Cisco APs Solution Qualification

Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Aironet and Catalyst Access Points

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  • Cisco 1830 Series
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The Aironet solutions were first used to solve connectivity issues, away from the analytics, reports, mobility express, the issue was solved and all the features are so important to us.
  • Coberture, it's the number one. The range is so wide, so our user can go furthest without losing connection.
  • Speed.
  • Features: reports, analytics, mobility express.
  • A Bluetooth console would be great.
  • An integrated radius solution will be great.
  • Different colors (many clients don't like the white one and want to "paint" the AP).
  • Always up, so we have connectivity every time.
  • Availability, so we can trust that the connection is secure, the data is reliable, and feel free to work.
  • Security, trusting our data is protected, from point to point on the wireless connection.
The lack of wireless devices is always an issue, with client link, the devices connect to the less used or closer AP, but do not stay connected to the first connection AP. ClearAir helps us by knowing where the interferences were coming from like a microwave from the kitchen or the air conditioner from one of our customers and helping us to mitigate the interferences, loss of connectivity by changing the channels or moving the frequency.
The Mobility Express is perfect for every kind of business, you have a web GUI that makes easy to configure and easy to deploy our devices. This solution gives us analytics, reports, and the coolest thing: we have our WLC on one AP, so, now, deploying a wifi solution is cheaper, we have mobility and enhanced security from a single point of administration for up to 80 APs into the same WLC.
The brands I mentioned, have a lot of pros and cons, however, I love Aironet because of it having mobility express. No one else has this solution and it's the easiest web GUI. The graphical interface, the reports, analitycs and the integrations with other solutions from Cisco and 3rd party, makes it the perfect choise.
On every solution or vertical, it perfectly adapts to every environment, the reports, analytics, integration with other solutions from Cisco, like ISE or prime, make the Aironet adapt to every environment in which you have indoor and outdoor and industrial devices.

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All the solutions thatCiscoo offer are great. In our case, the Aironet solved a big issue in our company. Now we have segmentation, with one guest wifi connection, with a custom portal of our brand. We have mobility across the area of our office, and what's more important, the availability and security of our wireless connection.

Evaluating Cisco Aironet and Catalyst Access Points and Competitors

Yes - a few years ago, at our office use Linksys AP, but the connection, speed, coverage was so bad, we used to have a lot of issues in our wireless network, interferences, lack, loss of connection, we solved it with the Aironet 3802, now, we have 3 devices in our office, with mobility express, a guest wifi, analytics, and reports.
Google helps a lot. After comparing data sheets, the brands, price, pros, cons, features, 3rd-party integrations we decide to use Cisco. Now, we are a Cisco Partner. We are using brand solutions, and offering to our customers.