Why I use HubSpot and why I will continue to use Hubspot!
Updated April 08, 2015

Why I use HubSpot and why I will continue to use Hubspot!

Linda Kullas | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Primarily HubSpot is used by our marketing department. We collect the leads that come through content marketing, and then re-direct these leads to our sales department when they are sales-qualified leads. Our sales department uses HubSpot to some extent in e-mail marketing, and the usage will probably grow in the future. Our biggest problem was that we didn't have a tool to collect leads properly or a tool through which we could create decent content and get leads. HubSpot has helped us to create better content, get more information about our leads and helped us with our marketing overall. One aspect that is truly great is the social media management part of HubSpot. We have several accounts in several languages, so managing these pages before HubSpot was extremely time consuming. Before I would have to log in to the different Twitter accounts with different browsers to be able to use them simultaneously, but now I can access all social media sites through HubSpot. Also, writing blogs has become easier since HubSpot notifies you if something significant is missing in the terms of SEO. Overall, we've been very satisfied with HubSpot!
  • Lead generation. Before we didn't have a great tool to gather information about the people visiting our site. Now, HubSpot helps us to see what content has been popular, and which people that are in our system have seen the content.
  • Social media. We have several social media sites in different languages. Before HubSpot it was extremely time consuming to log in to the different sites and trying to remember the different passwords was a hassle. Now we can handle everything with HubSpot!
  • When writing e.g. blog entries the HubSpot tool will remind you of different aspects to think about in concerns to SEO. You no longer have to have your own lists to check on what you have to remember to make your blog posts more SEO friendly!
  • In the beginning when I was moving from one social media channel to another, HubSpot didn't follow but instead only showed the stream of one channel. E.g. we have three different Twitter accounts and HubSpot could only show one stream -- this was fortunately fixed later on and now I can jump between different sites and the stream connects and changes accordingly!
  • The inbox function doesn't always stay up-to-date. Especially when someone's interacted with Facebook, the HubSpot Inbox can lag with about two hours.
  • In the beginning it can be quite difficult to set up landing pages, if you don't have experience from before. There are resources in the HubSpot Academy, but it might take a while for you to get a hang of it all.
  • HubSpot has significantly increased employee efficiency. Now we can do all our marketing efforts with one tool, instead jumping from tool to tool. HubSpot is our go-to marketing tool and our job would be much more time consuming without it!
  • We have the Professional version of the HubSpot tool and it was quite an investment for a company our size. We've already seen the benefits with the product, but be sure your marketing budget can handle this investment, since it will take time to see the ROI for this product.
  • We're are continuously finding new ways of using HubSpot, and also the product is being developed all the time. In the end I am sure we will get our money's worth with HubSpot!
HubSpot is a crucial too for our marketing department, and will soon even become a tool for our sales department. It has been well implemented in our daily working habits, so I can't see how we could manage without it! Of course there are other tools, but learning the ins and outs of a new tool would be extremely time consuming. And as a marketing tool I must say that HubSpot is very easy to use! Since I work daily with HubSpot I couldn't see myself doing my job without it.
I would recommend getting a trial of HubSpot before making your final decision. Different companies have different needs and you need to make sure that this tool is suitable for your purpose before investing in it. Personally I use HubSpot every day and can get a lot more done than before. We've begun to put more effort into content marketing and that's why we needed a tool like HubSpot. The numbers and figures that we get from HubSpot are crucial for us, since none of our content marketing efforts would make sense without the statistics we get from HubSpot. If you have many social media sites, blogs, e-mail marketing campaigns or want to know more about your website visitors, then HubSpot is definitely the tool for you.

I have recommended HubSpot to friends and I will do so even in the future!

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