slot with me is great. It makes scheduling simple and painless, and make sit easy for me to create a clickable CTA.
  • I love that I can collect payments through the platforms either via Stripe or PayPal. both of which I use. It makes the platform more "all-in-one" and makes for a seamless experience.


  • The free version of Calendly limits the amount of event types you can make available. You can only have one even type. So if you choose a 15 minute meeting slot as your single event type and you want to schedule something for 30 or 45 minutes, the person scheduling with you has to schedule multiple consecutive time slots instead of one longer meeting period. I understand the need to limit features for those only using the free option though and so it's not necessarily unreasonable. It's pretty standard in SaaS platforms.
  • This is a little nit-picky but the trial period to try out all features is only 14 days. It would be great if they could up that trial period to 30 days. It's a much more reasonable time frame to be able to get a handle on the platform and see if the paid options are necessary or not.
  • It would be great if Calendly could sync up with more than one calendar at a time. If someone keeps different calendars (for example, one for home and one for work) or two different calendar platforms (for example, apple calendar and google calendar) it would be great if it were able to pull information from both calendars. If Calendly is already able to do this, I'm not aware of it.
  • I can say that Calendly has allowed me to schedule more phone calls than I used to in the past. It has gotten people on the phone with me way more than what I used to be able to do when requesting a phone conversation in an email.
  • Calendly has also reduced the amount of time I need to spend scheduling meetings and phone calls. I no longer need to go back and forth with people. I can just leave the Calendly link for them to click on and they choose the time that works best. It cuts down on a lot of back and forth time. And as we all know, time is money.
  • Internally, it has allowed us to schedule meetings with each other as well without needing to discuss available days and times. Simply clicking on my partner's link and scheduling myself in for 15 minutes makes it easy for us to know when we need to sit down and chat or go over things.
I had not personally used a specific scheduling platform prior to using Calendly. I cannot make any comparisons between Calendly and other platforms because I did not use any other platforms previously. What I can say is that I do hear things second hand from colleagues and other people who have used different scheduling platforms in the past and they like Calendly a lot. Many have switched over completely. That's the best I can offer here.
Calendly is great for sales calls and trying to set appointments up with important potential clients. Trying to nail down a time with back and forth emails can be a hassle. Creating a link where your contact can easily use pick a time makes it so much easier. It also allows you to use it as a CTA where you can give your contact a specific action to take at the end of your email and get that person on the phone or schedule an in-person meeting. It might not be great for people who don't necessarily need to interface directly with clients so often. If you're only scheduling meetings or phone calls once every so often Calendly can still work but it might not be necessary for you.


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