Cisco Mobility works for me
December 07, 2020

Cisco Mobility works for me

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Mobility Express

Cisco [Mobility Express] is being utilized across campus for those who are accessing our internet environment. It's worked well for us from a standpoint of mobility. With the pandemic going on, it's been vital for those of us to access what we need to do from anywhere - whether it be in the town that the university is located at or outside.
  • Dependable. I've never had an issue with accessing the platform
  • Reliable. Whether it's on campus or off, I can always rely on it.
  • Trust. Never had an issue with security.
  • After a length of time, I find myself being kicked out (even if I'm in the middle of completing a task)
  • At times, it's difficult to get logged in.
  • How good of a Wifi connection is how good of a connection you'll get to the product
  • I can speak for myself, the product has worked well that each employee is able to work from an on-campus setting to an off-campus setting without restrictions
  • The way we set up the campus schedule is one item which we need to have done right - this product helps us when students are deciding upon which courses to take.
  • Accuracy is one thing which my employer is after, this always me to be as accurate as possible
I can speak for myself within the organization, it's made life easier (from a mental standpoint) as during the pandemic that we've been able to work from our domiciles and not risk our family of getting sick. It's been a great feature for us to have this at this time in our countries history.
Typically, the performance of the product has been tremendous. Once you're on - you're on to stay (if you have good Wi Fi off site). The tricky thing is to sometimes be able to get on line. It can take a few tries to gain access (I notice this is the case if I try between 8:30-9:30 am during the week).
I can not think of a scenario that I ran into an issue with an outage. As I said, sometimes it is difficult to gain access to the product in the morning hours (may take about 3-4 tries to get in). I've never experienced an unplanned outage. Once, you're on - you're on for about 7 hours (if not longer).
We used a home grown product which worked well for us. The reliability, the dependability and trust that I have in Cisco Mobility [Express] has outperformed the other product. This has been a tremendous get especially working within the pandemic and being able to have the access that we have today (based on what we had a few years ago).
With all that was said in the [Things Done Poorly] section, I believe [Cisco Mobility Express] has been extremely helpful in allowing me to complete my tasks at hand. I trust it. It's dependable. It's reliable. An excellent product to say the least. One which I'm glad we have on campus and one which I hope we maintain.