Powerful product, lots of potential for saving sales reps time as the AI improves
June 10, 2020

Powerful product, lots of potential for saving sales reps time as the AI improves

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Overall Satisfaction with Chorus.ai

  • Call Review
  • Market Intelligence (Competition, Product, Messaging)
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
  • I love that it does its thing in the background, I don't have to think about if a call is recorded or not, I know it's already set up to do so.
  • I like that at any time I can go back to a call I had to review what was said including what the customer's interests were. It's nice to have that to better customize my proposals.
  • I'd like it to be easier to slice and dice snippets of calls to share w/ other people at my company. Currently it's a bit cumbersome to do.
  • Since there is AI built into it, I'd love for it to in a way take notes for me in bulleted format. Together with this if it showed followup action items that me or the customer committed to that would be cool as well. Almost like it's my own personal virtual assistant on calls. Would save me tons of time and ensure proper tracking of action items.
  • Sometimes it's awkward to explain who the random number is on a call when people ask and I know it's Chorus recording the call.
  • Personally the biggest benefit has been when I've been working on large proposals and I get to go back and re-listen to what a client said about what's most important to them. I then reuse the verbiage they use in my presentations so it feels and sounds "familiar" to them.
  • For sales leaders that use it for coaching I believe it's a great product to get better at presentation skills.
I've not used any other competitor to Chorus other than InsideSales. They make call technology that can record calls, automate voicemails, etc. but from what I understand that's a very small portion of what Chorus does. InsideSales technology is used on everyday phone calls vs chorus which seems to be used exclusively for scheduled meetings.
Chorus is a nice tool that fits a very specific need for me personally. If the AI did more for me I'd find more value in it as I mentioned before. E.g. if the AI took notes for me and gave me action items from the audio recorded from the call that would be awesome.
We have it set up to automatically record every sales rep's meeting that they have on their calendar that is externally facing. This has allowed us to have a massive repository of calls that new and old team members can reference when trying to learn about a specific product or offering. Also, when there are big proposals or call that happen that the business wants to emulate, those are able to be sent out to the team to listen to and learn from.
I've never had to call the support team, it's always worked fine for me.
It's well suited for coaching opportunities between sales managers and their team members, especially when the employee is new to the company or product line they're selling. It's also well suited for when you want to better understand how much you talk vs let your customer talk. I also find it useful for seeing what "filler" words like "um" or "ah" I might use during a conversation but not realize it.