Crimson Hexagon ForSight Review for Travel Industry
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November 29, 2015

Crimson Hexagon ForSight Review for Travel Industry

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Overall Satisfaction with Crimson Hexagon ForSight

Crimson Hexagon ForSight is being used primarily by the social media team, but we also give access to our marketing leadership team to review dashboards. Next year our analytics team will also be more involved with the platform. In addition, our PR team has access to review dashboards when applicable.
  • Provides affinities / insight into your audience (Twitter)
  • Provides great competitive comparisons
  • Very customizable
  • Can be hard for a user to utilize if they don't have a lot of background in building queries
  • I think Crimson Hexagon ForSight can do a better job of how users can arrange their dashboards
  • Crimson Hexagon ForSight can do a better job with the 'click-ability' of their dashboard components
  • Positive impact on determining sentiment and volume of brand mentions
  • Positive impact on providing new audiences to target (market research)
  • Positive impact on competitive analysis to see what other brands were doing
Crimson Hexagon is very similar to Brandwatch in its ability to track volume and mentions. Where I think Crimson Hexagon beats Brandwatch is in its ability to drill down into specific audiences (affinities). Crimson Hexagon is also slightly better at organizing positive vs. negative mentions when determining brand sentiment (able to 'train'). With Brandwatch we encountered several issues with incorrect labeling.
The people in my organization who use Crimson Hexagon ForSight represent a variety of business functions in the company. They include our marketing leadership team and soon to be analytics team. Our customer service leadership team also has access to the platform, as well as corporate communications. Everyone on our social media team also has access to the platform.
Crimson Hexagon does a pretty good job of being able to pull from a variety of social platforms, but, like every other analytics platform, they are limited in what they can pull as it has to be public in order to be measured. I think the data accuracy is good, and Crimson Hexagon is usually able to filter out spam or unrelated data on a regular basis.
Our team doesn't typically use Crimson Hexagon ForSight as a response and engagement platform, as we have additional platforms we use to perform those functions. We typically just use Crimson Hexagon ForSight in this area solely for the purposes of tracking those performance analytics and providing a more general report on what the particular sentiment or responses are.
I like the ability to rearrange dashboards, but do think Crimson Hexagon ForSight has some opportunity for growth when it comes to providing the best visualization of data that you can click through to learn more about. I also find it a bit annoying when I have to select every dashboard when I want to change the time period for everything.
Crimson Hexagon ForSight is well suited if you have an analytics team that can help set up dashboards and queries for you. I think Crimson Hexagon ForSight would less appropriate if you only want to see basic brand insights and don't really want to dive into the specifics or brand affinities.