User- friendly and straight to the point with solid reporting but could use a few more features!
March 03, 2020

User- friendly and straight to the point with solid reporting but could use a few more features!

Alex Meyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with EZ Texting

We use EZ Texting as one of many ways to reach out to our client's customers when we run any kind of marketing campaign for them. It's being used by the Marketing Department. We run marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients and use EZ texting as a way to remind their customers of upcoming events and promotions.
  • Multiple contact upload.
  • Reporting summaries.
  • Easy scheduling and set up.
  • Being able to sort the inbox better (ie by text group or campaign).
  • Exporting data/statistics.
  • Tutorials.
  • Increased leads in some campaigns.
  • More personalized engagement with customers.
  • Cheaper than other alternatives.
Set up was quick. It took us less than a day to send out a text. Results came as soon as the messages were sent—you can gauge right away how effective your message was and re-work it from there. It took a few attempts to figure out what worked and what didn't.
It is incredibly user-friendly and very straight forward. I would like to see some additional features with regard to exporting and perhaps organizing the inbox and the responses. But it's simplicity is also what makes it user-friendly. It would be nice to see additional video tutorials as well to really optimize the use of the platform.
It took me a while to actually find the number to call, but as soon as I did most of my questions were answered and answered well. The online chat support could be better, maybe if they could respond faster. I preferred the support I received via the phone call as opposed to the online chat. When I first started using the platform, I thought that was the only way for me to get any kind of support.
We haven't yet tried to send out any picture messages, we haven't quite figured out what kind of messages we would include yet and if it would be more effective than sending a text that people can read right away as opposed to something they have to download. My personal experience with MMS from other companies has not been that great, so for that reason, we haven't tried it yet ourselves.
We have not utilized keywords in EZ Texting, but are considering it for B2B marketing down the line.
I believe they are the same company, however, EZ Texting had a more user-friendly platform and in terms of reports and summaries, EZ texting did a much better job. It was easier to track our results with EZ Texting than at Group Texting. We are also able to weed out numbers where texts would bounce on us, making it more cost-effective.
It's well suited when we would like to remind people about upcoming events in a quick and effective way. It's nice that we can now also customize the texts. It's not always the best when we have to send multiple texts to multiple groups of people as there is no way to sort through the inbox to see which responses come from which group. The same applies when we have to export the data.