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November 01, 2013

Hootsuite Pro Review: "HootSuite"

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Multiple users - It's nice to have essentially an unlimited amount of users and the capability to assign those users to different teams and organizations.
  • Bulk Scheduling - I like the functionality of using an Excel spreadsheet to schedule tweets
  • Ability to post the same thing to multiple social outlets.
  • Reporting- Additional options without having to pay extra for them would be nice.
  • User Data- Adding more demographic information about who your followers and fans are would be beneficial.
  • On Site Dashboard - The capability of having some reporting data available when you login instead of having to generate a report.
  • Cheap Solution.
  • Allows multiple users to work on social and to see what others have posted or scheduled which ultimately increases efficiency.
  • Pre-planning posts allow employees to focus on other tasks and not have to constantly be thinking what they need to put on Facebook or Twitter
As my company does not put a strong focus on social, it is a great solution without putting a dent in our marketing budget. It's also just as good as any more expensive solution that I have come across. Also, since I normally let interns manage a portion of our social sites, it's nice to just give them access to one site and have the capability to approve their scheduled posts before they go live.
I would definitely recommend Hootsuite. I was introduced to it at my previous job and then implemented at the new company I started at afterwards. Some key questions might be:
How many people are working on your social networks?
How do you respond to people's posts on your networks?
Do you schedule things ahead of time?
How many different social outlets do you have/ do you actively keep up on?