Gemex Employee Review of Aironet 2800 Series Access Point
November 06, 2019

Gemex Employee Review of Aironet 2800 Series Access Point

Axel David Olivares Hernández | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Aironet and Catalyst 2800 Series Access Points

We use Cisco Aironet Access Points as our main point of wireless connection through the corporate office. Mainly we use this model inside the office and it has met our expectations in a great way.

Since the deployment of these models of access points including other ones like the 2700 series we have never had issues with performance or availability of the services that access points offers to the corporate office.
  • Availability
  • Great Application Visibility
  • 11ac wave 2 speeds and performance
  • Boots very fast
  • Design
  • The mounting accesory
  • Weight
  • The continuity of the service mainly
  • No need of cabling
  • Access to the network in any part of the office
Maybe ClearAir is a feature that some users don't know that is already running by default in your access point. But if you have a wireless controller where you can check data or information collected by ClearAir you can see perfectly what kind of feature this one has.

Having ClearAir optimize your wireless network is a feature users would appreciate having.
You can equip your 8000 series access points with external antennas that optimize the performance and avoid interference in a better way.

But in the scenario where our access points are installed we don't have the need for equipping these modular components. I recommend equipping them in scenarios where you maybe will have a lot of interference and a lot of users connecting to the access point.
The manufacturing quality of the access point is superior with Cisco even if the environment where you are going to deploy the access point is clean and is a perfect building. It's better to ensure every kind of scenarios where you can encounter dangers to your infrastructure. I have used another brand like Rukus and the manufacturing quality sometimes seems like a toy I don't like that.
You can perfectly consider the 2800 series for scenarios where you need to deploy wireless services inside of an office. These type of access points are designed for these kind of environments.

If you need to install external access points I recommend searching another model including external antennas.

But if you need something not too expensive and with a great performance the 2800 series its perfect for your scenario where normally you have to connect between 30-50 users without losing performance. Just consider the applications that you will deploy through the wireless network.

Using Cisco Aironet and Catalyst 2800 Series Access Points

200 - They give us the main connection for users, we don't use cabling nodes or ethernet cables to connect us to the network. Every user that is on the corporate [network] is a mobile user with laptops that are constantly on the move.

Sometimes we are on our desktops, sometimes in a meeting room, or sometimes in the terrace. We connect to the network through the wireless service.
1 - They need to have knowledge about the basics of networking and of course they needs to have knowledge about the basics of wireless networks such as, what kind of interference exists, how to configure, manage and operate an access point stand alone or with a wireless controller.

I recommend taking the Cisco course Cisco IUWNE to know the basics for the wireless network.
  • We use the wireless network in our terrace with wireless phones IP Cisco
  • To enter a video conference in our meeting rooms
  • To troubleshoot network issues
  • To the control center of our eolic parks
  • To access to the network in special places where we dont have cabling for all the users
Because until now I haven't had any issues or cases where I needed to create a ticket with Tac from Cisco related to their performance or availability.

They have a small size that permits or allows you to install it in each place that you need to mount it, their design is small and appropriate for every kind of office.

Evaluating Cisco Aironet and Catalyst 2800 Series Access Points and Competitors

Cisco Aironet and Catalyst 2800 Series Access Points Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Problems left unsolved
Yes - Because it really has a great value mostly in an emergency case you have knowledge that you will receive the help that you need to re-stabilize the service to avoid the loss of service when a failure occurs.

Normally you have to wait between 5-15 minutes to start the troubleshooting with the expert.
One time we were having issues with roaming. For some clients in the 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz the roaming wasn't working normally. So we decided to talk to the TAC of Cisco.

They told me some features that I need to turn on to improve the performance of the roaming. After doing this and upgrading the firmware of the controller as a tip from the tac the roaming began to work perfectly.