EMS 44.1 has major perks!
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Updated August 23, 2019

EMS 44.1 has major perks!

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Overall Satisfaction with EMS Software

EMS is used across the FDA organization for meeting room reservations and hoteling. By using EMS, users are able to confidently reserve a space for private meetings with colleagues, business officials and reserve temporary workspace for themselves with confidence that the space will be available for them when they show up at the reserved time.
  • EMS makes is very simple to find rooms for multiple dates in a recurring meeting. Since users at our organization tend to book rooms far in advance, the same room isn't always available for the complete duration of a recurrence and with EMS conflict resolution it allows the users to find an alternate room for an unavailable date with a few simple clicks without having to leave the current reservation.
  • EMS notifications are great for our users to remind them that they have spaced reserved. It's that extra reminder sometimes that pushes the user to cancel any reserved rooms that they no longer need. This enables the room to be reserved by others which is very valuable at the FDA.
  • The new ability to select and reserve a room from Browse Locations in 44.1 is a time saver and is very valuable to our users. Often times people need a last minute room which can be hard to find at the FDA, so to provide them with a schedule view of all rooms and find an opening and select it is very convenient and makes the process less time consuming.
  • EMS for Outlook 44.1 now has the ability to resolve any conflicts right from the add-in. This is the greatest benefit and improvement that has happened to the add-in. It very greatly reduces the number of conflicts created by users and helps prevent users from showing up to a room they think they have, but actually don’t.
  • I do wish that EMS Room Sign App had some simpler ways to authenticate users. We would love to have the End Now button activated on our Signs, but do not feel confident that other users won't use it inappropriately. If there was a simple way to authenticate without RFID or a card reader that would be a huge help. Perhaps an authentication code attached to the meeting reservation?
  • This question is outside of my scope.
It seems as though we can make most of the necessary changes to better suit our organization and users. Settings allow us to turn on and off some functionality that is or is not beneficial to our users. The multiple applications such as kiosk, mobile, web app, EMS for Outlook, room sign app, etc. ensure we are able to streamline and make the room reservation system as simple as possible for users with all ranges of technological knowledge.
  • The FDA uses EMS for Outlook and with the improvements made in 44.1, we really love the fast and convenient functionality offered through this add-in. Most of our users live and die by their Outlook calendars and so by having the capability to book a room at the same time as creating their meeting invite, it streamlines the process for them and ensures they always have a room, even if the date or time of the meeting changes.
  • We are also using EMS room sign app. We started with iPads and are now in the middle of making the switch to the Crestron tablets as these are much more suited for our needs with EMS and will provide a better experience for our users
I think the configurability is probably just right. There will always be areas that people will want more configurable, but for now, EMS configurability is pretty good for the FDA.
EMS Web App and EMS for Outlook are great with conflict resolution so that the users can always be confident that the room they are booking will not have any conflicts. Furthermore, when making a recurring reservation the users can find alternate rooms on dates that are unavailable at the same time as making the initial reservation.

Using EMS Software

Scientists, pharmacists, health IT industry. Our users are constantly meeting with each other and outside vendors and sponsors and have a very large need for meeting space and A/V for presentations, conferences, etc. The FDA is a very large organization that utilizes every meeting space available from meeting rooms, to hotel space and last minute reservations.
20 - since there are so few of us and so many users, it is necessary to be able to multi-task and prioritize tasks and user needs. Being organized is key and remaining calm under pressure is necessary because we get a lot of users who get quite frustrated and upset if they don’t have a room for their meeting(s).
  • Being able to schedule meeting room reservations from the outlook calendar. Our users live and die by their calendars so this functionality is very convenient and beneficial to them
  • Last minute on the spot room reservations using room sign app. Often times our users will cancel meetings last minute and for someone to walk past a room and see on a sign that it’s available for an upcoming hour and allowing them to book on the spot is very beneficial and efficient for them.
  • There are several different offices with different levels of access at the FDA and being able to customize and configure each group and create separate templates to provide the appropriate access so that one group isn’t dominating all of the meeting space makes things much easier on the admin and management side.
  • Hoping to use the check-in and end now buttons/functionality on the EMS room sign app, but for now we are steering clear because there is no level of authentication.
  • Also hoping to some day get to rfid readers so that when people walk in the room is shows the room is in use and how many people are present in the room
There have been some frustrations with the level of support we’ve been receiving lately and we have found some bugs that have been causing many inconveniences for us. The system will never be EXACTLY what we want, but we were definitely hoping for better support as we keep running into issues with platform services, bugs in WebApp and EMS for outlook.