Entrinsik Informer Easy Reporting/Visualizations of Data
Updated November 11, 2015

Entrinsik Informer Easy Reporting/Visualizations of Data

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Overall Satisfaction with Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik Informer is used across our whole organization for reporting and data analysis. We have created numerous reports that are scheduled and emailed to different offices on campus with information that is important for them as the evaluate the next steps in the processes that they manage. We have also created dashboards to provide a quick look at where we are today compared to previous years and to provide additional information regarding our current enrollment status. Informer has provided us a very clean and usable way to give our end-users access to the data that they find important in a quick and efficient manner. Offices on campus enjoy the ease of use, the ability to create reports without the need to be technical and the ability to create visualizations of their data. I highly recommend Entrinsik Informer for your data reporting needs.
  • Reporting is key. Easy access to the data that is important to each office through user developed reports is very important. Reporting was an issue in the past, IT would have to create reports for end users and build computed fields to get data from multiple files with Entrinsik Informer this goes away almost entirely.
  • Scheduling - Having the ability to schedule a report and have it available to a person when they come into work each morning has been extremely beneficial. there is no more waiting for a report to run unless you need information from a non-scheduled report. Even then, reports run quickly and efficiently.
  • Dashboarding/Visualizations - the ability to provide end users a visual representation of the data that is important to them is fantastic. We use these visualizations to compare multiple years of data and make good business decisions.
  • Price - A low cost big bang for the buck reporting solution.
  • Additional visualizations would be beneficial, I would like to see a Funnel visualization, bubble charts etc.
  • The ability to do multiple normalizations on records would be a nice add-on but there would be issues as the number of rows created would expand exponentially based on the amount of data needing normalization.
We have used Unidata QB and Business Objects in the past. Our problems with Query Builder were that we did not have the ability to report from multiple files easily. A lot if IT time was spent on building computed columns to get data in one location. This went away with Informer.

With Business Objects we did not have a dedicated BO administrator that was trained in Business Objects. the cost of Business Objects was high and required a conversion of the data to a data warehouse that needed regular updating (nightly). With Informer we get nearly the same results at a lower cost and with little training for end-users and It staff alike.
Entrinsik is a great company to work with. The product has improved our workflow and is well liked by our end-users. The biggest reason we will renew is that we get a lot of return on our investment.
This product is well suited for reporting from Unidata databases especially for multivalued output. Entrinsik has been a pleasure to work with the product is easy to set up and any issues we have had have been addressed and resolved quickly.

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