Easy learning curve and tight integartion
December 06, 2021

Easy learning curve and tight integartion

Siddharth Goyal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Jabber

For work meetings and presenations.
  • Meetings.
  • Presentations.
  • Company adhesion.
  • Collaboration.
  • Answer active chats using bots.
  • Screen Share.
  • Features.
  • Quick Access to common features.
  • Multiple Themes.
  • Familiarity to the Software makes us productive.
  • Access to the PSTN.
  • The degree of integration that Jabber has with all the video conferencing solution.
The change from Skype for Business to Jabber has been made due to the
degree of integration that Jabber has with all the video conferencing
solutions and access to the PSTN that we have.
Integration with Microsoft outlook and Group Chat features available in Jabber.
Strategy to go Cisco for IP telephony & chat integration.

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Cisco Jabber is an all-in-one application, it gives you the possibility
of having your extension on your computer, cell phone or tablet, being
able to send messages to your colleagues, share documents, screens,
access voicemail, or even video conferencing rooms. What more could you
want? There is not much to mention here,
with the change of look and feel that they are doing in the new version,
the user experience will be similar to Webex Teams and this helps the
adoption of the solution. Perhaps the only point to mention is that for
some cell phones, the application makes them a little slower than

Cisco Jabber Feature Ratings

Task Management
Mobile Access
Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration

Using Cisco Jabber

10 - I think it is a decent IM tool. I think the brand-new Webex app has
improved a lot both the UI and features. I believe Cisco made a smart
move from Jabber to Webex app.I believe Jabber delivers on the core use-cases or typical features
Users require in regards to internal corporate chat (find people, chat,
group chat, etc).
The Feature to keep the backup the messages automatically is lacking
here. You have to manually store the messages if you have to store. It
will not automatically store. If you forget then the whole message
history is gone. Also in Group chat we can't make a group call. Only we
can share screen in the Group.
  • Meetings
  • Answering Chats using bots
  • Calling and presentation
  • internal corporate chat
  • Integrated with Microsoft outlook
  • calling and voicemail
  • for some cell phones, the application makes them a little slower than normal. so we can use more for phones if app is stable
  • the backup the messages automatically is lacking here
  • I think its user friendliness needed improvement
I don’t have access to video features.) In an age when our smartphones
do everything but call our friends, family, or clients, it’s refreshing
to have a desktop app that can make calls in the smartphone’s place. It
seems appropriate in a time when we’re all worried about the robots
rising and taking over the world. Why not transfer the functionality of a
telephone to the same computer where we program those world-dominating
robots? It’s practical. Cisco Jabber takes the classic idea of making
calls with a phone and puts it in the same place where we spend most of
our worktime. This frees up desk space, as well as keeps the smartphone
available for what it was invented to do: take Instagram photos. Not to
mention, because it has its own number, it makes it easier to contact
clients without having to give them your personal phone number. Need to
make a call, but you don’t want to share your home phone? Cisco Jabber
makes that easy. And best of all, because you call through your
computer, all you need is a microphone to speak and speakers to listen,
and you never have to pick up the phone at all. If you hate having
sweaty ears, then Cisco Jabber is your app of choice. Note: Because I
have access to phone features only, and Cisco Jabber has more available
that I can’t use, I can see where it may also be a pro for business
owners that Cisco apparently allows custom features availability for
users, depending on roles.

Evaluating Cisco Jabber and Competitors

Yes - The Best thing is its easily Integrated with Microsoft Outlook. If you
are in a meeting then automatically in Jabber the status shows "in a
Meeting". If you are presenting then same the status will show
presenting. IN that way the other person can know ur status and
accordingly they will not disturb you. Also it is available on the
mobile phone easily as it is very light weight and it doesn't require
corporate Network at all. It will have features like Screen share and
call via the tool is pretty nice.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Jabber is quite straightforward to use, it's nice having all of the
chats lined up in the sidebar so it's easily navigable from person to
person. It also has the option of erasing chats if the program is exited
out, which is of course a benefit from a proprietary standpoint (less
so if you need to reference something that was said, of course). Not a
lot of bells and whistles, so starting up the program is quite fast in
the mornings, which I can appreciate. Since it's through Cisco, it also
easily allows you to call people's work phones through the system.
As far as I know, there’s no way to receive a call, and this can be an
issue if you end up playing phone tag. (Note: I use a work account, and
my configuration may be the reason for this, so I don’t want to claim
with absolution that Cisco Jabber doesn’t alert users of an incoming
call. I just know that my account doesn’t receive alerts of incoming
calls. That may differ with other users. I do, however, get email alerts
that someone tried to call, and I also have a voicemail box that no one
ever uses. So, it’s great for phone tag.) Depending on network
connection, the service occasionally needs refreshing. And I can’t seem
to get rid of that network window without closing the app. But I use it
for work, not for fun, so I only open it when I need to call a client to
remind them that the appointment has started and that time is ticking.
So, for me, the cons are minor.