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June 05, 2017

Mediocre product with a high price tag

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Overall Satisfaction with Hoover's

[We're] Using Hoovers to find new prospect's contact information and reach out to them to inform them of the existence of our product and its benefits. Primarily we are utilizing it to find company name and follow information for individual contacts with specific titles: name, email, and phone. We are a small company where I am the primary business development rep.
  • Provides email addresses for prospects
  • Allows sorting of prospects by industry type
  • Business intelligence for industry specific events
  • Pricing is far too high for what you get. We were forced due to budget to get the cheapest plan possible, which is still $265/month with a 1-year contract.
  • User interface is awful. With the lowest price plan, you're extremely limited on exports, so you have to use grid view to manually copy files into Excel to still acquire data en masse. I have a 24" widescreen monitor and there are *5* scroll bars on my page needed for me to see the data in total due to their poor user interface.
  • Extreme lack of direct phone contact numbers for prospect records. We trialed a competitor and they had far more direct lines for prospects in our target markets. Company general numbers do not produce near the positive results that direct dials do.
  • Building a bigger prospect list with email addresses
  • Wasting significant time to achieve what shouldn't be nearly as difficult or time-consuming if the user interface in grid view wasn't an abomination
  • Finding prospect names and companies that we may not have identified otherwise
Did a one week trial of ZoomInfo and then received a demo of Hoovers. If we had the option of doing an actual trial of Hoovers, I don't think we would be using it. Price is what was the deciding factor without an actual trial use of the Hoovers product. Both platforms try to sell you a $400+ / month subscription. ZoomInfo wasn't willing to offer a cheaper option when asked, but I can say they had way more direct dial information for prospects and I never once came across duplicate info in their data sets. Hoovers is extremely guilty of this as they don't filter duplicates by email address. For example, John Doe works for "Sun Printing" who is DBA "Sun Color Management" and he'll have two records - one for each company but the same email address listed for both "".

Long story short. Price is what drove us to use the cheaper product. It wasn't the best decision.
Hoover's would be well suited for big companies who are not limited by budget and can afford to throw around over 400 bucks a month to get their data. The platform might also be ideal for those seeking additional "business intelligence" regarding news for their industry.

Small businesses who are budget conscious are not necessarily going to fare well with the platform, between the cost per month and the one year contract. Those looking for direct dial phone numbers would do well to look to another product.

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