ChurnZero is our hero!
March 18, 2021

ChurnZero is our hero!

James O'Neal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ChurnZero

ChurnZero is specifically being using by the customer success team at CallRail. From a 30,000ft level, it's used to give us a good idea of what our day ahead looks like each morning. Do I have 2 or 3 customer meetings? Then I need to make sure I've logged as many if not more activities to show. It's also incredibly helpful to break down our very large customer base into bite sized segments - from these segments, we can target our accounts for industry-specific communication (i.e. healthcare, real estate, etc.) or set up custom alerts on these accounts such as an alert to tell us when it's been 30 days since our last communication or when a customer submits a support ticket. It really helps us manage our books of business without too much manual work.
  • Mass communication: ChurnZero helps us quickly and efficiently communicate important information to all of our accounts at once without making it seem like it's coming from some generic marketing team (all love to my marketing friends out there!)
  • Usage data: By being able to sync our customer's product usage with ChurnZero, it allows the customer success team to be proactive with accounts that may be declining in app usage to try and re-engage. Or it can help us identify who is really using our product well and reach out to them to hopefully gain a reference or case study.
  • Note-taking and activity logging: ChurnZero has made it super easy to take notes and log activities for the many accounts we manage. It seems like on nearly every page within the app, there is a function to quickly add a note or create a task for follow up. This allows to really live within the product and easily access notes from past meetings and follow up on tasks that are due soon for our customers.
  • When creating a segment based on messages, there's currently no way to identify or add in which account is being messaged. There is user-level data to identify who sent or received the message, but no way to tie that user back to the account they're on. This is likely limited due to parent/child relationships where the same user might be listed on multiple accounts.
  • There is no ability to create generic notes or tasks within ChurnZero - everything has to be tied to a specific account. We want to live in as few softwares as possible, so having to use something external for just general meeting notes or task lists can cause some fatigue and it would be great if there was just a generic section within the program.
  • I generally find myself having multiple tabs of ChurnZero open at once, which is not really a problem in and of itself, but if there was some added functionality to not have a new page open for each new section (maybe building in previews instead), it could help with switching back and forth between different tabs.
  • For lower touch account engagement models, it's easy to build out a program within ChurnZero to manage the customers within it. By doing this, you can cut down on the need for extra success managers and certainly you can reduce the amount of time it takes to engage with these accounts.
  • The biggest ROI is time saved - even though our product itself has the usage data that's coming in to ChurnZero, there are easy ways to segment, export, and report on different data sets to avoid manual counting, verifying, or reaching out to other internal teams to pull datasets.
  • The negative impact is adoption - ChurnZero was added at our company but was not really pushed or utilized, so adoption has been slow. Getting people to adapt their day-to-day to start using CZ as a big part of that is a challenge but is worth it.
ChurnZero has been the only customer success platform that I've personally ever used and within the 2 companies I've worked for that have implemented CZ, only the CSM team had visibility. The main source of information for everyone else was either NetSuite or Salesforce (or our product itself). In and of themselves, NetSuite and Salesforce are a great source of information for the organization, but they are severely lacking in the ability to gauge a customer's health and there is certainly no ability to determine their churn likelihood. Because of this, ChurnZero reigns supreme simply because it gives us as customer success managers the ammunition we need to be proactive with our accounts and provide them with value.

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Overall, I'm a huge fan of ChurnZero because of how easy it makes my job. The platform itself is easy to use but there are definitely some quirks here and there that take getting used to. I would definitely say that my experience with ChurnZero would be worse if we didn't have the amazing support that we do to help us whenever we have questions. Even though there may be certain aspects that are tough to wrap your mind around or use, our dedicated support takes away any usability issues that we run in to.
If I could give them an 11 on here, I would. From the implementation process, to the technical issues, to our dedicated customer success manager at ChurnZero, the support we receive is world class. And the leadership at ChurnZero really empowers its people to go above and beyond in helping the customer and making the product better.
ChurnZero is great for making account management easy and efficient. The main dashboard gives a high level overview of everything you have going on during a day (so long as you're using CZ to its fullest capability) to take the guess work out of what things you need to get done that day. We really benefit from being able to send out mass communication easily to certain segments of customers and CZ makes it effortless. It's also great for adapting over time - all you need to do to be successful segments is to start somewhere. Once you go along and have more detail, you can start filtering more and more to get your segments in a perfect spot for you. In this sense, ChurnZero is highly customizable.

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