Couldn't do my job without Gong
May 24, 2022

Couldn't do my job without Gong

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Overall Satisfaction with Gong

We're a small team and fully remote for the foreseeable future. Gong has been invaluable in enabling our new sales hires (including myself) to ramp quickly and get up to speed. Also it's an amazing tool for enabling cross-timezone collaboration. I regularly give feedback to my colleagues especially the BDR I work with and am always excited to get feedback from others.
Equally, as our product is still fairly new, the feedback loop with sales/product/marketing is invaluable, especially via alerts and streams/Slack alerts which help our product managers and marketing team here real time feedback from the field.

Equally, we're using the Deals tab as part of our forecast meetings to get a more accurate picture of our pipeline health which isn't always the most pleasant experience - sometimes you have to accept your deal isn't as strong as you think. But Gong is like the "wise old man" in the room who tells you how things really are and not how you think they are.

We would really be a lot less successful without Gong. I'd struggle to do my job without it.
  • Alerts to let you know moments that matter in calls
  • The UI is super easy to explore and intuitive so you don't need much training
  • It helps us collaborate across borders
  • the mobile app is helpful when you're on the move
  • I think the biggest thing Gong could improve is adding new functionality such as sequencing so we don't have to have so many sales tools. If I could I'd like to live only in Gong all-day
  • The creation of snippets could be made easier and quicker. Often have to remember the specific times in the calls
  • Faster processing time of calls and transcripts
  • Faster time to onboarding
  • Greater collaboration and knowledge transfer internally
  • Improving product market feedback loop
Gong is very easy to use but some of the more advanced functionality is a bit buried. You need to know where to look and have someone tell you what is possible. If there was no enablement a lot of users would likely only use the basics.
Gong helps give us a dose of reality every day on how we're doing, how well we sell, what's working, how healthy our pipeline is etc.
I think gong's main advantage is the multiple use cases and how it helps so many different user groups.

If Gong had a strong sequencing tool then I could see me using that over Outreach but for now I need to use a separate tool for prospecting efforts.

My experiences of Chorus have shown me that it's fine for basic call recording and listening but it's limited on coaching and finding moments that matter.

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Gong is great for remote teams who want to enable collaboration and cross functional knowledge sharing.

It could be used by teams who meet in person with clients but it's better suited to remote selling/screenshare meetings etc

Gong is only as good as you make it - so some enablement/training on how reps and managers can use it is needed to make sure they use the full functionality. I can imagine a lot of people only use the basics and never use the more advanced stuff which is a shame.

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