Considering Emburse Chrome River, then look no further.
Updated February 24, 2021

Considering Emburse Chrome River, then look no further.

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Overall Satisfaction with Emburse Chrome River

Emburse Chrome Rivers is used by all travelers at our university.

It allowed us to move from a paper base system to an online system which is great during this COVID19 pandemic.

No one has to find someone to sign the form or worry about the form being lost and everything else that can happen with a paper based system.

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  • Emburse Chrome River helped us during our implementation phase to get all of our rules and guidelines regarding travel into the system with user friendly messages to our end users. This saved us time in answering questions about our travel guidelines of what is reimbursable and what is not.
  • Coming from a paper based system, Emburse Chrome River has an awesome tracking feature that allows our end users to know where there reimbursements are at every stage. Before this software, paper work would sit on someone's desk for a long period of time or sometimes even be lost so thank you tremendously Emburse Chrome River for making the process so simple.
  • CR Snap App is an excellent app to get receipts into Emburse Chrome River with a few simple clicks. If the traveler loses their paper receipt but has it scanned into the app then viola, no worries anymore about having to retrace the steps to get another receipt. Again, excellent app.
  • Emburse Chrome River is always updating their system to the newest and greatest which is much appreciated. They are currently working on giving the administrators more access to change submit and compliance rules without ever having to put in a help desk ticket which is great. Would love to see more of these down the pipeline which I have no doubt they are coming. Other than that, I see nothing more they can improve upon.
  • I don't handle the ROI at our university, but I know we have saved a ton of paper since being on Emburse Chrome River. Prior to the software, every report was submitted on paper in duplicates and the traveler usually kept a copy as well. Now it is all kept within the software and no need for paper much at all.
I would have given it a perfect 10 but as with any new change, there will always be a few that don't want to change. Going from a paper based system to an automated software was a big change for some but welcomed by far many more. Once users have submitted their first reimbursement and received it much faster, almost all of those "don't want to change" folks were glad we did. It takes less time to complete the expense report than the paper form and the return of reimbursements happen much quicker.
I was not in on the conversation of other software that may have been considered, but I am glad we chose Emburse Chrome River since it is very user friendly.
Everyone at Emburse Chrome River has been super nice and their IT staff is almost as good as ours here at the university. I have never had a case that didn't get attention within a couple of days and usually resolved in less than week or sometimes even the same day (depending on the change). Even our contacts can be reached by phone or email which is great. Sometimes you may have something that is easier to talk on the phone with someone than to put it all down in writing.
Emburse Chrome River is well suited for our university in the way of getting all of our state guidelines as well as university guidelines for travel by creating violations and warnings. A violation of our travel guidelines gives a hard stop within [Emburse] Chrome River along with an explanation of why so the report can't even be submitted for reimbursement until corrected. Warnings may be in place for the traveler to explain their reasoning for the reimbursement which may or may not be reimbursed depending on the explanation.

So far after three years, the only scenario where Emburse Chrome River has been less appropriate, is where we have changes in our state that we have no control over that needs a configuration change that cannot be changed by our administrator which may require an additional fee to be corrected. It doesn't happen often but sometimes it does. We have only one so far in the past three years which is this year and deals with how our state calculates the mileage reimbursement.