Keep track of your time for free and it is easy to use
Updated February 25, 2020

Keep track of your time for free and it is easy to use

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Overall Satisfaction with Clockify

Owning my own consulting business lets me select whatever solution I prefer. I needed a tool that would not only allow me to push start/stop to record hours, I also needed to report on a per project basis and know if that time was billable or not. I have a single client I invoice and I don't have invoicing software. So this is a tool to keep track of what project I'm working on, how long and a description so I can go back later and see what portion of the project I was working on. When any questions arise, I can search on specific date range and not only see the summary graph of hours, but the details below the graph of my descriptions for each project, if billable, tags I use and exactly what time of day I completed that task. Having these details gives me the confidence that what I decide to track is easily reported on in so many different ways. I could slice my data using tags, projects, billable, dates, clients. And this is just for myself. The reporting also helps me see where I've spent my time this past week, how many hours billable or not.
  • Clockify records exact times on a per project basis when you click Start/Stop.
  • User interface is very easy. It is easy to add a project on the fly, change the times I just recorded if I forgot to click Stop for example. The interface is intuitive and gives me the flexibility I need.
  • Reporting gives me everything I need from times, hours per project, billable or not, per client and any tags I've created. This provides enough flexibility for many different use cases.
  • Personally, I don't like the Windows app. It isn't as fast to respond to the Start/Stop button clicks so I found myself hesitating on changing screens for example. I didn't like having to think about if I should check if it is recording time or not. I use the web page and it is fast and accurate.
  • I could see people wanting a small separate browser window to keep the Start/Stop button. It looks best in the browser in nearly a full-size screen. It could look nicer/easier to use when shrunk to a smaller browser screen size. The ease of use for me and ability to add in a detailed description for a specific time period I just worked or am working on overrides the browser screen size. It is just a personal preference.
  • Clockify gives me a faster way to keep track of my log history across multiple projects and clients. Less time worrying about my project tracking and more time completing tasks and being billable.
  • The reporting is simple, yet provides the filtering I need to see billable-only projects or tasks completed for a specific client. This puts my mind at ease knowing I can go back and see my work and notes later.
  • If I record too much detail on a small project, then I wonder if I'm spending too much time on keeping track of every task. That is something each consultant has to work out for themselves.
I did a Google search and tried a few. I don't remember which ones now. I wanted something that was free at first which was nice as I started my own business. Clockify has given me what I need for free and allows me to grow with more people if I want as well. I'd say I got the most for free on Clockify in an easy to use interface which provided me the flexibility I needed to record all tasks and detailed descriptions. Being a recently launched product (2017) also gives me confidence that the tool is using technology I would also use if I built a solution like this. I didn't want to start using a tool that wouldn't grow with me over the years. Either if I add people (for free) or the technology started having issues in a couple years.
I have not used Clockify support. I think that says a lot for the product as it is easy to use and just works. It works well and doesn't cost much per month to add more controls if required. Unlimited tracking, users, projects, reports which is cool:

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I have enjoyed being able to go back a week or two and see what I was working on. I spend a little extra time to write a detailed description as a reminder of what exactly I was working on with a specific project and client. That provides a log of my work. If a customer comes back and asks why I charged x hours, I have all my notes in a chronological order where I don't have to maintain a separate spreadsheet or document to track.

If you work on the same project all the time and just need to hit start/stop for how many hours you are working each day (billable by hour for example), you will need to see if you like the web interface or app for hitting start/stop as there is a lot about personal preference.

Using Clockify

1 - Myself. I am a self-employed consultant. My main reasons for using it relate to tracking time spent on a per client/project basis. Remembering what I did for them during that time and reporting on it.
Clockify is such an easy tool, no full time employees would be required to support and maintain this product. Keep it easy, intuitive and in the cloud. They do it well.
  • Tracking Time
  • Reporting on hours spent on a Client/Project
  • A long description allows me to search easily later on keywords and find activities I did or find when I was doing an activity with that keyword for example.
  • With the use of Tags in Clockify, I could see companies using the tool in unique ways for their personal processes.
  • I don't use Tags now, but I may to expand on options when reporting. One selection of a tag could help me find activities and have more ways to slice my data to answer questions.
I'm using the free version at the moment and loving it. What a great product, easy, responsive and has better up time than Yahoo Mail. :) What isn't there to like?

Clockify Training

Yes, very intuitive! I didn't need to look at a tutorial or such. Day 1 used it to track time. Day 3 added projects, clients to the list and started seeing how reports would work. No training. It is a light web page that just works. It gives me the data I need to track and the flexibility to add my own data - clients, projects, tags and more.

Using Clockify

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Tracking time is easy, push a button.
  • Being able to add a Project or Client on the fly when starting to track the time is easy and done on the same screen/area of page so don't have to jump around to create a new client or project, then go back to track time against it. Well done and intuitive.
  • The Windows app didn't do it for me. Slow response when clicking start/stop for me.
I can use it effectively on day 1. Day 3 I added more options and back-filled my previous time tracking. I saw how to add Projects and clients and found a way that works well for me. I ran a report for the 3 days I was using it and extrapolated how it would work after 6 months. I saw benefits to being able to search anything, and run reports using several filters including user defined tags, clients, projects.

Clockify Reliability

Because it feels light on the wire and runs so smoothly with great up-time. I have to assume that the same is true as it scales. I'm a single user so maybe I don't see if there are any scalability issues. With the way it seems architected to run so quickly across many platforms (desktop, mobile, web, browser plug-in), I have to think that it is using recent technology that provides scalability options.
I have never had an issue logging in or it not being available. I use Clockify every work day during the week, frequently starting/stopping projects. I've had past experience with other systems that suddenly aren't usable for an hour and that is something I have never experienced with Clockify. They are doing something right on their backend. Nice job, Clockify folks.
I already mentioned how it feels light across the wire. Pages load fast in the web browser. I have not tried the browser plug-in nor the mobile app.
I give it a 9 instead of 10 as the desktop app seemed to hesitate when I clicked the start/stop of a project/task.