I've Been Conquered by Concur
January 23, 2020

I've Been Conquered by Concur

Moriah Crane | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Concur Travel and Expense

Concur Travel and Expense is used organizational wide at Cerner Corporation. It is used to address issues such as negligent expenses, expense type (what can and cannot be expensed and reimbursed by the company) and travel organization. It also allows for more detail to be provided on each individual expense and insures that expenses are not forgotten to be submitted for reimbursement.
  • Travel Library is awesome showing what is upcoming. I really like how it shows the date the travel was booked along with when the actual date of the itinerary item is. Also, it tells you if an expense has been submitted for reimbursement.
  • The expense list is neat in that it is attached to the corporate card and automatically creates the report submission for you, with the required details already completed to save time.
  • I think it's annoying when booking flight travel that if you want to change the airport you have to start all over again from the very beginning. This becomes obnoxious for my group because we have subsequent pages we have to fill out after setting travel dates and it becomes tiresome if you want to change an airport location real quick.
  • I think when booking flights you should have a way to quickly flip from round trip to one way without having to start from the very beginning.
  • Concur Travel and Expense actually slows reimbursement down. We have to wait for the credit card transaction to be integrated with the system so that takes about 2-3 business days. On our previous system we could create and submit expense reports that same day of swiping the card, therefore being reimbursed exponentially faster.
  • Expense reports are expedited because we have to wait for the charge to go through, but that time is not worth waiting to be personally reimbursed (per diem, taxis, etc) and/or paying the corporate card.
We used PeopleSoft for travel previously. It was great, easy to use, could crank out an expense report in about 10 minutes. It was easier than Concur Travel and Expense to deduct anything that wasn't eligible for reimbursement, ex: room service, personal flights. Could still see expense reports fairly easy. PeopleSoft's travel library portion isn't as optimal as Concur's.
TripIt is integrated with Concur Travel and Expense.
Organization wide I do not know. Personally and from what I have seen in my department, is that Concur Travel and Expense can be so difficult sometimes that people are forced to talk to each other to ask questions because they have no idea how to expense certain things because the system makes it so complicated, especially with giving random errors.
I know it's better organizational wide on the financial end. But on the actually experience it is a pain. It used to be a simple task of putting in reports and now it is a whole thing, knowing you will have to ask someone for help every single time because some new error will appear. This is not a learning curve issue either. We have been transitioned to Concur Travel and Expense for a while now and every week, experienced employees have new Concur issues to deal with that previously weren't issues.
This tool is good, I think it could be streamlined and a little more user friendly. There is almost too much going on, with too many clicks, and too many pages to go through that don't make booking travel or doing an expense report easy anymore. It is kind of a hassle to do these tasks now. I would say if you streamlined it, it would be appropriate for these larger corporations. However, I am not the one auditing on the back end so I can possibly see why there are so many expense options and pages and clicks.