Blackbaud Grantmaking User Review
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February 13, 2018

Blackbaud Grantmaking User Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly GIFTS Online)

We are a Family Foundation and we utilize Blackbaud Grantmaking to maintain and track the organization's applications, payments, requirements and overall life-cycle of a contract. It is mandatory that all our operating agreements go through Blackbaud Grantmaking from inception to conclusion. We are an invitation only foundation so we send out applications to organizations that we would like to partner with for specific projects. At the end of the day, every aspect of the life cycle of the agreement goes through Blackbaud Grantmaking.
  • Online Applications- Being able to send out applications to partners has allowed us to minimize confusion and allowed us to obtain detailed organization information faster.
  • Reporting- Able to house all information in one location which helps with tracking progress of a request and pulling out detailed data .
  • Accessibility- With Blackbaud Grantmaking being a cloud base database, I can access it from anywhere.
  • Tracking Payments- All of our payments are tied to requirements which allows us to easily track if it has been fulfilled to initiate payment.
  • Modifying information (specifically coding)- The foundation adds and modifies coding frequently and its very easy to make those changes in Blackbaud Grantmaking.
  • Requirements/Payments- Sometimes when we input consulting agreements into the system there is no payment schedule. The system does not allow to attach a submitted requirements with the new payment.
  • Tabs- Sometimes it becomes overwhelming when you click into a request to upload or modify it and tabs appear on the bottom after every click. I do think this system could modify that.
  • Workflow- Our staff would like an easier way to be able to know when it is their turn in our foundation process. We have heard that this would be a feature but we are still waiting for it.
  • Blackbaud Grantmaking levels- You can only share if another user has the same permissions as you. It has become a problem when trying to share certain dashboards with individuals.
  • User interface
  • Features and functions
  • Implementation team/process
  • Product reputation
The foundation already had GIFTS classic. We moved to Blackbaud Grantmaking for accessibility reasons and volume of contracts that needed to be maintained. I was not part of the decision making. If I was a part of the decision making, I would have used the criteria I checked off to make my decision. Being user friendly would be my huge selling point. I do think Classic took longer to learn, and I was happy when we moved over to the online version of Blackbaud Grantmaking because I was able to figure out a lot of things on my own.
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks
  • Better reporting capabilities
  • Better collaboration with grant applicants
  • Better organizational effectiveness
Blackbaud Grantmaking has allowed us to be more organized and trace our contracts with ease. We can gather information from our partners with no problem, and we have been able to shift the responsibility over to them. Before we would be responsible for entering all the information for a contract and the progress which would take up a lot of time. However, we have an extensive approval process and sometimes Blackbaud Grantmaking does not allow us to monitor it.
We use Blueprint and online applications as of now. We have received quotes for other products but the foundation decided at that time not to move forward with those. Maybe in the near future when we expand we will re-evaluate certain Blackbaud products and utilize them. I do think we could utilize some of Blackbaud's other products, but the foundation would need to sit down and map out how we would utilize it and how it would benefit the organization.
  • I cannot provide information on this since I do not know.
Blackbaud Grantmaking is all we have used.
Blackbaud Grantmaking is well suited for organizations who utilize RFP's and reporting. At one point we manually input all our information so it is suited for that as well. As of now it is hard for Mac users to utilize the systems as staff and grant applicants. It is also not suited for a shared space with working draft files. It is meant for finished documents. Working drafts would have to be done outside of Blackbaud Grantmaking if multiple users are editing it at one time.