Can't Win without
April 02, 2021

Can't Win without

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Overall Satisfaction with

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Process Improvements & Change Management
  • Market Intelligence (Competition, Product, Messaging)
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
I am an Account Manager for a Martech company in a fast-growing customer success business unit. I manage 75+ customers with up to 25 client calls per week. I was having a hard time actively listening on calls because I needed to take notes so I didn't miss anything on post-call follow-up emails. With I no longer had to worry about this as the tech would record my calls and tell me what my follow-up items were. This allowed me to asked better questions as an AM and help my customers and was a huge time saver. We now use to improve our contract renewals, help account transfers, and train new hires. I absolutely love and could not be as effective at my job without it.
  • Make it easy to share and review calls.
  • Easy access to snip and build databases of certain call types that are specific to whatever you are trying to do.
  • The Conversation Metrics, call breakdown, is literally my favorite feature and saves me time and makes me a more efficient and effective account manger.
  • Honestly as an AM I love it. Maybe more prompts for new users based on their role.
  • More integrations to larger partners, Slack, etc.
  • Maybe a way to build a database and send me alerts of calls that relate to my job based on.... not sure what factors, but for me... New products that we are launching and how my team is pitching them.
  • Increased renewal rate by 80%.
  • Increased the overall spend of my book from $900k - $1.4 million.
  • Increased my customer satisfaction rating, and the money they spent on our platform.
The only other thing I used that was similar was... I can't even remember the name but I don't think it exists anymore. It was to hard review your call and took to much time, so it was useless as it took more time to review and find what you needed.
As an AM, we have so MANY things we have to report on. We use tools like Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, and more tools than I care to admit. is an essential tool if you are doing any sort of calls, especially with clients.
We have a small commercial team so we created a playlist for new products coming out and how we are pitching or answering questions to create detailed call types for whatever we need to help with training and up-leveling our own skills. has always made it easy to find what you need or get help. Their customer support is better than most.
The MAIN reason I use is so I can actively listen to my clients on calls and ask the RIGHT questions and not worry about having to take notes so I don't miss sending important information discussed on the call. makes it easy to find and easy access.

The only downside is if a client doesn't want to be recorded, but I can always turn it off.