Google App Engine: Easy to Write that first Serverless App
Stephen Groat | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated August 20, 2019

Google App Engine: Easy to Write that first Serverless App

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Overall Satisfaction with Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a managed Serverless Platform that easy allows users to create managed serverless platforms with just code. Instead of having to manage servers as well, the complexity is simplified so that the code and the application become the focus. The Engineering department has found uses for the application to minimize maintenance overhead.
  • Minimizing maintenance overhead
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Decouples need for platform support knowledge and experience
  • Less configurability than conventional infrastructure based solutions
  • Creates vendor lock-in with platform specific options and tuning
  • Limited points of presence when compared with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Easy to recruit engineers with experience on Google App Engine (GAE) platform
  • Strong integration with the rest of G Suite saves times for existing G Suite users
  • Expensive when compared to alternatives at times
Google App Engine (GAE) is a very use-able product and makes a great "first platform" for new users to cloud platforms. It is easy to configure and get running quickly, making it competitive, especially for existing G Suite users. Different language options also make it easy to get deployments across multi-lingual organizations as well!
Google App Engine (GAE) and Google in general seem to have very strong customer support. One of the most critical elements in my customer support experiences have been reliability of updates during an incident. Google has been consistently strong in giving updates while an issue was occuring, with specific technical status to relay back to the team, along with potential timelines.
There are multiple competitors from every single vendor for Google App Engine (GAE), even some other Google products (such as Firebase). I think that Google App Engine really excels for first time cloud users with existing G Suite deployments that are looking for a general serverless app deployment solutions. Other products seem to be more specialized on the market, with GAE being a great first time, general use product.
Google App Engine (GAE) is a platform for serverless deployments that is great for first time cloud users. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a great "first cloud" product, and GAE continues this trend by being easy to configure and get running quickly. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) features are also available, making enterprise deployments possible.

Google App Engine Feature Ratings

Ease of building user interfaces
Platform management overhead
Workflow engine capability
Platform access control
Services-enabled integration
Development environment creation
Development environment replication
Issue monitoring and notification
Issue recovery
Upgrades and platform fixes