Duo Security does a great job keeping things secure and is easy to use
May 04, 2021

Duo Security does a great job keeping things secure and is easy to use

Thomas Young | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Duo Security

Duo Security is used across the organization as a two-factor authentication method for access to confidential information. The business problem addressed by Duo is securing information. It works exactly as one might expect by only allowing certain devices the ability to authenticate user access requests. That can sometimes be a pain, but that's what it's supposed to do.
  • Duo Security protects against unwanted access.
  • Duo Security ensures devices are secure and that non-approved devices cannot act as a secondary form of identification.
  • Duo Security has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Duo Security requires me to contact my IT department when devices change, which can sometimes be a pain. I get that it's a security thing, but Duo could provide a workaround.
  • Duo Security sometimes has latency in when I receive the approval notifications.
  • Duo Security sometimes requires me to sign in twice.
  • Duo Security has been a positive ROI in that it has prevented unwarranted access to confidential information.
  • Duo Security has been a positive ROI in that it keeps me informed of what's going on with my devices.
  • Duo Security has been a negative ROI in that it costs money that I'm not sure is well spent all of the time.
The user interface of Duo Security is about as simple as it gets. One downloads the app and signs in. Once authenticated on the device, Duo Security offers individuals the option to enter a passcode or click on authenticate to allow access to the information that is protected by Duo Security. Overall, the software is quite easy to use.
From what I know, Duo Security does a great job at securing information from unwanted access. Potential hackers have tried to access information and have been prevented from doing so because of the dual security that Duo Security requires. If it wasn't for Duo Security, I think we would use another authentication software to get the job done.
I rarely contact Duo Security's support team. When I have had to make such a call, they've been professional and easy to deal with. The individuals on the support staff know what users are going through, but are careful to authenticate a user before making any changes to the Duo set-up. Overall, a well-run organization.
The instance that comes to mind when I needed to contact Cisco was when I was changing devices from an iPhone to an Android. The person on the other line was professional, knew exactly what I needed to do, and helped me through the switch. Overall, it was an easy, albeit burdensome, process.
In comparing Duo Security to competing alternatives, I think the two advantages that Duo Security has are that, first, it has an incredibly easy user interface - much easier to use than the other software tools, and second, that Duo Security's backend team does a great job making sure things are running well when called upon. Overall, Duo stacks up well.
Duo Security is appropriate for securing information that needs significant security. It tracks devices and allows for users to either click "Authorize" or enter a passcode. The dual options are useful. Duo Security is not useful for individuals or entities that don't need this type of high-level security. It can sometimes make accessing information overly burdensome.