HubSpot Gets Five Stars From Me
Updated April 30, 2014

HubSpot Gets Five Stars From Me

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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

HubSpot is used across our entire organization. It is used most heavily by those in account management and creative design with our clients, but it is used strongly by marketing as well as client relations and even lightly by our receptionist. We are very active in addressing any product updates across the organization and discussing how they can benefit each individual user. We also strive for every employee to be not only inbound certified but hubspot certified and most partner certified. In regards to what business problems it addresses, it helps solve many for each individual role. In my role specifically, I use it to send out newsletters, post blog articles, publish case studies, and automate responders for client webinars we will be holding. With no background in design, it makes it simple to create streamlined, visually appealing content all on my own. It helps me be independent in all of my projects and also allows me to monitor the success of each of these campaigns and analyze them to improve each new step moving forward.
  • HubSpot allows you to take control of your projects. With tools such as the CTA builder, landing page creator, etc. I can create everything I need for my client delight campaigns on my own with occasional help from a designer or developer.
  • HubSpot also does a really good job of reaching out to their partners and getting their feedback on how to improve the software. I recently did a feedback run through on an upcoming blog dashboard and was delighted to see some of the things that me and my colleague suggested in full force. It really makes you feel like you have an effect on how HubSpot grows and changes over time and that they really listen and genuinely care about the needs of their users.
  • I also really like the various metrics HubSpot allows a user to track very easily. As someone who puts together the case studies for my company, it helps tremendously to have a ton of useful information already tracked and easily digested on all of the KPI's we care about for our clients. The source report is great, and the organization of it and ability to manipulate what data is shown allows for great visuals that can be used to represent information shared in the case studies.
  • I would like if the dashboard for each of our clients had 'all time' as a drop down option for the data that they are displaying. It is a great compilation of metrics, and being able to view overall growth in one area for landing pages, blog posts, emails, etc. would be very convenient.
  • The ability to add a contact while in a list would also be useful. Maybe it is something that I am missing because it seems so logical, but having to go back to the contact page to add a contact as opposed to just adding it to a specific list you're viewing is an extra step that could be cut out.
  • The ability to add a list of twitter usernames that you follow under social monitoring would also be beneficial. Currently, many of our clients aren't showing up in the social inbox tool even though I am following a list of those who are lifecycle stage client. In order to overcome this I had to go and make a list in twitter and then follow that list in HubSpot, so being able to just do it right in HubSpot would again be desirable.
  • I really can't provide any hard numbers, but I can definitely see the ROI in increased employee efficiency. HubSpot is easy to navigate even for a beginner and provides so much insight into how each piece of a strategy plays in to the full picture of a campaign and how little tweaks quickly increase or decrease overall results.
  • I also will attest to HubSpot leading to better customer service. I focus mostly on current clients and working to delight them. Being able to send personalized emails from HubSpot and gage their response to them allows me to constantly better my approach. Seeing what links they click in our newsletter and the number of clicks on each link helps me make our newsletter more enticing with every edition.
I have not used any other products besides HubSpot.
I do not make the decision to renew financially, but I know that our company will continue to use HubSpot for a very long time. Between the value i've already gone over and the relationships that HubSpot members go out of their way to build, it is a no-brainer really. As I stated previously, every single person in our organization finds benefit from HubSpot, which shows how well-rounded and versatile the product is.
I think that HubSpot is a very useful tool that is beneficial to have in any inbound marketing situation, whether it be a business marketing in-house or an agency hired to market. Everything that HubSpot allows you to do saves time and provides value in the sense that it allows you to quickly analyze all of your strategies and improve.

Using HubSpot

30 - Everyone in our organization, from the CEO to the receptionist use HubSpot.
30 - I am not really sure what you mean by this. Most people in our organization have at least one area of HubSpot that they are very proficient in, so as a team it is easy to rely on eachother to get the most out of HubSpot.
  • Account Management: client services
  • Marketing Team: blog posts, social media
  • Client relations: client delight resources such as newsletter, blog articles, case studies, etc.
  • We have really been able to push boundaries of how HubSpot can work with the new COS.
  • We also have several clients that utilize HubSpot for workflows and we have really found innovative ways to manipulate them to best suit their needs.
  • I think we will continue to use HubSpot in about the same sense, but obviously as HubSpot innovates and changes, we will constantly be trying to find new innovative ways to use the software.

Using HubSpot

From day one I have found HubSpot to be very user friendly. Obviously with every new product some instruction will be needed but HubSpot requires very little to really get rolling. I personally also learn best by exploring around a product or software and HubSpot allows you to do that and also provides very useful instructional videos and resources.
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Relatively simple
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  • Really the whole system is easy and elegant. HubSpot allows users to post blog articles easily and make them visually appealing as well as SEO optimized.
  • I also really like the CTA builder because it takes a lot of the need for a designer away and allows you to still create compelling CTA's and then monitor their performance and easily tweak them to grow conversion rates.
  • Creating emails is also very easy to do in HubSpot and they always come off very elegant and personal. We often get complimented by prospects and clients on the fact that our emails aren't automated...but little do they know they usually are! But with HubSpot we can optimize them and send them from a real person and add personalization like their first name. This also increases performance of these emails.
  • I really can't think of any functions particularly difficult.
Yes - I love using HubSpot both on my mobile device and as an application. I primarily use the HubSpot app when not using it on a desktop, and the functionality and capability of the app surpasses expectations.