Umbrella covers your back!
Updated July 08, 2022

Umbrella covers your back!

ILEANA COLMENTER | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Umbrella

Nowadays, Connext as a part of Migesa Group has been using Umbrella across all the company even in its partner companies (capta, Migesa, SoftM). Because we have more than 7 branch offices in Mexico and a lot of travelers and home workers, Umbrella is a MUST in each computer to ensure security inside and outside of our organization.
  • Umbrella detects any threat during user’s navigation.
  • Umbrella allows mobile users to be protected even outside the office.
  • Umbrella should integrate a view of amp solution in its dashboard (because clients buy the bundle of both solutions and always complain about the two dashboard administration).
  • Simplify the process of delivering Umbrella clients through Active Directory.

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  • It has helped to decrease infection in our network.
  • It has optimized IT support for mobile users.
You have a basic and an advanced support. Both offer the best support allowing you to create a case in almost any language and you will have the resolution faster than other vendors. In case they struggle with the solution because of a client’s network issue, they open a conversation with your team to find the way out.
Cisco Umbrella doesn’t have competitors because it offers a unique solution of protection for DNS resolutions no matter what security appliance you have installed as a firewall (no matter the brand). Moreover, Umbrella is linked to TALOS which is the specialized security operation center working 24/7 to study any threats and update all Cisco security suite of solutions (including Umbrella).
I consider Umbrella as a unique solution to protect the DNS resolution of a network which is why I recommend it to all organizations no matter the field they specialize in. This solutions helps networks to be updated, secured and most importantly protected from internal users who don’t know if their request to a website is malicious or if that link in the corporate email is a petition of a malicious site.

Resilience and Reliability

Nowadays threats and attacks are launched every minutes if not seconds, the value of a resilient cyber security deployment to protect networks and users is a key factor to ensure digital transformation and daily operation. The ability to prevent, detect, and mitigate any threat even before it affects the network is a real value of cyber security resilience.
Leaders are now obligated to deploy a security solution that not only protect network, users, and endpoints but also allows user to be inform about how they can avoid any open windows to an external or internal threat. Leaders should ensure security education and choose those solution that are up to date in a seamless way.
Cisco Umbrella not only prevent and protect networks, users and endpoints but also it blocks threats even before impact the company. DNS protection layers has allowed the organization to lower the IT support tickets and improved the continuity of operations in and out the offices
The implementation of the solution is the easiest part of the deployment. No downtime in operation, seamless integration with the network (emails, servers, firewalls, data center). Users report a better functioning of their application and even an outstanding protection outside the offices
Cisco Umbrella could be called as a non stop solution.It is linked to Cisco TALOS who are a group of cyber security experts watching any threat even in its early stage of creation. This link allows Cisco Umbrella to be aware and ready to act 24/7 against any live impact in the Internet
Because Cisco Umbrella acts as a guardian over the physical and virtual network of clients, it doesn’t matter the technology you have installed in your network, Cisco Umbrella will protect your Internet access from the top. The integration with your providers and hardware is seamless
  • DNS Layet security
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Cloud access security broker
  • Cloud delivered firewall