Cicso Aironet - Better than Ever.

Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Aironet and Catalyst 2800 Series Access Points

One of our clients was wondering which wireless solution would fit perfectly with its offices; the solution should segment every user according their job role. Simultaneously all sensitive data must be protected and never be comprised. Then we proposed Cisco Aironet with WLC, on premise solution to isolate and protect everything. AP 2800 series was chosen due to its antenna pattern (ceiling and wall mounting were surveyed) and the coverage is awesome.
  • Roaming
  • RRM
  • Band Steering
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • High hardware price sometimes is unreachable for a client's budget
  • Need extra hardware to do some analytics
  • WLC CLI needs to be updated.. it's old-style will discourage it as a basic monitoring tool
APs get updated as WLC features; the hardware's price is worth it.
The Aironet on premise solution has been enhanced but we need extra tools to obtain a full wireless solution.
We chose Cisco Aironet due to its fully LAN/WLAN integration and homology with actual Cisco LAN networking on the client's side.
Sometimes WLC-AP fits perfectly but we need more analytical tools (user, app, traffic patterns, etc).