eSignLive for Scholarship Applications
September 20, 2016

eSignLive for Scholarship Applications

Tennille Zatrepalek | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with eSignLive

eSignLive is being used in a variety of different departments. After discussions with our IS team and seeing a demo of the program from the eSignLive team, we decided to use eSignLive in my department for intake of our scholarship applications.

Previous years, we had received hundreds of scholarship applications by mail, email, and fax. Many of the applications were difficult to read as they were handwritten, and many students forgot required pieces of documentation such as their transcript or a reference letter. eSignLive looked like it would fix most of those issues so we tried it!

  • Electronic/online submission of applications
  • Required fields
  • Easy to create your form, have it company branded, and personalized
  • The current search function did not work at all if you are trying to search by the name of the person who submitted the application.
  • The page by page sorting can be improved. We had hundreds of applications, and at a max of 10 applications per page, it doesn't allow you to 'jump' to a certain page. You can only flip through page by page which was frustrating.
  • We were unable to export the data from the forms. It would have been great to be able to click a button, and be able to export the data from the forms into Excel. Our IS dept figured out a work-around for us which helped immensely.
  • They have 'required fields' as an option when you are creating the form. The only problem with the required fields is that the red exclamation point didn't disappear once the required field was filled in, so it continued to look like there was an error with that field.
  • Scholarship intake took much less time this year. It saved me days in working hours by moving to this system. There were a few aspects that were lacking, and that's why we're looking at our IS team developing an internal form this year.
We've used a few other programs for sponsorships, and looked into using them for scholarships but the cost was in the thousands to create an additional form. eSignLive was much more cost-effective for our department as our organization was already using it for other forms (I believe they were looking at using it for loan and mortgage renewals).

It would work very well for simpler forms that just require one or multiple signatures (mortgage documents, wills, loans, etc.). We're looking at a different system this year for scholarships due to the search function, and data exporting capabilities. The system was very easy to use and manage.

If you're on the fence about it, ask for the demo! The staff was fantastic about answering any of our questions and helping us along the way.