Greenhouse Recruitment - Best candidate application tracking out there
Updated December 24, 2023

Greenhouse Recruitment - Best candidate application tracking out there

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Overall Satisfaction with Greenhouse

At our company, we use Greenhouse Recruitment as an applicant tracking system and recruiting software. When candidates apply for a job opening, their candidate profile gets instantly created on the system. Since we have configured workflow into the system for each job category, it helps recruiters to easily identify at which stage the candidate is at. When the hiring manager asks recruiters, they will also be able to answer how many candidates are at each stage. For instance, 10 were at the recruiter interview and 3 were waiting for an offer to be signed. We also integrate the Greenhouse system into the Workday system. At the moment the candidate is marked as hired, the candidate profile becomes an employee profile in Workday. The ability to integrate with other systems significantly saves the HR team so many manual hours.
  • Tracking the stage of each candidate.
  • Greenhouse has built-in report functionalities allowing all types of data to be extracted.
  • Greenhouse has the abilty to customize workflow for each job.
  • Greenhouse allows the admin to set approval flow when sending offers or even when creating jobs.
  • Greenhouse has custom options that allow the HR team to add necessary fields that HR would like to track. The ability to create new fields allows Greenhouse to be easily synced with other systems as well.
  • Greenhouse has the ability to create integrate with other systems well.
  • Greenhouse doesn't allow complex custom options. We can only select it to show or not show based on office location or job department.
  • Greenhouse has a reporting features but cannot extract certain data points.
  • To merge a candidate together, the user needs the same access for both jobs which is ridiculous. One cannot be higher than the other.
  • Greenhouse has a limited Security option, unlike Workday. For example, offer access for Site Admin can only be turned on or off, but not per job. Security is heavily critical for a system like Greenhouse as it contains candidate offer data.
  • Ability to integrate help save manual hours.
  • Greenhouse is complying with GDPR law reminding the admins to delete rejected candidates within a certain amount of time.
  • Ability to extract data points as a report helps the company to be more data-driven in candidate applications.
Even though Zendesk and Workday is not applicant tracking platform, I would like to compare the security aspect of these platforms. Greenhouse in a way is similar to Zendesk. There are options that allow the admin to select. For example, allowing a user to create a job or allowing the user to create a guide on Zendesk. However, on both of these platforms, the minor details cannot be customized. However, when compared to Workday, where security is separated into domains, it offers much more customization. The security aspect is critical as the HR team deals with a lot of employees' confidential information.

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Based on the points mentioned previously, Greenhouse Recruitment is definitely one of the best applicant tracking software out there. Even though it contains limitations, which all systems do, it will improve over time. If I want to recommend Greenhouse product to a friend or a company that is considering using the system, I would inform them that do not to be afraid of learning the system. Greenhouse has thousands of comprehensive articles on its website. Whatever you would like to know about the system, Greenhouse Community contains it all. Greenhouse also has really responsive support that can help sort various issues out.

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Using Greenhouse

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  • Creating new jobs on the system is simple and straightforward.
  • Searching where a candidate by using filters to identify in which job or where in the pipeline the candidate is.
  • Job boards are easy to maintain and configure.
  • I dont't understand why Greenhouse doesn't allow users to be deleted by administrator in the front end. For example, when a user has two accounts with two seperate emails, if you want to merge those accounts together and make one of the email secondary, for the account that you want to inactivate, you have to input an email address that can be verified. Why is this step is even required for administrator. It is very cumbersome and to delete you have to contact support everytime make completely no sense.
  • If a recruiter want to merge two candidates that are on two different jobs, the recruiter must have the same level of ccess for on both job. One cannot be higher than the other. This doesn't make sense at all! If recruiter want to make a candidate on a job that they have offer access to a job that they don't have offer access, it is clear that they are not trying to game the system. And to do this, they have to reach out to admin to perform that task, which demotivate self-service and is a waste of time.
  • The audit log is almost useless. You can't even audit who did what and when to almost 80% of the objects on Greenhouse. For example, you will never know who change your job information because audit log doesn't support this.