Track & Visualize Marketing Engagements
Michelle Markelz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated February 12, 2020

Track & Visualize Marketing Engagements

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Overall Satisfaction with Engagio

While I was at Seismic, Engagio was a tool shared by sales and marketing to track engagement with prospects. Sales reps had target accounts and contacts, which were synced to Engagio from Salesforce. Any engagement such as a web page visit, download or demo was recorded on the contact and account in Engagio, allowing sellers and marketers to keep track of accounts and contacts that were showing interest.
  • One of Engagio's strongest capabilities is to track engagements at the contact level and make that information available. Without Engagio's dashboard, it can be time-consuming and even impossible to see all marketing engagements from the seller's perspective. And from a marketing perspective, it can be difficult to generate an engagement dashboard in your MA tool, such as Marketo. Engagio visualizes data in many out of the box dashboards.
  • Engagio has good out of the box alerts/subscriptions that can be set up to notify sellers or marketers of activity spikes and weekly activity summaries. This can be a helpful guide for sellers who have a lot of accounts or contacts to keep track of by flagging the surging intent.
  • Engagio is not a strong orchestration tool at this point. It is good for visualizing data, but little can be done within the tool to take action. When I last used Engagio there were plans for trigger-based actions, but they were not rolled out yet.
  • You have to be careful in interpreting Engagio's dashboards. If the data you feed into it is flawed, the system will not correct for it. Some fields like the job title of your contacts are at the mercy of the quality of your database.
  • I can not articulate a return on investment for this tool. It was nice to have when presenting data, but I don't feel that it positively impacted the results of my marketing efforts. I used it primarily as a reporting tool.
I used Demandbase at the same time I used Engagio. Two of the biggest differences between the two are that Demandbase tracks anonymous activity on your website, whereas Engagio tracks known visitors and because it can sync with your MA tool, such as Marketo, it can also track marketing engagements such as webinars or demos. Whereas Engagio is not an orchestration tool, Demandbase allows you to run campaigns based on the data it gathers and you can make very active decisions about how to adjust your spending and target your campaign as the data changes.
Engagio is a good visualization tool for an organization that is bought-in on engagement as a success metric. If your organization is not convinced that engagement is a firm indicator of intent or likelihood to convert, then it will be difficult to make use of the information Engagio gathers. If you have enough historical data to show how engagement relates to closed business, you may be able to make this case more easily.