Emburse Chrome River--overall system works really well, but room to improve
June 27, 2022

Emburse Chrome River--overall system works really well, but room to improve

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Overall Satisfaction with Emburse Chrome River

We use Emburse Chrome River as our expense management tool. Employees submit their credit card transactions, reimbursements and all other company expense besides invoices through Emburse Chrome River. We do not audit company card transactions through Emburse Chrome River, but we audit reimbursements. Almost every employee uses Emburse Chrome River, and every employee has access to the site as well.
  • Blocks users from submitting duplicates
  • Prevents users from reimbursements after 30 plus days
  • Allows us to keep track of company spend
  • Offers helpful insights into financial data
  • The compliance analysts are slow to respond
  • The systems receipt image capturing tool makes errors
  • Costly to make adjustments to preexisting rules
  • Better expense management
  • User friendly expense reporting tool
  • Costs a lot to maintain
The overall set up process is easy, but waiting for the compliance analysts to actually read, test and implement your rules seems to take a very long time. We currently have a case that was opened in April that is still being worked on even though they are just adjustments to the routing rules. Since they are custom, we are unable to edit them ourselves which is a frustrating aspect of Emburse Chrome River.
Our company has benefited from the fact that we have been with Chrome River before it was called Emburse, so we are some of the early users who have taken it into our company. Our IT department understands the system as well which makes it useful if we have questions. however, the cost and frequency in delayed responses are frustrating for not only us but employees waiting on reimbursements.
The system itself is very easy to use and navigate and the customization options allow us to tailor it to your company. however, we have had some employees complain that the receipt image capturing feature is often incorrect or it flags duplicate expenses that are not actually duplicates but totally different items.
Concur was a very detailed platform that we used at my old company, but it was not very user friendly. The compliance rules set up required heavy detail from the employee that leadership or managers would not even read. the rules set in place resulted in slow processing times as well.
The support is there, if you are lucky to catch them on a good day. However, sometimes, the support is very slow and takes weeks to get answer. You will have to follow up on one ticket several times before you get a response. You pay a hefty price for the system so you would expect quicker and better support.
The overall system works really well, and it has some great built in features that prevent the employee from making an error, or allows us as admins to catch their mistake before it is paid out or approved. However, the compliance analysts that build rules or support our database are very slow to respond, and it takes weeks to get updates. There are also fees hidden with every adjustment, even if you had already built out the custom rules.