It could have been amazingly useful
December 02, 2020

It could have been amazingly useful

David Clos-Sasseville | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
The software is used across different departments, mainly Sales and Client Success.

In theory we are supposed to use it in case something noteworthy has been said and needs to be transferred to specific people that were not present at the meeting. It was also presented to us as a tool to improve ourselves by listening to other meetings done by our colleagues. Finally some functionality such as the way you can have action items mentioned listed afterward were highlighted as useful.
  • Transcript (English only).
  • Automatic action item list (English only).
  • Recognition of competitor mention.
  • Being able to visualize where each participant spoke and at what length.
  • French language recognition.
  • Calendar implementation.
  • Organization & presentation of recordings.
  • Specific sharing options.
  • Having a French version of the software.
  • I can't say since I can't use it with the majority of my clients.
  • Zoom
Chorus as more interesting tool to analyse and share the meeting but since they do not work in French, it becomes easier to just use Zoom's recording function.

If Chorus would work with French though it would really improve my work by giving me a quick transcript, list of action items and a way to quickly share the meeting with relevant people when needed.
It could be a great asset to support our goal to always improve our client services. It can do what the rest of our tech stack can't, quickly extract important information from meetings. That being said, until Chorus is able to deal with French it is a superfluous expense. It [can't] be a fit if it doesn't work properly.
I must admit I haven't found one neither was I made aware that someone in the company found an innovative or unexpected use for this software.
We have had one onboarding meeting, with our whole team. The person was dynamic, competent and professional. One thing though is the tendency we have, we are guilty too, to make a long monologuous presentation. Considering the ammount of information, the average span of attention and the fact that virtual meeting makes more difficult for everyone to focus, developping a more dynamic way to do virtual traingin would be a interesting and maybe game changing challenge.
I would recommend the use of Chorus for meeting in English only where we know the situation is difficult and we would have to have a trave of what was said. More so if other person in the company would need to have a look but couldn't attend the meeting.

We have some English speaking clients but in the Montreal office a large part of our clients are French speaking and the transcript does not work at all giving us unreadable gibberish. This makes tools related to transcript unusable and defeats the purpose of having to pay for Chorus while we can just record the meeting with Zoom. Investing time on a platform that I can't use for most of my workload is a loss for the company.